Tuesday, June 23, 2009

majo saiban: episode 6 notes

episode 6!!
this was a really exciting and fun episode to watch! of course, it also had some really shocking moments, just like toma said. ^_^ i guess all the episodes from now on will be very toma heavy. my hand is gonna be really tired f/all this screencapping!! lol. but i can't help it, gotta capture all those cute toma moments!! yappari, there's SO MANY in this episode as well.^^

even after everything that's happened, i'm not sure if the "witch" is guilty or not. what about you? but i'm still leaning towards not guilty....

and i'm not sure what's gonna happen if kaori really believes that toru is having an affair with izumi. she's not gonna turn evil and try to hurt toru and izumi, right?? though they made her seem so scary/strange in the last episode, and that would be kinda cool and unexpected! and it would make her character a lot more cool/interesting. haha. how can toru make her trust him again except by telling the truth about the jurors being blackmailed?? i guess he'll just have to, and soon...but i'm kinda hoping that toru will be paired up with izumi in the end. ~_^ and i see lots of other fans saying the same thing. but i think there's not much chance that will happen, though. except if izumi's husband leaves her...and kaori does turn evil. haha.

anyway...i'm really looking forward to episode 7!!
though it looks kinda violent and scary. aiya....
toru-kun, gambarre!!!

here are my notes for this time. douzo~
there are some spoilers in RED text, just at the very end of this post.

kate's -episode 6- notes:

-wow...kurokawa sees toru as a worthy opponent, so he actually meets him in person and even tells him his name (well, probably his alias)!! cool!! at least he really sees toru as his opponent now, not just his pawn...only toru gets to see him in person, unlike all the other jurors. awesome.

-i found all the kaori scenes in this episode really boring!! actually, any scene where she's talking with the the witch is usually quite boring/over-dramatized. =/ all the main female characters in this drama....their characters are all so boring, really!! even the "witch". except if kaori has a dark side to her. =P

-that cellphone wallpaper, the pic of toru and kaori is cute, right?? ^^ and they're wearing matching t-shirts too. i'm using it as my cellphone wallpaper right now. haha.

-did u notice a lot of ppl's names in here start with a K? kaori, kyoko, kurokawa. i wonder if they did it on purpose. being a "k" person, myself, it's pretty cool to me, that they did this, though. haha. especially that toru's girlf's name starts with a K!

-haruka, the daughter, she has LARGE staring eyes and a certain blank & cold emotionless face and stiffness to her sometimes...it's like she's robot-like, ghost-like in a way!! again, dunno if they wanted her to act that way 4 her character's sake, or is it just that that's how she is normally?? i wonder if she or any of the other actresses have a crush on toma in real life?? haha. they're so lucky to get to work with him in a drama!!!

btw, read this translation of a toma fan's blog post, who was an extra in the drama!! she was the girl in the short skirt he was looking at in the first ep!! also interviewed the majo cast (read the comments below the post!).
aw, toma rejected her. =P

-toru should've told izumi that they can imitate the voices of ppl u know to trick u!! and anyway, she should've been more cautious when using the phone to talk to her mom. she shoulda remembered how her mom said that SHE had called her to pick up mai, when she did not!! geez...

-kyaa! when toru tells donperi casually~ "i can help u"!!♥ it's so amazing how he can be cute (drinking w/the straw) and cool (saying he can help & how) all at once!!! ^_^

-totally agree with kaori's boss!! (so glad he yelled at her for us. haha!) she's so biased,
it's as if she's under her spell?? maybe kyoko's not a witch, but she's a hypnotist?? eh...cuz when toru looked at her, it's almost as if she had some control over him too...

-toru's cuteness & pride when they announced the news in the discussion room!!♥ kakkoii!! (and he pinned his juror name tag to his scarf. heehee~)

-trying to help donperi pink, disguising themselves like that...xD toru looks like a more dressed up version of danny f/Grease and izumi looks cute/funny like that!! well, they both look cute/funny!! and donperi pink's fiance is cute, but not too bright. lol. this is random, but i think it woulda been cool if they had donperi pink have a crush on toru. i know she has a fiance, but still, that woulda been cool (and funny) that toru has an admirer in the jury. =P

-poor toru...it's not really his fault, he was just trying to help. he didn't know things would turn out like that. but then again, he should have known that they had more evidence against the jurors than that! but him being able to come up with those plans to help them is pretty cool!! they seemed like good ideas until...

-a kidnapping!! for real??? somehow, it seems unreal, but after seeing the preview of the next episode!! OH NO!!!! well, i guess it was bound to happen sooner or later, though.

spoilers/analyzing the case:

-i'm not sure why kurokawa wants mai to go to a certain school for?? maybe so he can kidnap her? but it's a difficult school to get in, so what if she doesn't. i don't get it...but it's funny how he was talking in that cute/kiddy way to pretend to be mai. lol.

i just remembered....not sure if izumi and her husband are still together? i think he's on a business trip, and they said she was a housewife...but then maybe they are don't get along or they're gonna split up soon, since the way he treated her is so cold, when she called him...hmm...well, i guess it doesn't really matter. it's not like she likes toru, though toru might like her a little. ~_~

-looking forward to seeing how the brown & silver jurors will act when they are blackmailed...especially brown. she's already always so quiet and secretive!!

-EHHH?? KYOKO REALLY IS GUILTY & TRYING TO TRICK THEM?? or is this still all the lawyer's doing and she doesn't know. even if she knows he's got a hidden camera in her room, doesn't mean she's doing all this. but at least the lawyer paid the $1 million yen for toru! =)

well, i still think kyoko did not kill her husband. but even if she did, it's not for the money...there's gotta be some other reason, related to her daughter, maybe...or her daughter was the one who killed him??

but it's kinda cool that kurokawa and toru were both tricked by the witch or the lawyer. it's almost as if they're fighting the same enemy, but in very different ways...and they're definitely not on the same team. but it's kinda like they're equals, at least, toru is really fighting back, won't be threatened by him...

maybe now it'll become like a tug of war, with the lawyer and the blackmailer on opposite sides, pulling on the jurors. who would u rather be blackmailed by?? lol. i think if i was one of these jurors, i'd have to listen to what K tells me, since he is the more freaky and unscrupulous of the 2 of them, and for sure would think of much worse things to do to me or my family if i don't listen to him!


ultraviolet_p1 said...

Now - It's not about the trial anymore...the courtroom scenes are not shown anymore..the evidence is not much, and the people testifying have ran away...it's all about outside the courtroom..hehe.

My feelings - hmmm, I think the witch is not guilty of actual killing, but still has a hand in this whole thingy. BUT there is still whole lot of things going on - and everyone/everything is not what it seems.

You should get a move on - ep 7 is OMG!

kate`* said...

wow...things are really getting exciting/dangerous now.

maybe u're right...
and yeah, dunno who to trust! better to TRUST NO ONE. (ah, i miss the x-files sometimes!)

haih! i will watch as soon as i can and report back here!! ^o^