Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my thoughts (& screencaps) of the iku docu!! Jounetsu Tairiku: Ikuta Toma.

(xD lol, cezie, i said i wouldn't post every day, but i guess i have been, since toma take over started!! i wonder how long i can keep this up...staying up so late tonight to post this!! it's LATE. good night everyone~! *PLEASE click on the pics to see it full-size.*)

watching toma's super short documentary-like show...
it was interesting and cool to see them following him around like this!! and they talked about his career since his childhood clips and pics of little toma!! ^_^

ah...but this show was a little disappointing and WAY TOO SHORT. they could have done more!! i dunno...i wish they had shown a little more of him off the movie at photoshoots or how he spends his free time...but then i guess he didn't have much free time then, and they don't want to bother him too much, anyhow. oh, right...and this show is supposed to be about the featured person's job, after all!

i wish they had kept following him till the end of year, so we could see him rehearsing dancing with yamashita for his concert, or him rehearsing for the Johnny's Countdown show!! but i'm thinking they stopped following him around mid-november...which i think was around the time toma said he went to the first ningen movie screening....yamashita's concert was at the END of close!!

but then there are some priceless moments...! ~_~ seeing him get in serious youzou mode, seeing how quiet/lowkey he is on the set...some light, happy moments (too few!!). loved when he was doing push-ups on the chairs and gave up, laughing!! xD and wow....he's very focused....all those screaming girls so close to him, but he was totally professional and didn't react to them at all. sugoi!! *__*

yaparri~ he works hard. and it seems lonely...if only he had assistant or someone who could stick would be nice to have someone to talk to...

i loved that moment, that scene for ningen at the beach. that lady was doing some kinda string trick, but he was all frowning and ignored her...i know it's supposed to be a serious moment, cuz he's thinking of suicide or something...but it just seemed funny to me, like toma's going "leave me alone, i don't like you!!" xD

finally, we see him filming for Seaside!! just a little bit, but still nice to see. haha, loved it when he was all serious, but then stuck his tongue out at the camera. :P

when he was with shun at ANN...shun shoulda told toma that his hair was sticking up funny, cuz of the headphone he had on!

......that crying scene in hanamizuki!! =,( so hard to see him crying like that...

wow....the 1st ningen screening!
1st time seeing the finished product!!!! his 1st movie ever...
so emotional, he cried...but so nice to see his smile at the end.


and the background music did sound strangely sca~ry in some if something bad is gonna happen to toma next. lol. and i wonder what toma was saying was was his answer for several of their questions, "kowai". i'm guessing, just that...he's got a lot of pressure on him to perform well in each of his's a big's scary...

iya~ but i really liked watching this show.

i'm sure i'll enjoy it more when i can watch the subbed version, and actually understand what he said, though!!

this show reminds me how hard toma works, and how he is a really serious actor...toma is a seriously talented and cool guy...hounto ni!!


oh, and i thought, being a lead actor in a movie that's such a big deal...he'd get a big, nice hotel room!! but it seemed quite small and plain ne. he had to stay in that room for around 2 months!! ehhh...a little depressing to think of...


Cezie_Pals said...

yaa!! you're actually updating everyday kate-chan!!! *pats back* Otsukare sama desu... ^_^

Wow, i don't want to watch the documentary until it'll be subbed. so I have to wait patiently.......... good thing my SS501 is keeping me busy so I won't be tempted to watch it!!

Eee?~~ they cut out some parts?! NO!!! that's not fair. :( i wish it'd be longer since they did film him for months!!! he should have like TomaTV... like how 2ne1 got 2ne1TV... that would be way cool!!!

Anyways, Toma is STILL a Johnny junior until now... I mean, hello, Johnny??? Toma has 3 movies in one year, isn't that like.. a sign.. a very huge billboard sign that Toma needs to debut now! hihi... I really wan't him to debut soon! I mean, salary-wise too... if you're still a junior, you don't really earn that much... so that Toma can get a better apartment, right, Kate-chan?

anywhoooo... arigatou for the update Kate-chan... I can't seem to see any updates from LJs i added.. you need to tell me where to subscribe to!!

and i sent u an email, Kate-chan... It's really late now.. 3AM in the AM but i couldn't sleep so I'm Toma-stalking now. hehe

Alisha Glasco said...

EEE I loved seeing all these pictures! He is really beautiful when he smiles isn't he? <3 thanks Kate-san for all the wonderful updates!

kate @usa said...

thanks for the comments, you two!

alicia glasco,
you're very welcome!! i carefully selected these moments to screencap, and some (him fixing his tie) took a while of rewinding and playing back to get, so i'm really glad u like them. ~_~ yes, toma's smile is <3!!

thanks. ~_~
but i think i won't update today, cuz i wanna see toma's lovely pics at the top of my blog for 1 more day! heehee.

ah, it's good to wait for the subbed version, too. i don't think it'll take too long.

yeah...if they followed him around for 5 or 6 months, they should show us MORE!! nah, toma wouldn't want to have TomaTV, and actually...i wouldn't either. just seeing him in dramas/movies/tv shows/magazines is already enough for me...

well, even be4 all this...from 2007-2008, i think toma already was popular enough to debut!! who knows why they still don't let him...but no one can do anything about it. >_< just have to keep waiting. right! it'd be great if after debuting, toma gets paid more and can afford a bigger place.

i only check the toma LJ daily, but u should subscribe to careline18's and xdustbunnys' if u haven't already. and the toma gallery, i already gave u the link, right?

whoa, 3am? my limit is 2am. and that's when i slept last night. i think all of us toma fans will not be getting enough sleep during Toma Take Over. xD i'll check my email later. =)

kate @usa said...

oh, and TFS!!

and the tomalicious forum too!! check the chatbox for fans talking about toma's news or shows!!

Aizat said...

I really appreciate if u can give us the link to any sneak peak video of the documentary!!! (+.+)'!

kate☂ said...

aizat, hi!
u can watch it at hisatopii's youtube page. just go there and search hisatopii. the newest videos there. it's split into 3 parts. =) sorry, i don't want to link to her page, cuz seems like her page will get deleted if too much ppl link to it...

ultraviolet_p1 said...

When i saw this entry, I thought it was subbed! and I didn't know about it. Oh well, I'll just wait a bit, I'm sure the TSF will do is as soon as they can.

kate @usa said...

hi hi, paige! ^^
not yet! haha. tfs is working on it now, probably.

i usually wait till the subbed version of his important shows to watch, but this time, i wanted to watch right away!!! even if i don't understand...i really enjoyed seeing toma working hard and all for his 3 movies!!! *_*