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majo saiban: episode 5 notes

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sorry, quite late in posting today.

happy father's day!!
(btw, has anyone ever seen toma's dad?? i've only seen his mom when she was on a tv show with him, but when he was a little kid. and a pic of him and his little brother back when he was very very young. be honest, i thought his mom would be prettier since toma is so cute...but maybe his dad is where he got his good looks from?? :P then his father must be very handsome ne.)

today's also the 1st day of summer. the summer solstice is today. i will change the banners to a summer theme later...

oh, i've noticed that this blog's got over over 40,000 visitors or hits now!! sugoi! minna~ arigatou!! thank you, everyone for coming!! i really appreciate it.

oh, this is related to majosai, kinda. u know toru designs t-shirts. well, now YOU CAN TOO! there's this website where anyone that registers there can enter t-shirt designing contests. winner gets US$2,000!! and some money will be donated to good causes too.

i got a ton of screencaps from episodes 1-4 here...will tell u each time i add more from ep.s 5, 6, etc.

majosai's ratings have been going down steadily each week. ep. 7 got only 5.3%. =[ it's a similar to H&C's ratings that kept going down, except at least in that case, it leveled off and stayed at around 8% for a while starting from ep. 5. but maybe majo's ratings is staying at around 5% starting f/ep.6...i really hope it doesn't go down further. though ratings are not that important, if there are still lots of fans supporting the drama. =] they had a fans appreciation event and xdustbunnys said 10,000 ppl entered the drawing, but only 130 lucky ppl were picked to come to the event. wow!! majosai DOES have a huge following! ^_^

speaking of low ratings though, will arnett was joking on the Tonight Show that their show needs a better catchphrase to get people's attention and persuade them to watch the show. and he says it should be something like this, and says in a really creepy/threatening voice: "u better watch-- or everyone u know will die!!" lol. maybe not that extreme/crazy, but majo needs better advertising or something to encourage more ppl to watch. cuz the free "THINK TWICE" t-shirts is not doing a good enough job of attracting viewers. haha.

episode 5! the halfway point. sou des.

ja, it was a pretty good episode. the pace was kinda slow, but a lot of interesting things did happen and it got really exciting at the end!!! and nearly ALL toma scenes for this ep., so i ended up with twice the usual amount of screencaps. lol. that i know this drama has 10 episodes, and ep.8 just aired in japan already, i will really try to watch ASAP, the rest of the episodes from now, as soon as it is subbed, so i can hopefully finish not too late after it ends in japan. i've never been able to do that for any of toma's series be4, i hope i can this time...GAMBARIMAS!! and i'll try to post about each episode after i've finished watching. even if i don't really say anything very interesting, at least i can post up some nice screencaps. haha. so please also keep up with me as i'm keeping up with majosai!! onegaishimas.

oh, for those of you that have been watching majosai on streaming sites...please support TFS and download the episodes from TFS instead of watching it online!! actually, i'm also at fault cuz i've often linked to both websites where u can dload and where u can watch it streaming. cuz i know not all of u can easily download and watch it for whatever reasons. but really...if the ppl that stream it are doing it without permission from the fansubbers, then that is not right. though i know it doesn't help much (it's very easy to find streaming sites), but from now on i won't link to them anymore.

ok, here are my notes for episode 5!
ep. 6 notes, i'll post tomorrow or tuesday...
as usual, there are no real spoilers... douzo~

kate's -EPISODE 5- notes:

-a little off topic: now i get it!! after watching 5LDK, i found out manami started out acting in daytime dramas. those serious period dramas. maybe that's kinda why she's used to those really deep stares/shocked looks. would be fine in those dramas, but here, she often seems so exagerrated and unnatural!! but the real-life manami is more real and likable than kaori, after all. and she has a really cool clock!! lol.

-this is only the 2nd slow sweet/sad bgm i heard in this drama, i think, when toru & kaori talk on the's nice to have nice music to make these rare quiet moments have a more lovely/melancholy feel to it ne...

-they really kept to the white theme w/white-san! she often wears white, even her flowers are white. i guess it's just a way to make her seem more pure/'s nice to see her in more casual clothes in this ep. too, it makes her look younger and match better with toru.

umm...but both kaori and izumi don't really match with toru. maybe cuz he just seems younger and more fun and rebellious, while both of the girls seem a lot more mature/serious and boring/always follow the rules type of person. and they both look older than him. but of course, izumi is the nicer/kinder of the two. but then kaori is prettier, after all. who does toma have the most chemistry with?? uh...i think it's a tie, actually. if he had a guy friend in the drama, then he'd definitely have the most chemistry with him. haha.

-toma has been doing the talking-with-eyes-closed thing a lot in this drama. haha. i like it!! xD

-yappari. kaori w/the flowers in the hospital, secretly looking at toru in an angry/pained way, wearing that black suit...reminds me of naruse in Maou!

-toma and izumi having lunch together. =) i was looking forward to this scene cuz i've seen a lot of pics of it f/the magazines, it's a pretty location~ but then it's such a short scene, and nothing important happened...oh well.

-purple-san, with his glasses/geeky look, especially when he's got a cigarette....he looks funny, like in a manga character kinda way. haha. i think the bad guy and him look like they could be characters in a manga. such exagerrated looks!

-first time we know about toru's family, well his mom-- and they're not close. his mom doesn't recognize his voice!! or she just doesn't wanna lend him money. haha...

-i like toru's small white car! cute.

-i like his clothes in this ep. too! the scarf/muffler, the bright red, green, yellow shirts. =) toma's bright personality and colorful wardrobe adds much needed brightness to this dark (literally!) drama. and besides, most of his clothes r so stylish and cool!! oh, also love his ring!!

-SUGOI!! that toru was able to protect mai that way!! but then he still owes a lot of $$ and the bad guy can still think of other ways to threaten izumi... BUT STILL, THAT WAS A BRILLIANT PLAN!!! ^_^ GO TORU!!!

-what the..?! was kaori about to kiss her?? it's as if she has been hypnotized...maybe SHE thinks the witch has some kinda psychic powers (her saying they are similar and that's why she'd understand her---predicting she'd be betrayed?)? i guess she sees her as an older sister/mom and feels close to her now since she feels they were both betrayed...but that creepy music makes it seem like she was about to do something weird to her/hurt her???

-shocking!! toru actually SEES the blackmailer (forgot his name) 4 the first time!! maybe he thinks he can use his weird, generic-manga-evil-guy look to more effectively scare toru. lol. BUT that is a really cool scene, especially the shot of them from a distance, looking at each other f/the bridges. and i love toma's determined look at the end!!

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