Sunday, February 28, 2010

TOMA'S NEW PICS (cute/hot!!!)..... ~_~ + because i really want to tell you about it already!!

sorry, just a very quick post.
will post more soon...

wasn't gonna post today cuz no time,
but then i saw THESE PICS!!! CUUUUUUTE!!!

changed the pics that links to dearToma and back to here. YEYYYYY.
iyaaaaa, toma's such a cutie ne. *_____* funny that i usually go "ahhh!!" over cute pics of toma rather than sexy pics. i guess i have a weakness for toma cuteness more than toma hotness. lol.

(non-no march2010. THANKS TO STRAWBERRY_GEMM!! credit: petitee @tomalicious forum)

ahh!! lucky sanseido doesn't sell this, or i'd definitely buy it!! lol. LOVE LOVE relaxed/at home and SILLY/CUTE TOMA!!! and again, I LOVE PICS OF TOMA LYING DOWN/ON A BED....

and i might as well also show u the preview pics of shirtless toma...kyaa!! ^^ so beautiful....though something unnatural about his revealing pic, but still so....!!! wow. he looks so nice and strong and all...kakkoii.

(credit: strawberry_gemm at in the jyosei jishin no.2436 march 2010. i saw this magazine at sanseido today!!! it was all wrapped in plastic so i couldn't flip it open to look at toma. -__- but he looks gorgeous in that 1st pic that took up most of the cover. ahh... i'll post up a pic i took of it soon~~ luckily i was able to control myself and didn't buy it. xD i'm proud of u, kate-chan. lol.)

so much toma cuteness/hotness.....

with that~
good night!! ~_~
sweet dreams (of u & toma-kun i hope. lol.)

To Be Continued....

still no update. gomen! i'll just start a new post next time.
some annoying things to take care of today and tomorrow....

and... this doesn't seem like the right time or place to announce this,
but i'll just say it anyway. because i really want to tell you about it already!! really~

i've kept it a secret for so long has it been...almost 6 weeks.
i'm good at keeping secrets. ~_~ well, i've given some hints here sometimes though....

ja, i'll just tell u!!
i've been....writing a 3rd fanfic!!
for you, for me...for all of us.
hai~. (that's it?! after that suspenseful build up. (laughs))

paige is the only one who knew about it, cuz she was the last to comment at my story. heehee... thanks, paige-chan, for your supportive messages!! (we talked about me writing the 3rd fanfic a little, in the comments of my 2nd fanfic, under the first post.)

so~ it's been real~ly tough to write, and i'm still adding to it. i actually finished writing in around 11 days (started soon after i posted up the ending of the 2nd fanfic)....and luckily, i finished it right around the time that toma take over started (jan.29!!) but i still had to type it up and edit and wait till the premiere happened and then write about it. couldn't work on it much during toma take over, no time!!
(i got sick during february partly cuz i wasn't getting enough sleep, working on the story and keeping up with toma stuff!!) i'm hoping i'll be done by the end of THIS week (or at least start posting up the story little by little)...but i have no idea if i can make it or not. (which is kinda why i'm letting u all know...maybe the pressure of u all knowing will get me more motivated to finish soon!! xD) i hope so though, i don't wanna post it up too long after the ningen premiere happened.

i really really worked hard on this story...and it's quite long cuz it spans 4 days (feb.18-21)!! but it's not like u're with toma a lot, cuz he's busy still, but still....lots of *doki doki* and *blush* moments....i hope i didn't overdo it...(laughs). but really, a lot of THOUGHT and time and effort and LOVE went into this fanfic, so i hope everyone will like it. it's an unforgettable time for toma as well as you ne....

oh, if u don't know what i'm talking about. where have you been?! lol. i wrote 2 fanfics where u can pretend you and toma meet, become friends, etc. please do read it if you haven't. if you don't wanna read both, at least read the 2nd, cuz you should read it before you read the 3rd. but then, even if u haven't read parts 1 or 2, you'll still be able to enjoy reading part 3, i think. =) (but reading part 2 after part 3, it won't be as nice cuz u know what will happen...)

part 1:
part 2:

good night~

2010 march 1


salome said...

i think everyone went gaga over that half-naked photo of his. i enjoyed reading everyone's comments.

Anonymous said...

Yup ^^
The half naked Toma looked odd a second there ...but he's still hot! Phew! *faints* lol


kate (in a fairytale...) said...

yeah! :D i like it, but looks kinda awkward to me. not as nice as previous sexy toma pics in the past. hehe. thus the delay in posting about it here.

yeah, a little odd, but still!! *_* *blush*