Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2 DAYS, 7 HOURS, 25 MINUTES LEFT UNTIL FEB.20 (JST): NS official release!!! (less now, by the time i post this!)

hi there!

it's me.

have you been watching the winter olympics?
i have. ^^ i think it's cool, how it's on every night, and everyone can watch it together and enjoy it together, even if we don't know much about that specific sport...watched some tonight w/kasan and tosan... it's really exciting~!! but a lot of the sports r so dangerous, of course...but i admire all of them, all the athletes, for working hard and taking such risks to be there. it's really touching when they win!! (and really, i love listening to the majestic olympics themesong.^^ and vancouver is a pretty place...)

my ningen shikkaku photobook came in the mail today!!! sugoi!! (i knew it would, today!)
i'll take some pics and share it with y'all tomorrow. i've looked thru it. it's really cool...but...hmm...that person posted up most of it (the most interesting). the person who posted up preview pics. i was hoping there'd be MORE pics, but i guess it's better to have good, big pics, instead of too much, but small.

(this is random, but i'm totally hooked on that paramore rock song, "brick by boring brick"!! just heard it a lot on the radio recently, but didn't know who sang it. just today, looked them up and watched the mv. AWESOMENESS!! i can really relate to the lyrics...of wanting to live in a dreamworld. haha..."she lives in a fairytale...somewhere too far for us to find..." hayley's so cute/cool too. love her voice!! love their style. check out the MV here. SUGOI. *_* love hayley's cute white dress in here. i want 1 like it!! heehee.

[found this by accident!! the poster at a theatre somewhere in japan?? SUGOI!! o_0 credit: areea_chan.]


(i've been counting down since last month, but things kinda got away from me, and i forgot to start counting down here around 10 days be4 opening day. oh well. haha. gomen!)

Ningen Shikkaku official release!!!


toma must be getting REALLY~ nervous........
i'm nervous and excited for him!! i'm sure we all are!!!

i should do something to celebrate...hmm...
i hope you will too!! ^_~

some1 at the toma lj was saying...days away from the ningen premiere, but how come the toma fandom is kinda quiet lately?

EXACTLY THE SAME THING I WAS THINKING!! HAHA. well, i think cuz most of us at LJ are overseas, so we're waiting for some1 to upload his new tv shows and all...


WE'RE EXHAUSTED F/TRYING TO KEEP UP WITH TOMA FOR ALMOST A MONTH NOW!!! TOMA TAKE OVER STARTED SINCE AROUND JAN.29.'s exhausting trying to not fall behind on watching/reading/listening/looking at toma stuff ne. but it's been FUN AND REALLY SUGOI....

(2 more toma take overs this year, remember.
for his 2 movies. save up yr money, girls~!! lol.)


[saw these pics @zoe's and THINK TWICE GIRL's blogs. =)]

zoe's blog has a LONG list of all of the tv/radio shows toma's on these days, but it's in japanese. HE'S EVERYWHERE THIS WEEK!! REALLY. VERY BUSY. but a lot of these shows were pre-recorded too, so that's a relief. whew~ HE'S VERY BUSY THESE LAST FEW DAYS BE4 THE OFFICIAL RELEASE OF THE MOVIE!!

and here's a list of toma's tv shows. i'm skipping any where the file is huge...too much trouble to download. i've already watched a lot of his tv appearances last/this month anyway, i think that's enough!! besides, they're not subbed. i'll stick to the ones that hisatopii uploads and the ones that TFS subs. haha...(keep checking her youtube page for new toma video clips....there have been a few more each day!! luckily, some of them are really short, or i won't be able to watch them all. AND EVEN IF U CAN'T WATCH ALL OF TOMA'S SHOWS, GO TO ZOE'S BLOG [linked to it in the LINKS section on the right of my blog!] TO SEE NICE, BIG SCREENCAPS FROM THEM! *_* also, here are strawberry_gemm's scaps of his newest tv shows:]

10 February 2010 @ 08:46 pm
New Toma Guestings

2月8日~10日 「BOOM TOWN」(J-WAVE)出演!  NEW

2月12日 「徹子の部屋」(テレビ朝日系)出演!

2月14日 「お笑 いワイドショー マルコポロリ」(関西テレビ)出演!  NEW

2月14日 「行列のできる法律相談所」(日本テレビ系)出演!

2月15日 「はなまるマーケット」(TBS系)出演!  NEW Hanamaru market

2月15日 「人生が変わる1分間の深イイ話」(日本テレビ系)出演!

2月18日 「レコメン!」(文化放送)出演!Recomen

2月19日 「VVV6」(フジテレビ系)出演! *____*

2月20日 「TOKIO ナイトクラブ」(ニッポン放送)出演!


excerpts from a professional review by a person f/the press that went to see the movie's preview screening back in nov.2009!!! yappari, they liked it. ^___^ ........kedo, i'm a little worried by that "but it's not an ero" scene, though. @___@

"- beautiful, intriguing, captivating
- Ikuta Toma, playing his first lead in a movie, performed very well
- makes me want to read the novel again"

iya~ toma would be very happy if he knew this!! ^O^

ALSO: 2 touching, emotional fan reports from when toma came to the FIRST (i didn't realize this before!!) night of yamashita's FIRST solo concert back on nov. 21, 2009!!!!!!!!! YOKUBOU NO RAINNNNN!!! TOMA & YAMASHITA'S FRIENDSHIP.....*heart*

( a yamapi fanvideo. u can listen to his song Colorful (2nd song toma & him sang together that night) here. lots of cute pics of yamashita. MAYBE IT'S CUZ ALL JE GUYS TEND TO HAVE THE SAME KINDA POSES/EXPRESSIONS 4 PICS, BUT I SOMETIMES, I THINK YAMASHITA AND TOMA LOOK A LOT ALIKE?!! ALMOST LIKE BROTHERS SOMETIMES...but then sometimes they look totally different!!)

********** toma's room message **************

NS page 6 (feb14?)

[a pic of a goldfish bowl?]
toma asks the director why he has goldfish in all his movies. he says shyly, cuz he likes them. toma says this gentle director's gentleness and warmth can be seen throughout this movie.


[toma picsss.^^ credit: strawberry_gemm, hpswf1. get the pics here:]

[more screencaps by yours truly.... ^^ more toma magazine pics! f/a news clip. toma pics in hawaii!!! from hanamura, on feb.16. and love seeing him in light colore clothes after so much red/black. *_*]

.........i found this imdb page for ningen! after seeing A KISSING SCENE @_@ f/a short ningen trailer today at youtube, i wonder what the rating for this movie will be. probably pg13.

......................... cool LJ stuff:
[gifs made f/ clips of his documentary show =)]
[toma icons -recent pics]
[LOTS of toma icons. CUTE!!]
[TRANSLATION] Wink Up March 2010
[selling johnnys guys accessories, including THAT majosai ring!! u can take a look, even if u don't buy.^^]
[DUET pics + JCountdown's (09/10) pages from Duet, WU and Potato!!]
[elitejean's toma wallpapers/other johnnys boys fanart. cool.]
[niji_fansubs subbed his documentary show!! but u know i'm loyal to TFS, so i'll wait. ~_~]
[Italian Softsubs] Maou ep01 [ I MISS NAOTO & NARUSE.......... =( ]
[old toma drama DL: Gekidan Engimono - Otoko no Yume]
[old toma drama DL: Kinou no tomo wa kyou no teki? he's got a little sister in this drama...that lucky girl that got that role!!^^]
(got both of these dramas since last yr, but still no time to watch it!! just skimmed over them.... good grief. i wanna at least watch the Kinou no tomo wa kyou no teki? SOON. and of course, finally finish aki@deep. -__- aiya...)

LINKS TO DL HIS TV SHOWS, cuz they're really BIG files.
i think most ppl are not interested in getting them. but if u are, go ahead and look for them, it's not hard to find, at the toma LJ...]

and some good news =) :
"Ikuta Toma is now on the cover of all the books that have been written by Dazai Osamu (The author who wrote Ningen Shikaku, Fallen Angel, that Toma is staring in set to be in theatres this Saturday.)

Because of this, sales of Dazai Osamu's books have all increased by 10 to 20 percent." (thanks to ichigo_kurimu)

good grief, it's late!!!!
i'm tired.
good night, everyone.
see you tomorrow!

lol. i've been listening to it over and over. and that MV is really so awesomely dreamy and dark....^^


Cezie_Pals said...

thanks for the update kate-chan! waa.. toma has been very busy ne?
Toma fandom in Japan has been quiet. Weird.. Well, we wouldn't really know unless we're there, ne?~
I wish Ningen will be subbed asap.. if not, hope they will do a screening here in Vancouver or something...
Speaking of Vancouver, it's so cool!!! I went there with my friends 2 days ago. I didn't really watch the games (coz we didn't really plan to go) but we roamed around the streets and it's very BUSY and LIVELY!!!
I love it!!!
people were so nice. people from all over the world were there... And I had 20 seconds to be shown on TV. haha...
Go and see!
at 0.15 and 0.28. haha.. the girl on the lower right side with the straight bangs

here's a postcard shot somewhere near a skating rink in Vancouver:

kate@theTheatre said...

cezie-chan. =)

well, not the fandom in japan, i think that person meant at the toma LJ. i'm sure every1's going into serious HYPER mode in japan. xD

i'd love that too, but probably it'll be months be4 we can watch it subbed. >_<

sugoi!! ^^ wish i could be there. i'd love to go watch the olympics opening ceremony + some olympic sporting events sometime in my life...but even just being there in the streets as the games R going on is cool!!

i couldn't tell which person u were cuz the video is blurry. haha. but thanks. and at least i know u're 1 of those 4 ppl in the postcard. ~_~

(i was on tv a tiny bit when i was sitting in the audience of ellen's tv show. but that was way back in 2004. i recorded it then, but now i don't know where the tape is. lol. oh well. we only appeared for a few seconds.)

think twice girl said...

kate, it's me who have said about Toma fandom being quiet even though his movie will be on the theater this week..
well, that's me @LJ^^
so,you're thinking the same??
it makes me sad that i've just got a few of Toma's news from my f-list..
wowww,,now it's two days left..time's so fast>.<
can't wait, can't wait!

aah, yeah, we must wait patiently till NS's subbed version out!
and i'm still looking forward to JT's subbed by TFS *i'm loyal to them too*

kate☂ said...

oh! yeah, it's funny how things have gotten a little quiet now, right when the BIG DAY is coming so soon. but i'm sure we'll see lots of new posts soon from everyone, about toma and the movie. ^^

yeah, no choice but to wait!! =[
ah, sou deska? =) yeah~ i'll always wait for TFS's subbing if i can.

zoe_alexiel said...

sorry for my english
thanks for promoting my blog lol.
your blog also has lots of information.
which images? bidan? (my chat)
pass me your mail to send you a link to another blog? or write me to

kate@theTheatre said...

no problem!
thanks zoe, i've emailed u.