Sunday, April 11, 2010

SEXY. TOMA. *blush*!!!!!

i just happened to login to LJ to change one of my toma userpics, and saw nekonekorocketo's (cuz she's on my friends list) post about how she got her ningen photobook. ~_~ and then.....GAH!!! (oh, happy birthday mizza!! ^O^ though it's not april 12 yet.) i hope it's ok if i repost the pic here? wanna share it with everyone!! (**click on the pics for the bigger size**)





[, cinema square]

kyaaaaaaaaaaa. (>////<)
& his hair is kinda wet...*dies*

and the pics where he's smiling!!
ah, so handsome. *_*

i want him......
that's all i can think of right now. xD

and~ here R some more sexy toma pics. moeeeeeeeee.
(except...toma's chest, does it look a little strange in the white tanktop pic??? hmm...)

Anecan 2010.03]

edit: another one! thanks mizza!! u can get some higher quality scans f/the magazine at mizza's blog, check her comment (musixofmalife) below for the link. =)

i love any pic of toma lying down....
makes me wish i can lay next to him. *blush*!!!!


musixofmalife said...

well, yeah.. hv to admit that TOMA-kun looks sizzling sexy in that magazine. his hair, his look, his smile n everything bout him look so~ gorgeous. *blush*

n bout da anecan scan, maybe his chest looks a lil bit weird bcuz he's kinda skinny *uhu.. TOMA-kun, gomen..* i think he should put on some weights. ^^

p/s: u can go here> to get da larger scans of anecan n some scanlations of cinema square (sadly, they're in LQ version. i found them somewhere n put'em in ma blog. but no worry da scanlations still look nice esp the 1 where TOMA-kun is lying on da floor *faint*

Mashi Toma said...

ah- kouhai.. u r totally rock! hu3.. im quite jealous with u,cz u spend a lot of money for this photobook.. and, hope i'll get that photobook from MR.Kino hehe..

musixofmalife said...

uhu.... Mashi-senpai.. it's all becuz of TOMA-kun. i hv to admit that the Photobook is sooooooooo expensive esp 4 a student like me but i jz can't help myself frm buying it. uhh.... it's ok then.. ^^ i can pretend it's a bday gift 4 myself.
Mashi-senpai, hope u can get 1 for u too ^^

Isabel said...

He's soooo sexy in this photos *¬*
I want them in more quality >_<

(Sorry, I've been missing so many days ^^U)

kate☂ said...

he's so hot!!!!!!!!! and everything is perfect...his hair, his revealing tanktop...the poses are so seductive....*blush*!!!

hmm, i guess so. maybe it's just the lighting, cuz for that shirtless pic f/feb., his chest looks fine (& sexy!!).

lol, i have used my bday and holidays as excuses to buy expensive toma stuff too. heehee~

ah, thanks for the link!! TOMA'S LYING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!! *stares*

u and mizza know each other? =) hope you'll be able to get the photobook too.

YOU'RE BACK!! *hugs*
go to the link above, in musixofmalife's comment for some some high quality scans!! TOMA'S SO SEXY!!!! I WANT~ more hot toma photoshoots like this. badly~ lol.

musixofmalife said...

seems like he's getting hotter n sexier ne, kate-chan ^^. so~ different from his previous images. (♥.♥)he makes me love him more whenever i stare @ his pix.. Kami-sama plz help me~

yeah~ may be it's becuz of da lighting factor (he looks so seductive + innocent at da same tym in da shirtless pic. o_O *dies*)

ahaha.. i think it's da best excuse to buy Toma expensive stuff. well, u know.. our bday is once a year only rite.. so i dun feel so bad bout ma maself 4 spending lots of ma money to buy expensive Toma stuff as ma bday gift ;P

aww.... da 'lying' pic oh Toma. (♥.♥) I'm sure everybody wants to lie next to him if they c dat gorgeous pic. so~ irresistable.

Mashi Toma said...

senpai.. Yup we know each other from ur blog.. Now, i'm sharing my craziness with her lol.. N today i bought wink up! Apr-spring edition.. KyAah finally.. I bought dats from mr.kino same as mizza aka kouhai ^^

Dont hve enough money to buy the same as mai kouhai.. n it sold out.. *i guess* said...

Hi, it's me! Monkii-buisness, remember? ^-^v ♥
Anyway! I just wonder: I've read in some page that Toma has turned up in a NEWS concert, and he sang Weeek togheter with Yamapi.
1) Do you have any pictures from that day?
2) Do you know where I can watch that concert?

I would be very very happy if you could mail me this answer becasue I won't have any time to chek it out in your blog because I'll be in France this days!

Excuse my bad engliish!

kate☂ said...

i see! haha. i have the april winkup too!! last ikita kotoba, i had to get it. <3

ehhh...i wonder where those pics are...hmm.

Mashi Toma said...

really? glad.. we should collect it.. for Toma haha..
where did u buy dat magz?

kate♥toma said...

i buy all my magazines @the sanseido bookstore, at mitsuwa, a japanese market, here in the usa. ~_~


Mashi Toma said...

for me.. buy it from Mr.Kino.. huhu.. the only 1 haha

kate☂ said...

souka. ~_~