Thursday, February 11, 2010

CONGRATS, TOMA-kun! 14th year with Johnnys! & some ningen things & recent shows he's been on...

(dunno what new magazine this is from.
it's zoe_alexiel current avatar @tomalicious. heehee.


i'm still sick. *sigh*
but recovering slow-ly...

tomorrow is the start of the winter olympics!! yey.
i'm not that interested in watching, but i'm kinda excited about the opening ceremony ne~.

and lunar new yr and valentine's day both on sunday!
wow. i don't like it when a bunch of holidays happen at once...
but in case i forget, i'll wish everyone an early




did everyone read my comments/summary of Toma's Room entries #311-323 in the post below??? please do read it if u haven't! =)

today (well, yesterday in JST time) was toma's 14th anniversary of joining the Johnny's Jimusho!! (also a japan holiday: National Foundation Day, so toma probably got the day off! ~_^) he was only 11 yrs old then...i talked about this more last year, so u can go read it if u want:


14 years!! sugoi...

and here's some flowers
for you. ~_~


mmm....toma's such a big star now, but it would still mean so much...if he could finally debut. i think...i hope that day is coming closer??? seeing him sing at the johnnys countdown (or anytime he sings, really) really made me wish he could debut!!! it's been 14 years!! isn't that enough??'s to hoping that today next year...or the next year...toma might not be known as a junior anymore?? *fingers crossed*

.......and here's some random ningen things...

oh, and from toma's new message, the official premiere of ningen is on feb.19, and feb.20 is more greet the audience at various theatres. ^_^
the ningen shikkaku novel (with toma on the cover?) is now ranked 4th place at Oricon!! yeyyyy. *_*
[toma at ningen preview screenings, greet the audience, probably. credit:]

(also, zoe_alexiel uploaded scans of the maou dvd's photobook at the tomalicious forum!! if u can access the gallery's in there. a lot of nice pics, but mostly nothing too special...the pics from the gallery on the DVD were better!!)

oh, this video clip was removed f/the news post i posted earlier. somehow, i found it while looking at some older toma video clips. haha. enjoy!! (QUICK, be4 it's deleted!):
[Miopan] 2010.02.02 Ikuta Toma's 3 best friends talk.]
the host, she kept giggling and gushing, making toma laugh xD and he said THAT to jun!! kyaa!! ~_~

(my screencaps of toma at some tv shows....toma...kawaii na~!♥)


just found out today f/reading jamie-san's blog that it has been snowing, STILL!! ( remember how it started snowing in tokyo on feb.1 or something and cuz it was slippery, jun got in a minor car accident (and lots of ppl slipped and fell on the slippery streets)? seems like it's been snowing on and off since then! (it's rare for tokyo to have more than a few days of light snow.)

and it is snowing RIGHT now (light snow), as i am typing!! (maybe not by the time i post this up though. edit: NO, IT'S STILL SNOWING!! WOW.) and of course, it's VERY COLD there right now. well, if u live on the east coast of the usa, it's nothing compared to the tons of snow u've been getting, but it's a big deal in tokyo when they get this much snow...

i like snow, but it's a little disrupting...hope it doesn't affect the ningen premiere or keep ppl from going to watch toma's movie cuz it's too cold/slippery out....but LUCKILY, AMAZINGLY, seems like it'll be nice and sunny right in time for the premiere (feb.19) and opening day (feb.20)!!! YEY!!!!!! sugoi ne. hounto ni. (credit:

some pretty pics & comments about it snowing in tokyo:

( more TOMA CUTENESS!! kyaa!!

TFS subbed Gout Temp Nouveau (jan.27)!!
toma's fetish: girls with short haircuts?? eh!! and he thinks saying, "oh, did u cut your hair?" makes a girl happy~. (toma, i recently cut my hair!! it's short, too!! really~! xD got it cut be4 my bday ne.) ah, that part about her saying she has a feeling he hasn't been in love in a long time, and he laughs...!! (reminds me of the oshareism 2008 interview, they asked if he was good at hiding his relationships cuz no1 ever talks about him dating any1, and he just burst out laughing and was really embarassed...he said it's not like that...but maybe he is!!) i wonder how many secret girlfriends he's had all these years and no one knew?? haha. i think some1 (was it jee?) said he has an ex-gf, but i think that's a rumor? umm...but that lady host is right, of course he has and it would be a waste if such a cute, cool, sweet guy like him does not have a girlfriend neeeee. toma needs love in his life, too~!

TFS subbed Waratte Koraete [jan. 21]. toma cuteness!! those girls that like him are so lucky to get to be on the show, get to say those things to him!! but my fav are the obachans that said: i want a son like him already! / i want to exchange my son for him! xD

toma on various tv shows. SO MANY FOOD SHOWS!!
(all my screencaps except for the one that he's clapping, think i got that from careline18.)

(just a preview: trying to reenact

incomplete list of shows he's been on:

Waratte Koraete [jan. 21]
Gout Temp Nouveau (jan.27)
miyane-ya (jan.29)
Hey Hey Hey Music Champ (feb1)
Gochi (toma's wearing white) (feb4?),
The! Sekai Gyoten News (feb3) (about allergies? blood test?),
Miopan (feb2) (toma's hair kinda wavy)

i've somehow managed to watch most of this. (many thanks to hisatopii~!!)
luckily sometimes, he only appears for around 5 minutes or less!! whew~

it's really tough keeping up with him these days, but I'LL GAMBARIMAS!!!! (especially cuz toma asked us to try our best to keep up with him. ~_~)

SOME OLD TOMA STUFF, but worth checking out!!
[toma talks about the 5 treasures in his life...his beloved doggie, jam-chan!! and "love, it's pretty far from me right now".]
[Ikuta Toma - Secret of my Heart]lots of cute toma moments f/that one 2008 tv show w/all the female comedians, where they asked toma to say "i love u" to the camera.
[Ikuta Toma - I wanna B Ur Lover] i like this song! it's kat-tun's You. lots of cute toma moments when he was younger. detective thomasu! and Cat in the red boots) and some tv shows he was on when maou was airing...
[Ikuta Toma 23rd birthday fanvideo] pics f/his days as a student, video clips of when he graduated high school! ^_^ video of clips of toma when he was younger... and lots of cute toma moments from hana kimi and lots of tv shows from around that time...ah, nostalgic!! (and that azumi KISS!!!)


Cezie_Pals said...

oooh new update! daijoubo, kate-chan?

hope u feel better soon... in time for Toma-kun's Ningen to be open for screening!!

i agree with u regarding toma to have his debut soon. 14 years, omedetou gozaimasu, Toma-kun! Gambarre!!! whenever i watch him sing too, make me want him to debut soon. T_T JE has to do something about it soon. it's not fair that he's still a Junior when he has a lot of experience already... but then again, I'm thinking that JE is trying to find the best match for Toma... i believe that if he does debut soon, he will have to be the leader of the group. much like Yamashita of NEWS...

anyways, thanks for the update, kate-chan! ^_^

kate@NS Premiere said...

arigatou. ^^ i feel a little bit better today. i'm sure i'll have recovered 100% by the time of the ningen premiere day!! no worries~!

hai, it's not fair...

i think he should debut as a solo artist, though!!

u're welcome! ^^
thanks for commenting ne!

zoe_alexiel said...

the avatar is from Bidan 03'10

kate@NSpremiere said...


thanks! =)

i love all the toma pics and gifs on the right side...just knew about it recently. xD


hello kate..
i'm newbie here, but i have been stalking on your blog since several months ago,XDD
u have an awesome blog (and zoe too)^^
btw, i wanna know 'bout the last pic (reenact Nakatsu n Mizuki)..which TV show was it?

kate☂ said...

(love yr username. hehe)

really? haha. i've got a lot of "stalkers" here. :D arigatou~! i think my blog is awesome too. haha.

i have no idea. it was only a preview. i'm really curious about it too! probably soon, can find out the name...

zoe said...

is a preview of VVV6 19 feb. mmm 11pm ¿?

kate@NSpremiere said...

thanks 4 the info, zoe! ^^

think twice girl said...

about my username, thank u^^
yes, i'm one of ur stalkers, LOL
please continue on your hardworking, i love what you've written in this blog..
and i'm looking forward to your new post^_^

ah, thank u zoe-chan..i wanna see that show!*and i'm jealous with that girl*
hope someone will upload the vid asap *two finger crossed*

kate☂ said...

it's ok, i stalk some other ppl's blogs and LJs too. haha.
ah, arigatou ne! it's always good to feel appreciated. i'll keep trying my best!!

i'm jealous of her too!! rare that he is so close w/any1 on a tv show like that!! eh!! i really wanna watch it. :D