Saturday, September 26, 2009

10days, 1hr, 37minutes until toma's bday!!! ^.^

(the countdown here is 8 hrs early)

only 10 days remain!!

10 days left until his birthday. i'm happy but also nervous.
excited but also a little afraid...cuz dunno if i'll see my toma fan art in the coming Wink up or Potato issues??!!

oh well...toma's bday is de~finitely a HAPPY time,
and i'm looking forward to celebrating it!!!!!!! :D (and the meteor shower!)
even if my drawings were not chosen, daijoubu des~

since june/july, i've been to mitsuwa each month and checked wink up, potato, duet, and myojo for any toma fan art, but i still haven't seen any!! i wish more toma fans would send in fan art. =/


Cezie_Pals said...

i cant wait too! LOL! I actually had a Toma tshirt & a "think twice" tshirt made. lol. gonna get it on the 1st of october. im gonna light a candle for Toma on his birthday & wish him more success and happiness in life!
I'm gonna buy the next issue of WU & potato too. wish ur art was chosen!

kate ☂ said...

cool!! can u take pics of the shirts and show me?? :P that's a good idea, i will light a candle for him too!

i really really hope so!! if not, i hope at least there will be some nice toma birthday fan art in the coming WU and Potato issues.

cezie said...

yah, i will once i get my camera fixed. LOL. it's soooo hard to get it right. couldnt find a good screenshot online for the THINK TWICE logo.