Monday, February 22, 2010

kate's ningen shikkaku Premiere Night + opening day report + toma's msgs (+more screencaps)


kate desu.

1st off, 5TH place at the box office!!
(the news is posted below)

awww. i thought ningen would get a higher ranking...but 5th is ok. avatar and oceans are HUGELY POPULAR. such tough competition. but i had such HIGH expectations for his movie, especially cuz toma was EVERYWHERE recently, even on books...i was thinking #1 for sure!! lol. i didn't know other BIG movies are out. but still, CONGRATULATIONS TO TOMA AND EVERYONE F/THE NINGEN TEAM!! the movie did pretty well, considering...and it's toma's 1st movie after all.

so~ ningen shikkaku is now playing in theaters all over japan!! YEY.
~_^ (COME ON, MORE TOMA FANS GO WATCH AND THEN GO WATCH IT AGAIN! XD) and in toma's latest msg, he said opening day went fine, he's happy and thanks everyone. "this day was one that for me, will be a memory for a lifetime. i hope that it is the same (for) everyone.... please treat the movie Ningen Shikkaku well." (credit: inseiko, tomalicious forum)

toma-kun. ah.... what can i say....i'm so happy for his success. i'm just so happy~ he deserves all this and much more. he's worked so hard. he's still~ working so hard. and yappari, he looked PERFECT at the premiere. perfect hair, perfect suit. CUTEEEEE. i love how it's a formal, black suit, yet toma still has to do something to make it special---a bright red what-do-you-call-it (not a belt...what is that thing called? anyway...) at his waist. ^^

and of course, you've heard....he cried!! hai~ that's so toma-like, though ne. but i thought maybe he'd tear up a little, but no, toma really cried! his eyes were red and everything. awwwwwww. =,) just wanted to hug him when i saw the video. (u can DL it at the toma lj or watch online at h's youtube page. if u don't know where, go to my youtube page ( and it's the last person on my subscriptions list.)

janinamedina had a short description of what happened:
**Toma-kun cries!!! He was so overwhelmed by the support and response to the film. Awww *pats him* people made compliments and Toma was getting all weepy, "I'm happy ... Thanks" Toma said, wiping his eyes with a handkerchief and all the fans who were there shouted, "good luck".

the video was edited, so not sure how long toma cried, but later, i guess he had to get out a handkerchief to wipe his tears away and fans cheered for him. wish they had shown that part too!!

[my screencaps. but some very clear screencaps strawberry_gemm posted:]

TOMAAAAA. you are loved~ SO loved~!
(makes me think of when toma cried at the johnnys concerts when he was little... toma, you haven't changed at all. ~_~)

AND TOMA SAW HER AND SMILED AT HER & HER FRIEND AND MENTIONED THEM!!!!!!!!!! LOOKED AT HER SEVERAL TIMES!!!! *dies* (lucky she and her friend were the only not japanese ppl there and they sat in the front row!!)

her report about the whole thing here:

ahhhh. love this part the most. i felt almost the same way the 1st time i went to hacken's concert. (my 1st thought was: HE EXISTS IN REAL LIFE. he's REAL! right in front of my eyes!): "it felt SO strange seeing him there. So familiar and yet so strange. But his presence was so calming. My nervousness was like blown away the moment he entered the cinema."

i won't talk about how i feel about it here, cuz u can read it all at my long comment there (kate_firefly). xD really, i just think it's so amazing, what happened. i'm really so happy (and jealous too. xD) for her!!!!!!!! oh, there's a little SPOILER at the end of her post. [ba-ka...i was so excited about her meeting toma, i wrote the wrong date. it was may 7, 2005. aug. 2003 was the 1st concert of his i went to. sorry to the kate f/2005 that i forgot right then!!]

[some pics from the premiere night + opening day screening. credit:]


Japanese Box Office Rankings (Feb 21 and 21)
[Weekend of February 20 ~ February 21]

01) Avatar
02) Oceans
03) Ototo: Younger Brother
04) It's Complicated
05) The Fallen Angel (No Longer Human)
06) Koshonin: The Movie
07) Invictus
08) Golden Slumber
09) Coraline
10) Samurai Sentai Shikenger vs Engine Go-Onger: Ginmaku Bang!


(some screencaps f/tv shows. hanamura is mine. the rest are zoe's. oh, funny 1 is zomboid's. xD)

(sumimasen~ toma's messages summaries COMING SOON!
tomorrow, i think.)

oh, someone at LJ said the movie is only being released in 160 theaters now, so of course it's hard to compete w/other movies that are in 300+ that explains the 5th place rank!! WOW, NOW I'M HAPPY AGAIN, THAT MEANS THEY DID PRETTY WELL AFTER ALL!! :D

the ningen soundtrack...
mm...a little disappointing, but i guess it'll be different when i actually watch the movie and connect certain music to certain scenes. but i really like the main theme a lot. and the ave maria. of course, a lot of the music sounds quite dark...but it's funny/weird, how a lot of it makes me think of snoopy & the peanuts gang!!! xD cuz those cartoons, they use a lot of jazz music and all...ahahahahahaha. (u can get it from the toma LJ.) i wanted to listen to the soundtrack to get a feel for the movie, but i ended up mostly thinking of charlie brown, linus, snoopy, lucy, etc. lol.

this will be the last time i try to summarize ALL of toma's posts. it's really too much....i'll just stick to summarizing only the MOST MOST IMPORTANT ONES once in a while. if you want to read his posts, remember, u can register at Tomalicious Forum and get over 50 posts or something. then u can read his messages in the Translations section. =) but i hope everyone has enjoyed reading my summaries thus far!

Toma's Room
Vol.330 (feb.19)

"finally. from tomorrow.

ningen shikkaku will open in theatres.

i waited dearly for this day.

ikuta toma's first movie.

i have put all of the power i have not into it.

it's a production i can feel proud of.

please look after it."

awww!! he's really so emotional & happy about it, even f/this short message u can tell...

Ningen Shikkaku Special-page seven- (feb20?)

a decorated building where youzou goes to drink.

his favorite place in the movie.


"Ikuta-Ningen Shikkaku-Toma desu.

opening in theatres today, ningen shikkaku."
did i wake you? sorry.
why don't you try going to the theatre? (laughs) go with friends.

sure everyone will feel something from this movie.
please go see the essence of japanese movies.
"i'm counting on you.

okay if i have anything else i'll mail again.
have a good day!"

Toma's Room
Vol.331 (feb.20? or maybe feb.19?
but i think it should be feb.20, since he said opening day)

"i completed the first day's greeting the audience.

everyone, really, thank you very much!

i'm happy that we were able to meet the opening without incident.

this day was one that for me, will be a memory for a lifetime.

i hope that it is the same (for) everyone....

please treat the movie ningen shikkaku well."

truly, an unforgettable day for toma-kun and his fans.....i'm glad nothing went wrong that day.

Toma's Room
Vol.332 (feb.21)

congrats to terajima shinobu-san for winning the best actress award at the berlin intl film festival!!
the last time a japanese woman won was 35 yrs ago. really wonderful!!

acted with her in ningen shikkaku, so know she is great. really glad. will do my best to catch up to you.

want to see you and congratulate you.

and ningen shikkaku.

a follow-up audience greeting!
"truly, thank you very much!

so that i can convey [what i want to say] to many more people...

shall we do one more run?"

kate: wow, congrats to her!!! toma, i hope u'll catch up to her. hehe. when i saw the words film festival, almost thought toma was going to one for ningen!! lol. EH! ANOTHER AUDIENCE GREETING? what? follow-up? eh...

[these are just summaries! but quoted parts are exactly what he said.
translation credit: inseiko, tomalicious forum]


Anjerin said...

Hey Kate ...for all the effort summarizing Toma-kun's messages and reports ...arigato! This shows how a devoted fan u r xD

This was an emotional journey for Toma during the filming ...he was so into the character he's playing! He cried so much coz everything went well in the end and that his HARD work paid off. And of course there are so many fans like us cheering him all the way!! =)
Nice lil messages from Toma-kun too =)

I think 5th place is already great ... too bad I cant watch the movie maybe until the DVD comes out or subbed sigh. For now, we just have to wait lol

kate☂ said...

anjerin, hi hi!!

ah~ thank you!! i am hopelessly devoted to toma. completely~ xD

hai...all his hard work paid off. yes yes, we're all cheering 4 him!!!

yeah, u're right. and yes, we're in for a loooooooong wait. (laughs)

Anonymous said...

Aaaah! I don't know if I can handle reading Coraline's without being just too jealous! >.<
I just found out I will be going to Japan very soon (from Oklahoma, USA), and I looked for Ningen Shikkaku even though it has been out a long time. There is still ONE theater in Tokyo showing it at ONE time of day. I will be there in 9 days so maybe it will still be there.
I haven't seen the crying video. Which Toma LJ? I am subscribed to Tomalicious but I could have missed it somehow? Maybe there is another.
Aaah! So jealous of Coraline. >.<

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that was Careline.

kate☂ said...

oh, wow. always happily surprised to see some1 comment on an old post. thanks! ^^

haha~ u've gotta read her fan report!! i got jealous too, but was mostly very happy for her and amazed at her luck...ahhhh...

hounto ni?! awesome!! oh, random, but my aunt lives in OK. ^^ really!! wow, how did u find out that it's still playing at one theatre?? have a fun trip, and i really hope u can see it!!

toma's crying video, u can DL it somewhere at the toma lj: but u have to be a member to see those locked DL posts.

Zen said...

doyou know any link to download the main theme ? im so desparate to find it~
tee hee~

kate♥toma said...

hi zen!

i know someone (i think strawberry_gemm) posted up the link to DL the movie's soundtrack, and i posted the link 2 her post somewhere at this blog, but i don't remember when (probably in feb.)...

u can try browsing my feb. posts or look for it at the toma LJ ( if u can't find it here. oh, but the post is probably locked so u have to be an LJ user and join the community to see the post.

OR i can send u the mp3 of the main theme (leave yr email). i have it. haha. there's a piano vers. that's awesome too.

i really love the main theme too. ~_~