Wednesday, September 22, 2010

HAPPY (early) 3rd BIRTHDAY TO TL-CHAN!!♥♥♥

i sent toma's bday card yesterday!!!
yeyyyyyyy! v(^_^)v and what it says on the card is:

-I have put all my feelings in this, (outside of the card)
-And I hope my feelings can reach you. (inside of the card)

MANY THANKS TO JESSICA FOR TRANSLATING IT FOR ME!!! ah....i really hope our LOVE can somehow reach toma ne!

(THE FIRST TIME I USED A FLICKR PIC WAS THIS ONE. A SUMMER SKY WITH A CLOUD SHAPED LIKE A HEART, NE...and i love this pic but forgot to put it in the collage above. umm....i feel kinda bad, neglecting DEAR TOMA..., but it's cuz not much fans leave messages there anymore....i don't go there much either ne. but DT's bday is march 19, 2008.)

(THESE ARE MY FAVORITE PICS THAT I'VE USED FOR MY BANNERS HERE AND AT DEAR TOMA.♥♥ WAHHHHH....nostalgic! i started using different pics for each season/theme for toma's dramas or movies since aug. 2008.)

(this is what i wrote for the 2nd bday last year:

though it's not sept. 24 yet, but i'm posting this now so that my post about toma's FF CM can be at the top of this blog longer...haha.

***oh...i usually post up a super long list of links to my BEST POSTS from last sept.24 till now....i'll do that tomorrow okie....i save the links gradually each yr, but this yr, i'm a little behind. hehe.***

HAPPY (early) 3rd BIRTHDAY TO TL-CHAN!!♥♥♥
(TL-chan is Toma Love -chan. i got the idea from misa,
cuz she calls her blog TD-chan...hehe. Tomaniac Disorder-chan. ~__~)


i checked my ranking at google and yahoo just today. 3rd page google, and 5th page at yahoo. though for a longgg while, i was on the 1st page of results for yahoo!!! ^__^ actually, mostly anything toma-related that u search 4 at google, probably my blog will show up.'s happened to me a lot when i search for toma's stuff. hahahaha!!! sugoi....v^_^v but's a little kowai somehow? lol. like...EHH...SO MANY PPL KNOW ABOUT MY BLOG??!! heehee...

this is gonna be my 462nd post.♪ i get around 100 visits daily, and the number of visitors to this blog since oct. 2007 (when i got my clustr map) has been over 94,000 people!! and they come from all over the world. just check out my clustr map, and you'll see. =) and now TL-chan has exactly 100 followers!!!!!!! i was hoping i'd get 100 by sept. 24, but i already got my 100th follower on sept. 6!!! sugoi ne!!
thanks to Dana, my 100th follower for following my blog!!

aww....I'M SO GLAD I MADE THIS BLOG. *___*
thanks to this blog, i met so many sweet and nice toma fans....~_~ THANK YOU, EVERYONE THAT HAS COME TO MY BLOG! but i want to thank the people that have commented a lot at my blog or my cbox (well, i only added my cbox in '08, i guess?) all these years!

misa, cezie, paige, mashi, jee, salome, anjerin, marie, careline (sorry if i left u out, these are all the ppl i can remember right now....)

and more recently, lou, hanamichi, pigmom, Akemi! =P


I REALLY REALLY DO LOVE SHARING TOMA'S NEWS AND PICS AND LINKS AND EVERYTHING WITH EVERYONE HERE!!♥ and it makes me so happy whenever someone says they love my blog or that they come here everyday, or that coming here always makes them happy. awwwwww.....yokatta!! ~___~ i guess i've got a sempai status now ne. my brain is full of toma info, and i'm glad i can help out new toma fans in any way. heehee. xD

this is my 1 of my most favorite comments that someone really sweet wrote for me earlier this year. ^////^

"ma, nandemonai yo.. u don't have to thank me ^^
cuz u really deserve to be appreciated & praised
4 all of ur hard works. it's kinda hard to find a
super cool Toma fangirl who did loads and loads of things
4 him like u ^^ kate-chan ga hountoni sugoi.
*hugs u back* ♥♥"

and she also said i was like a shining star of the fandom. and lots of other sweet things. ahh....when i get super nice and cute comments like this, it makes all the hard work and tons of time spent on updating this blog totally worth it!!!! arigatou neee!! *hugssss*

speaking of shining star...
I'M SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY FOR HIM. SOOOOOO PROUD OF HIM. though he's only become the "shining prince" Genji for his new movie recently, but to me, he's always been my cute and adorable, gentle prince! this he's accomplished so much and is still so busy and getting more popular!! kyaaaa.... let's see. a list of special things toma got to do this year (i hope i didn't miss anything. this is all i can remember right now):

-sing & dance at the johnnys new yr countdown concert!
-be in that documentary show, jounetsu tairiku (not sure of the name...=P)★ *for the 1st time*
-be on some of his sempai's tv shows *for the 1st time*
-be on a bunch of magazine covers *for the 1st time*
-he had 3 movies released!★★ ningen shikkaku, seaside motel, hanamizuki. sooo much promoting and traveling all over japan to stage greetings. not sure about seaside, but ningen and hanamizuki are so popular!
-ningen, seaside, and hanamiz are all gonna be released overseas. (mostly in asia, but still!!) wow!!! toma's become an international star!!!★
-toma did some cool sporty CMs for nissin UFO yakisoba where he looks like an olympic athlete!!
-toma appears in a CM with some cute anime girls from a popular anime that i forgot the name of. xD *1st time* toma got to work with anime characters.
-toma on the cover of An An!!♥ *for the 1st time* a super sexy photoshoot!!
-toma got to be in a world war II era drama and he's a policeman. won't air until october, i think.

-seaside promoting....OMG. that hot bed scene!!!! (and i've never seen toma shirtless or doing moe things so much as this year!! 2010...the year of sexy toma. xD wow.....he's always been hot, but this year....!! he's definitely reached a new level of sexiness. OMG!!)

-summer drama: UNUBORE DEKA. the Conceited Actor, sadame. heehee....very silly and nakatsu-like, but he gets the role of the Conceited Detective too. so it's kinda a double role for toma! xD and he wears a lot of sleeveless shirts and tight pants in this drama. fufufu...
-a bio/photobook of toma is released!

-toma gets to be in TOKIO's mv for NaNaNa (unubore deka's themesong)!!!!!!!!!!★★ *_____*

-toma gets his own webpage at the johnny's site!!!★★★★


THIS YEAR HAS BEEN SO AMAZING FOR TOMA AND HIS FANS. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT ELSE TOMA GETS TO DO AS HE GETS MORE AND MORE POPULAR!!!!! i reallyyyy want him to release his first official photobook full of his new pretty pics!! or a calendar?? or a song?? =) you can count on me to update you on everything toma's doing ne!!! GAMBA DES~!♥__♥

but since i don't update my blog as often as i used to, if u need to get your toma fix....xD
besides the awesome toma sites i've listed on the right under the links section, these are some great toma groups you can go to for fun or to see new pics/news about him sometimes, ne! at least u can always see new msgs by fans about how much they love toma!! =D i hope there will be more good toma sites (in english, or else i won't understand. hehe.) in the future. sometimes....just sometimes, i think that if there's a lot of good toma sites out there...then i can slack off more and not update so much. haha....but i guess i'm still needed for now. xD but i'm so glad there are blogs like mizza's or zoe's now, that provide so much toma news and pics and videos....yey!! sugoi ne.....~___~ i'd love to see more toma blogs like these....


u know what my next post
is gonna be about!!

xD kyaaaaaaaaaa....
i'll post it up tomorrow, maybe...

(icon credit: careline18@LJ) credits:
[summer sky, heart cloud]

A Carpet of Leaves

Blue is my color
[first rain] [Uploaded on October 9, 2008!!] [okinawa, japan]
[DSC_0061] [Uploaded on July 12, 2008 by nehavish] [london, UK]
Snowing in Ohio
[hanami lantern]
Autumn Leaves
[xmas lights in osaka]

Meiji Jingu Shrine
the view from our hotel room
[Hokudai park winter]


Anonymous said...

Waaa...thank you so much Kate for include my name in that're the BEST! <3<3<3
The Birthday Card is so cute..I really like the LOVE kawaiii...<3<3<3 ^^
Hope TOMA will receive and read that card..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TL-CHAN IN ADVANCE!!! you post this entry on my coincidence..sugoi ne! i'm so happy today..can't wait for your next post! heheh.. ^__^


Anonymous said...

happy bday in advance 4 TL-chan ^__^ aww.. u stay up late to finish this post.. aww.. otsukaresama.. fufuuu.. u really are the shining star in Toma fandom.. ^__^ hmm.. nope. u're the shining full moon. heheee.. ^///^

kate♥toma said...

***u can click on my name
to hide these huge comments. xDDDDD***

HERE ARE THE BEST POSTS FROM LAST YEAR TILL NOW! whew....i always pick too many, but i just love most of my posts so much...hehe. ~__~ [what toma's been up to...many many links to toma-related (and not really related) ppl's news and things. (talk about toma's movies, nakatsu manga mv, yamashita dating??, learn japanese, etc.)] [I WANT TOMA TO BE MY BOYFRIEND (ARM PILLOW)!!!!! xD] [MAOU IS GONNA BE AIRED HERE IN THE USA (in CA)!!!!!!!!!!]
[about my 2nd 2 toma drawings/ how i found out my Potato rejected my fan art.=( ]
[and Toma continues to run on without rest~ (the top 10 reasons we should be happy that he's working non-stop this yr!!). and about toma's thoughts on being the lead actor in majo saiban, ningen, and how ningen filming went...]
[really touched and proud to see toma say he thinks he was able to fully represent the youzou character in ningen shikkaku!!]
[3rd movie confirmed!! and so happy toma did not get all depressed while filming ningen. ureshii!!]
[not a very special post, but it's nice to know toma finally gets time off for december, and i summarize his recent messages...he's promoting ningen....]

[xmas/ny messages from johnnys guys and some more cute TOMA (bday!!) pics]
[NINGEN FLYER!! and other movie news...]
[toma's CUTE nervous scratching behind the ear habit!!!]
[Monday, December 21, 2009
dec 22, 1 yr later (in JST time). PART II OF MY INTERACTIVE FAN FICTION!!!!!! xD meeting toma again in tokyo...]
[toma on all of dazai's book covers!! toma's cute new SUNSHINE bright pics...]
[MERRY XMAS message from me to toma and all]

kate♥toma said...
[CUTE!!! toma and a little girl photoshoot.]
[maou!! so hard to say goodbye again...]
["Ladies! i really worked hard this year!" -toma ^o^. cute toma pics and TOMA'S ROOM messages summary.]
[really gorgeous pic of toma, and i talk about the ningen photobook i just ordered...]
[TOMA TAKE OVER HAS BEGUN!! bunch of cute toma mag pics, some news...]
[a lot of updates & cute pics of toma f/the recent tv show...]
[my thoughts and screencaps of the toma documentary!!]
[about the 1st ningen preview screening!!!!! tomaaaaaa!! so cool. he's a movie star now. hounto ni...]
[pretty toma pics from +act, DUET, and toma's recent msgs. ^^]
[message about how HAPPY i am for toma now that ningen premiere night, opening day is COMING VERY SOON.]
[really love those toma pics f/hanamaru!! and lots of news and links...]
[ANNOUNCE my starting to post up 3rd fanfic. heeheeeee.]
[about SEASIDE MOTEL, some more ningen-related news....AND TOMA IS DEFINITELY HOLLYWOOD MATERIAL!!!!] [about toma's new CM for nissin ufo yakisoba, and about (+pics) how i got my ningen shikkaku book with toma on the cover!!] [I'M GOING TO JAPAN TO WATCH HANAMIZUKI IN AUGUST!!! ....NOT!! xD]
[sexy toma pics....but after the anan pics, these seem so innocent and sweet in comparison!! but!!! ~_~]

kate♥toma said...

-------------[i kinda lost my mind for around an entire week after i saw his sexy anan pics. lol....and these are my posts from those days. all about sexy toma.....WANT HIM SO BAD!! xD]

[that rumor that he's dating satomi!! his cute MISS magazine pics...]
[i talk about how toma's been wearing 2 beaded necklaces a lot....]
[news about toma's summer drama and autumn sp drama!!]
[about the seaside motel press screening. toma messed up!! but he's so cute when he messes up!! xD]


Wednesday, June 2, 2010
toma...kiss me.♥

Saturday, June 5, 2010
happy seaside motel day!!! ^O^ seaside things...some AWESOME toma mv's...

Monday, July 12, 2010
hanamizuki private showing!! & a bunch of updates....

Monday, July 12, 2010
toma's august 2010 (from june/july) magazine pics!!!!!!!!!! ^_~

------------------ [about toma's bio book!!] [i finally finished @DEEP and talked about why i love this drama a little....] [about toma in tokio's pv, ep.1 of unubore, a BUNCH OF CUTE TOMA/GAKKY PICS!!]
[about TOMA BEING IN TALE OF GENJI!!! and the hanamiz SP and more toma gakky cuteness in pics!]
[hanamiz #1 at the box office!!! and i announce my TL-chan TOMA BDAY CARD thingy] [yeyyyyyyyyyyy. my 3rd anniversary as a toma fan!]
[heehee....A TON OF UNUBORE SCREENCAPS. xD] [A TON OF CUTE TOMA/GAKKY PICS, HANAMIZ giving thanks tour pics and news, toma got his own webpage!!!!!!, he was at the 24 hr terebi thing]

kate♥toma said...


u're very welcome!! ~_~
hai...i love this bday card so much. it's soooo kawaii and it really is the perfect card cuz us fans wanna send him our love ne! heehee.

aww, thanks! ehh...sugoi ne! i kinda remember yr bday being sept.22 but i forgot when i posted this, or else i'd say happy bday to u in my post. but i'm glad i was able to post this on yr bday and u had a happy day!! yeyyy!!! ^o^


hai....xD i really didn't think it'd take that long, but i was wrong again. LOL. daijoubu...hehe. awwww....misa. u're so sweet! i'm just a very big toma fan ne...i dunno about being a shining star. there's so many other awesome toma fans ne.
YOU'RE A SHINING STAR in the toma fandom too, misa!♥ heehee....and it's the moon festival tonight and i can see the full moon! yeyyyyy.

mashi toma said...

*hugs* thanks kate-chan cz include my name in ur card ^^
such a long post.. eh, u always post a long entry ryte ;p and very detail- and clear.. hohoho.. You are Santa for Toma fans.. cz you have a lot information bout him..and shared with all his fans-

.:out of topic:.
kate, are u chinese? cz my chinese friend celebrate a.. I dont know what festival but they bring moon cake to class today ;p

Anonymous said...

yup! its perfect card for toma..then lets hope that he receive that card and mention about that in his TNH..heheh.. ;p

i'm so glad that you remember my birthday kate..thanks again..xoxo
yeay!!! i'm happy and always smile when i'm read your posts and,miza,mashi n others toma fans are my SHINING STAR!!! <3


Anonymous said...

kate-chan! :D

gomen ne, i haven't posted here in a while! my computer died and i've only just found a temporary replacement until i get back. i'll make sure to reply to your comment in your previous post soon :)

uwahhh~ hontou ureshii! arigatou for posting another long post and including a picture of the card, the picture is hontou kawaii! arigatou again for including my name at the last minute, i really appreciate it! i hope toma comments on your blog, that would be an awesome gift for you and also for TL-chan's 3rd birthday!! :D otanjoubi omedetou, TL-chan! :)

uwahhh~ i'm so touched that you included me in your post *big hug* arigatou! :) i really appreciate all of the hard work you've put into your blog! if it wasn't for your hard work and dedication, a lot of toma fans wouldn't have been able to discuss our fave dramas/toma moments, fangirl and generally talk about things that we are passionate about. so thank you for not only fuelling our fangirl hearts with news, pictures and opinions, but also uniting toma fans from all over the world! :D it's such a relief knowing that there are other passionate fans out there- i feel really happy and relaxed being able to talk about such things with you and other toma fans! :D (i wish i had discovered your blog earlier!) ganbatte kudasai! looking foward to your next post :) lou. xox

Anonymous said...

aww kate- chan thankyou so much for putting my name ^_^ I dont know how to thankyou *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Oh Kate chan I forget the hanamizuki movie we can watch it online or we need to wait because is only iin theaters in japan??
if we can watch it where we can watch it?? on the livejournal??
thanyou ^_^

Marie-chan said...

You named me in your thank you! (Unless it was another Marie you mention hahahaa) I feel so special!!! <3

I haven't visited your site in so many weeks because school started about 5 weeks ago. But I'm so glad that TL-chan has been on the google and yahoo radar for 3 years running. Keep working hard, Kate-chan!

The birthday card was cute ^^

Hopefully, he'll be touched when he receives it :]

kate♥toma said...


*hugs u back* no problem!
hehe...yeah. since i only post once a week, it's gotta be long ne. aww...thanks!! hahaha....SANTA FOR TOMA FANS?? xDDDD i guess u're right. LOLLLL!!

oh, i'm part chinese, but i guess i'm mainly vietnamese. xD viet ppl celebrate the moon festival too. I LOVE MOONCAKES!


hai! =D i really really hope he'll get it. and i'd *faint* if he mentions it in his TNH!! (though i used to dream about that happening w/my previous cards n letters. lol.)
yep! cuz u're on my LJ friends list. hehe.
awwww....~___~ i'm so glad u love my posts and comments so much! *hugs* ahhh.....souka! that's so sweet of u to say that!!♥


it's ok! thanks for wishing TL-chan happy bday! ^__^
you're very welcome! thanks to yr name, the bottom of the card doesn't look so empty. heehee. and u're the 10th person. yey. LOL....i have pretty much given up hope that toma will ever post anything here. i'm still hanging on to the dream that he's come here but only lurked. xD

*hugs u back* awww...of course i'd include u ne! ~__~ uwaaaa....u give me too much credit! UNITING TOMA FANS ALL OVER THE WORLD??? heehee..... sugoi ne!! *_____* aww...i'm really happy to know u love TL-chan so much. i'll keep trying my best to keep this place a fun and informative place for all toma fans!! YEY!! gambarimas!! :D


u're welcome! and thanks for commenting often. heehee. *hugs u back* aww....i didn't think mentioning yr names could make all of u so happy...hehe.... we have to wait a lonnnng time for the hanamiz movie. T___T i guess until at least it comes out on DVD.


yes, that's you. xD
awww....~___~'s ok...just remember to come back sometimes. =P
YES, TL-chan's ranking has been awesome most of the time all these yrs!! thanks, i will!!
yep, i love that bday card! hehe...i hope so too, marie. ~__~

mashi toma said...

yup.. I knew it.. and I love the way you make a great post even once a week ne- cz it was full information that you have search before.. and this entry.. if I can vote which entry the best.. I'll vote for this one ;p

that's mean ur great granny from Vietnam? close with my country ^^ em is it delicious..? I wish that I could eat it ;p

Anonymous said...

i will faint too..n have major nosebleed..hahah.. ;p
*hugs back* yup!ur sweet too ne..heheh.. ^__^ <3


kate♥toma said...


aww....thanks mashi!!!!! ^__^
i really love this entry too.<3<3 mom's father was chinese. and they lived in vietnam. but i was born in the united states. oh...i guess most mooncakes taste really good!! it's sweet. =) u can look for mooncake pics online if u want. i mostly eat the hard, fruits/nuts kind, like this:

but the soft kind is sooo good too. ~__~


haha....i guess we'd all react like that. xD
aww....i hugged so many of you cuz of this post. hehe. <3

hanamichi0016 said...

thnx sooo much kate-chan for adding my in ur card again.its soo kawaii!lv d hearts<3i hope toma reslly gets 2 read it...*wishing*

not only tht...hontou arigatou for mentioning me in ur post as well.i feel so honoured.URESHII.thts soo nice of u.

now im even more determind to vct ur site not only everyday,but mayb many times a day ^,^

also thnk u again 4 more updates.thank u soo much 4 ur hard work nd dedication,us other fans get to kno more bout our beloved toma(^-^)d.

ps.advance happy bday to tl-chan too!3 yrs!YAY!

Anonymous said...

and we like to hugs u back for sharing all the post kate..heheh.. <3


kate♥toma said...


ur very welcome!!! =D

aww....and i'm glad u're so happy about that.
it's my way of thanking u and every1 for commenting, ne!

haha!!! :D
u don't have to come so much ne!! :P

it's my pleasure ne....
though it takes up a lot of time and effort...

thanks!! ^__^
TL-chan is now 3 yrs old.

i love hugging u and every1 too!! <3

hanamichi0016 said...

cant w8 for u to finish d whole post!(but dnt work urself too much!ne?-)

i lv d pics sooo much btw.hes so kakkoi in all of them.i think he bcame more handsome this yr.~well for me neway.^<^

gambatte with d rest of d post nd other future posts!i might nt b able to comment 4 a laptop broke
-,- and the internet in my phone is gnna b xpired 2day sooo...yeah...

arigatou!~ again

hanamichi0016 said...

cant w8 for u to finish d whole post!(but dnt work urself too much!ne?-)

i lv d pics sooo much btw.hes so kakkoi in all of them.i think he bcame more handsome this yr.~well for me neway.^<^

gambatte with d rest of d post nd other future posts!i might nt b able to comment 4 a laptop broke
-,- and the internet in my phone is gnna b xpired 2day sooo...yeah...

arigatou!~ again

kate♥toma said...


u mean this post? i already finished it! xD

a lot of toma fans R always saying he keeps getting hotter all the time. i think he's definitely more handsome this year, too!!

aww....souka. T__T
okie, come back whenever u can ne.
& u're welcome, again!! xD