Friday, February 5, 2010

NINGEN SHIKKAKU. the 1st preview screening. & some random ningen things...

(DUET 3.2010 PICS!! part 1. i'll post the rest soon. unrelated to ningen, but i wanted to post it up ASAP!! xD GAHH!! SO CUTE!! and he's wearing a tie again!!♥♥ love the bottom left pic!!! love love love it.... ~_~ credit: hpswf1, suoncom)

hi there!
kate desu.

i got sidetracked cuz of the iku docu, but i shoulda talked about the 1st ningen shikkaku preview screening earlier!! gomen!
ja...remember when they had the press conference in june of last year??? wow...and now, already the first time that regular ppl can go watch the movie...on jan.27. (i remember thinking, who are these old ladies supposed to be?? where are toma's love interests in the movie?! haha. and turns out, THEY ARE who he's supposed to like. aiya...!! but actually, they are pretty and look nice/kind, at least...except that 1 older lady that looks quite EVIL, but i'm not sure if toma will have any relationship w/her...)

toma didn't say much about this 1st preview screening, but he talked about the other preview screenings at Toma's Room more, kinda...i'll post up a summary of his messages soon! i guess maybe now, he's still going to different cities to promote the movie at the preview screenings and different tv shows...

toma seemed kinda nervous, of course, but then there were moments where he was smiling, laughing...he really seemed so proud of himself and the movie ne. ~_~ i'm so happy for him when i watched the clips...

my fav part was seeing toma walk out to the red carpet...*FANS SCREAM AND CHEER LOUDLY*. ^_^ THE FANS THAT GOT TO TOUCH HIS HAND!!♥♥ he also leaned over to shake some more girls' hands...ahh!! wish i was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u can watch 3 video clips of the 1st ningen preview screening @hisatopii's page at youtube!! (sorry, don't want to directly link to her page to decrease the chances of her page being discovered and deleted....just go type in and add hisatopii after that to get to her page!! =) (btw, look at the time on the left, top side!! seems like all the entertainment news is always shown SUPER EARLY in the morning??? nande...) REMEMBER, YOU CAN ALSO WATCH TOMA'S LATEST TV SHOW GUESTINGS just takes a while for her to upload them....

read at caroline's LJ...the lady that toma had a "difficult" scene with (kissing scene?) is 68? EHHH?! 0_o and there was a 50-something lady that talked about some kinda romantic scene w/toma, i guess...made him laugh. haha! ah...those lucky lucky women!!! *_*

oh, and seems like The Fallen Angel is the official movie title in eng.?? i thought it was just the tagline, but.... i'd rather the official eng. name be No Longer Human. but i guess both names sounds cool. xD

Ikuta Toma attends preview for his new film "NIngen Shikkaku"

The actor Ikuta Toma attended the preview of his first starring movie "Ningen Shikkaku/人間失格 (lit.No Longer Human)" at Tokyo International Forum.

This is the first time for the controversial book of Dazai Osamu to be adapted into a movie. Ikuta plays the main character who can not get used to the human world and indulges in alcohol and women. "I am very confident with this work. I appreciate a lot your coming to watch this movie." Ikuta sounded faithful of his own.

However, during the preview event, Ikuta was quite nervous. And he wrote down his comment after the event. "The preview event was succeeded. Thank you all. I am very happy to have a lot of people coming to watch the movie. Thank you indeed. I will try my best to promote the movie and send message to as many people as possible. Please do it with me!"


i've seen pics of the intl forum!! a really cool place. i'm glad the 1st screening could take place there!! some info/pics in case u're wondering:

and maybe they watched the movie here:
[Hall D1, This hall is suitable for events using audio-visual equipments, such as film previews, seminars and lecture meetings.]
some1's selling the ningen flyer at ebay. lol. but it'd be cool to have one ne...
a little more info about the movie and dazai. wow, i didn't know they made 3 of his other novels into movies recently! @_@ omg, for a second, i thought u could watch the movie in toronto!! lol!! (not that i live there, but i was excited 4 toronto fans. haha.) i remember the director saying they might release it overseas too...wonder if it might still happen???? PLEASE PLEASE, RELEASE IT IN THE USA!!! ^_^ ONEGAISHIMASU!! (but then with subtitles too...or...but then i still might go watch even without subs, cuz if i get to see toma on the big screen of a movie theatre...!! GAH!! that would be TOO awesome...)


ultraviolet_p1 said...

Duet is really nice.

It's nice to see him walk the red carpet, be at event as the main staring actor. It's like a glory moment, very proud of him

kate @usa said...

it is!! a dream come true for him and his fans!!! *_* he's really become a big star...hurray for toma!!!! <3<3

yes yes, this issue of duet is awesome. though i usually go for the photoshoots where he's smiling and happy, but this time...toma looking lonely and serious is so kakkoii....and that pic on the left, bottom...just wanna hug him ne!! ~_~