Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Toma...always know that you shine brighter than anyone does.

(right now: 8 hrs, 47 minutes until feb.19.

and 1 day, 8 hrs, 47 minutes until feb.20, JST.)

toma's first movie: ningen shikkaku.
no longer human.

2010 february 19.
the premiere night.

2010 february 20.
the opening day!

Congratulations!! really~

~_~ yokatta. ureshii~!
i don't know what else to say...
i'm really so happy and proud of toma. =,)

remember ARASHI's song, Hero?
it describes toma so well...and i always feel like this is TOMA's SONG. so happy that after everything he's been through, after so long, it's finally his time to really shine!! [if u don't know what hardships he's been thru to get here, go read the LONG toma bio i wrote HERE.]

Today, you run on the same street
looking for something within yourself.
Even in the raining morning or windy night,
you continue your dream.

There are moments you want to give up,
it's the same for everyone.
Without giving up, step by step let's go
Up! Up! Up! Up! Raise your precious heart.

Your dream is everyone else's dream.
Right now, you're on the stage where you will shine.
You're out of tears and now standing here.
Those hero's eyes give courage to the world.
You're (a) Hero!

(credit: u can watch the mv here:

i hope everything goes smoothly at the premiere and audience greetings for toma! it does feel fast, but it's been so long since we 1st knew about the movie (may 2009) till a few days from now, when everyone can actually watch it in theatres. wah...remember back then, we all thought it'd take forever until we can see the movie?? and now...!!

i'm not sure how the official movie premieres are like in japan, but i guess it'll be similar to the first preview screening on jan. 27, but MORE...grand. and i hope toma will look cool, but not do anything too weird with his hair or wear anything too...but whatever he does, he'll still look handsome and cool, i'm sure.



FOR YOU~!!! ^O^

many of us cannot be there physically with toma, but i'm sure we're all there with him, spiritually!! and i'll certainly be thinking of him a lot both days (more than usual. xD)...

can't wait to see news/videoclips/read fan reports about the premiere and about toma's movie. but i'm worried about spoilers...but then again, since it's based on the novel, we already know a lot about what will happen...

i should do something to celebrate♪ (WE ALL SHOULD~!) these 2 BIG days, but not sure what. haha...i know i'll wear RED, though!! i'm not sure if i'll post here cuz i wanna keep this post up top for a while...but then i'll definitely post if anything BIG happens...^_^ if it's something BIG and i can't really post yet, then i'll still post at the chatbox here. hehe. so do keep coming here...i'll try to keep y'all updated ne~!

("always know that you shine brighter than anyone does." this is a line f/a Paramore song. the song itself is not that good, but THIS LINE. made me think of toma right away.)


Anjerin said...

Yup ...sad we won't be there, but still, we'll be cheering for Toma-kun!

kate@theTheatre said...

hai! i kept looking at my watch the whole day...actually, cuz of the time difference, i went to sleep probably around the time the premiere started at night...but i was totally, in my mind...thinking "TOMA! TOMA! TOMA! TOMA!" haha.

Anjerin said...

Haha ... I dont think you're the only one feeling that way! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy for carry-chan XD She saw TOMA!!! and he noticed too :D This day I was tweeting #ningenshikkaku >___< and cheering for Toma-kun ! ! ! *(^ ^)/

kate@theTheatre said...

i know, huh? xD

YES YES YES!! reading about her seeing toma in person!!! kyaa!! unbelievable. u were? cool. ~_~