Saturday, June 5, 2010

happy seaside motel day!!! ^O^ seaside things...some AWESOME toma mv's...

(of course u know, this is a painting that was in the movie, in toma's room. prettyyyyy.)

toma's doing stage greetings, maybe as i'm writing this!

i felt like i should do something to celebrate, but i couldn't think of but just did some simple things to celebrate, like wear my blue skirt and eat ice cream. lol...

no news of the premiere night yet. and toma didn't mention anything about the premiere night coming soon on that day, only that the opening day is tomorrow. hmm....i'm starting to wonder...THERE *WAS* A PREMIERE NIGHT, RIGHT?? or was the press screening from the other day count as the premiere?? ehhhh. i dunno....

oh, toma's seaside motel costume and pics f/the movie will be displayed somewhere up to june 27? thanks to zoe for the info!

*__* TOMA'S HAIR IS BROWN AGAIN!!♥ YEY!! i knew he'd change it for his new role...cuz he's a conceited actor...i think he should have brown hair to look more stylish, more cool and actor-ish. haha....ah, i like it when toma doesn't really style his hair, he looks so boyish and young. cute!!! kinda like the honey & clover, takemoto look that i love. i like toma with chestnut-colored hair more than black hair, definitely!! (pic credit: mizza)

........ summary of toma's recent messages:
(credit: inseiko @tomalicious)

-he likes how his jweb, Toma's Room, has a seaside motel theme now
-the pics in the seaside motel official photobook are pretty cool, hopes people will support/buy it.
-june 4: went on Waratte iitomo. it was fun. didn't win the prize money. but he's grateful that kusanagi-sempai said he'll watch the movie! yes, tomorrow is opening day. will greet the audience in shinjuku, shibuya, toyosu, kawasaki, yokohoma! "those who come, look forward to it. i'm looking forward to it, too." the way, u can watch the video clips of toma promoting seaside at EICKAVF's (her favs) and h's pages at youtube. and of course, you can download them at mizza's blog (linked to her blog in my LINKS section).

(it's nice to see riko (hagu-chan!) and toma together again, promoting the movie together! but her hair & clothes is funny-looking! haha. i wonder what questions she was having trouble answering, that made toma laugh and kinda push her. xD pics credit: mizza and zoe)

(toma, looking gorgeous and cool, in a suit. and the closeup shot of him!!!! PERFECT!!!♥♥♥♥ kyaaaaa. *doki doki* thanks to mizza 4 the pics! it's from ?? (oops, forgot.) and u can get them at mizza's blog.)

.............AWESOME TOMA FANMADE MVs!!!!!!♥♥

Toma Ikuta - Monster (fanvid)

UWA!!! FOUND THIS AWESOME TOMA FANMADE MV. TOO MUCH TOMA CUTENESS F/SO MANY DRAMAS/butais/tv shows. 1 of my fav moments, though is toma dancing in SHOCK. omg.....SO HOT!!! THIS MV MADE ME SMILE/LAUGH. this is why we all love toma, right? 1 OF THE BEST TOMA MV'S I'VE EVER SEEN!!!!!! "that boy is a monster" xD

[she made more AWESOME TOMA MVS HERE!!! xD

(i love the Faces one, too. a lot of touching/sweet moments from that documentary about toma and other behind the scenes moments.)]

[u can see the whole part of toma's DANCE OFF f/SHOCK here:
some1 said this about toma and i totally agree!!! GAH! SO TOMA'S SUCH AN AWESOME DANCER!!! HOT!!!
"oh god, sexiness embodied T_________T
*mind blows up*"]

Ikuta Toma only one
[this MV is so beautiful!!! i love all these touching toma moments (from voice, h & C, majosai...).....especially when he was comforting/hugging her (kaori) MV made me cry!!!]

[lots of MAOU moments behind the scenes/tv shows he went on]


(that pic mizza posted recently reminded me of this cute moment f/2008. kawaii neeee!! and i only got to watch the clip recently! lol. i should give u the link in case u haven't seen it....umm...i forgot it....I'LL FIND IT AND POST IT IN THE COMMENT BELOW THIS POST....)

..........about THAT Seaside bed scene!! @____@

THAT BED SCENE!!! THIS MUST BE THE SHORT VERSION, BUT STILL!!!!! GAH!!!! re-watched it many times. lol. so JEALOUS of her...but somehow i thought the scene would be hotter (well, maybe it is in the full version in the movie), but actually, if it was any hotter, might make me faint, so...haha. this is already quite hot... OMG....toma groaning and looking all aroused and....!! but it IS so fast and kinda funny/exagerrated. and i guess cuz we all know they did the scene seperately and toma was is so embarrassed about it...i just knew it wasn't real, so....i didn't get very excited. whew...(oh, u can watch it at h's youtube page or DL it f/mizza's blog.)


musixofmalife said...

wa.. hountoni arigato (^_______^)
i'm looking forward to the link cuz i really wanna watch that vid so much. Toma looks soooo cute & adorable (^///^)

kate♥toma said...

(btw, i like yr icon, mizza. it's u holding the ningen book right? ^^)

yeah, toma's too cute!! here are the links to that show. the part where toma's trying to hold the pen with his lips is in part 2.

[parts 1-3]

musixofmalife said...

(arigato na.. ^^
uwah.. hazukashi..(>///<)yeah.. that's me..fufu..
my precioussssss.... xD
<3 my NS Photobook)

(^________^) yeay!!
thanx 4 sharing the links.
ureshi desu. hountoni arigato

kate♥toma said...

u're welcome!! ~_~

i thought of taking a pic w/my ningen photobook and use it for my icon when i first got it too, but i somehow got all shy when i pose w/toma's face close to mine, so...haha.

musixofmalife said...

yeah... watashi mo.. it's becuz he's prettier than me. ~_~ huhu... & that's i let his face dominates my icon.xD

musixofmalife said...

uhh.. i mean, that's y i let his face dominates my icon. ^^

kate☂ said...

toma's face dominating yr icon...LOL. yeah, he is so pretty, i'm intimidated, even posing with his picture!!! xD

my current icon pic is actually a few yrs ago, but oh well. haha. i like how my face doesn't show, but it's still a nice pic. when u go thru my old posts, look at the comments under my'll see all the different pics i used for my icon...haha.

musixofmalife said...

yeah.. haha.. they're only my lips n chin in my new icon. lol!! xDDDD
ma, ur icon is so cool ne.. nice angle ^^ wow.. i'll check ur prev comments later k.. :DDDDD

kate☂ said...


thanks, i like it too. i like pics of me + the sky~

sometimes i think i want to not use my pic at all for my icon...but then i think if toma ever finds my blog, i'd want him to kinda see what i look like!! lol. sometimes u can see my face more clearly in my icon, but most of the time, not very well. haha. i don't want too many ppl 2 know what i look like.... >////<

musixofmalife said...

yup!! :D the sky+u=nice combination.^^

wakarimashita.. ^^
i think a lil clue is enough ne..
it's kinda embarrassing
if suddenly somebody come to us & say
"oh, u're the owner of that blog~ etc...." >__< huhu..

kate☂ said...

(*pouts* stomach's been bothering me these days.... -__- actually, it just feels bloated. i hope it'll go away soon. just felt like complaining. haha~)

thanks! i like to take pics of me w/the sky/clouds~~

hai....sometimes i feel kinda nervous when i go to places w/lots of Japanese mitsuwa, marukai or book-off. i'm afraid some1 will recognize me. lol. it's weird to know that many many ppl know what i look like feels kinda cool, but also ehhhh....

musixofmalife said...

(owh... i feel so sorry 4 u. hope
u get well a.s.a.p ne..)

haha.. yeah.. u're rite. it's
kinda cool but it feels weird sometimes. + i do feel embarrassed
since i've wrote a lot of silly things in my blog ne... hazukashii >///<

kate♥toma said...

thanks for yr concern, mizza-chan. ~_~ feels a little better today...hmm... too...xD sometimes it's funny. i feel like a celebrity who doesn't want any1 to approach her, doesn't want any1 to recognize her....sometimes a girl would look at me a little long, and i'd freak out and go somewhere else...LOL.

musixofmalife said...

wow.. sugoi.. i'm soo happy that u're feeling better today.. ^^ yeay..

haha.. ma, i kinda think that u're a celebrity now since a lot of peoples know bout ur blog n u. ^^ .:DD

kate♥toma said...

~_~ yeah...sorry, i hope i didn't get u worried. i hate how i have stomach problems sometimes. blah.

haha!! nanka...i guess i am, kinda. LOL. but i really don't wanna run into any1 that knows about my'd be weird!! xD

musixofmalife said...

nandemonai yo.. ^^
ehh?? really?? i do have stomach problem sometimes. i just can't eat hot & spicy food in the morning + certain food cuz it'll cause trouble to my stomach ne.. ~_~

yeah.. it's weird.
+ someone just add me @ my
fb & she said that she knows me frm my blog. i'm so shocked since i've deleted my fb badge at my blog. i dun hv any idea how she knows bout my fb account. huhu..

kate♥toma said...

a lot of foods can upset my stomach. >_< it wasn't like this...but 1 time i got food poisoning, and after that, my stomach is quite weak and i have to take care of it carefully....*pouts*

eh? hmm. well...i think ppl can search for u on facebook using yr email. i don't use facebook, though. too much trouble maintaining it. lol. i have no time 4 it, really. xD

musixofmalife said...

souka.. i'm sorry to hear that ~_~
ehh?? u're pouting?? ^^ aww... i'm sure u look cute while u're pouting ne.. ^^

ermmm... i guess so.. ma, i'm just using fb to keep in touch with my friends. ^^ i think i've spend most of my time at blogspot, lj & other toma fansites. oh my.. i'm an internet freak.

kate♥toma said...

hai...well, i feel a *little* better today...*sigh* hope it'll go away soon. i have a habit of pouting sometimes. i get it from toma. lol. especially in my pics i take of myself, i'll often pout. lol. i think mostly every1 looks cuter when they pout neeeeee. ~_~

no, it's good to keep in touch w/friends w/facebook. ^^ and i spend a lot of time at those same places u talk about. mostly LJ though. haha. i LOVE LJ!! <3

musixofmalife said...

souka.. gosh.. pouting Toma is ♥ ^^.
mecha mecha kawaii ne.. ^^. hope u'll totally recover today. :) i really dun want u to suffer frm ur stomach prob. ~_~

watashi mo!! i love lj n i looove xq too cuz i can get loads n loads of Toma's info there ^^

kate♥toma said...

hai...i love it when toma pouts!! ~_~ just wanna hug him. thanks! i finally feel a lot better now. yeah, i really hate it when my stomach feels uncomfortable. it can feel so awful sometimes...

~_~ i don't go to xq, but i'm glad u get toma info f/there and share it at yr blog!!

musixofmalife said...

sugeh.. u're a lot better now.. ^^
huhu.. i just hate stomach prob cuz it can makes me a lil moody sometimes. ~_~

well i've to thank careline-chan 4 telling me bout xq. ^^ + i'm so happy that i'm able to share those info with others. lets spread Toma rabu rabu!! xD yeay!!

kate♥toma said...

i'm relieved my stomach seems back to normal now. ~_~

ah, thx to careline!!
mm, let's keep spreading the TOMA LOVE!!!!!!!!! <3 <3

musixofmalife said...

wow.. i'm soo happy to hear that ^^
yosh!! let's keep on spreading the TOMA LOVE & Tomaniac Disorder to the whole world. xDD lol!!

kate☂ said...


*claps enthusiastically* xD

musixofmalife said...

lol!!! xDDD ike ike go go, atashi go go!!~ xD

kate♥toma said...

haha!! :P

i like to think of us as on the TOMA TEAM....together, working hard to spread the toma love!!


musixofmalife said...

uwah!! sounds great!! sugoi ne!! :D :D :D YEAY!! TOMA TEAM BANZAI!!! BANZAI!!

kate♥toma said...


(ma, u don't have to reply to this. haha)