Friday, June 19, 2009

*_* about the Ningen Shikkaku press conference... (and other toma stuff)

hi hi!!
after his press conference,
suddenly there's more toma updates!
and i got them all at the tomalicious cbox. ^^
u should check it out often, lots of fans post links to the newest toma stuff there.

thanks to watashiwachiaki, who posted a link to, where yamashita says he and toma will be in a magazine photoshoot together! and many thanks to zoe_alexiel and gem_gem for posting the RECOMEN
green_happy.gif link and summary/translation!!! go to the chatbox at for the links!

also, please read baka_neko's sweet message
double_hearts.gif to all toma fans:

like the link to the official website of toma's movie, i also got f/the chatbox (forgot who posted).
but there's nothing at the website yet.

notice i'm using these emoticons!
it's cuz i'm still in hyper/happy mode after watching toma's movie press conference!!! 2hyper.gif

janinamedina has posted another video clip from the press conference. u can get it here:
also, she says the movie will start filming on july 3.

and strawberry_gemm has posted all the hana kimi SP video links here!!

just wanna talk about the press conference for a little bit,
even though we only saw a couple minutes of it...

ahhhh~ really so happy and excited for toma, the press conference for his 1st movie ever! starryB60.gif starryB60.gifstarryB60.gif
it's one thing to read about it in the news, but to see toma at the press conference, i get the feeling "it's really happening, this is the start of it all!!"

seeing him walk out in a tuxedo, with his hair all pinned up and pretty!! blackheart.gif kyaa!! and all the bright flashes of light, all for toma-kun. he looks soooo kakkoii, though a little nervous, of course. and he stands out from the cast, right? i'm so happy he looked just so PERFECT for the press conference-- cool hair, cool tuxedo. just perfect neeee. and i love how gentle/calm toma's voice is when he was talking!! double_hearts.gif i dunno what he said, but probably something about how he'll try his best for this role and help make this a wonderful movie for everyone.

why is there only 2 other young ppl, the rest are quite older ppl?? eh... has the full cast not been decided yet, and these R the supporting characters?? and why did they show some drama clips, has the book been made into a drama several times before? (i only know kinki kids was in a drama based on the book, but these clips don't look like they R from that one)

the press conference, it's got such a formal/solemn mood, as expected...they even showed where the author is now, his tombstone in the cemetary?

but the moment i love most must be when they were taking pics like crazy, all these continuous bright flashes, and then toma takes a break from his serious look to just look to the side and take a breath, like "whew, when will this be over?? i'm tired~" even though he's a big star now, it's still the same toma we know and love. haha~ he's not afraid to show that he's annoyed/tired/sleepy, etc. on camera at all, right??

toma-kun, daisuki!!!!!♥


ultraviolet_p1 said...

Heey...when I read your entry part here: [it's one thing to read about it in the news, but to see toma at the press conference, i get the feeling "it's really happening, this is the start of it all!!"]

I had to do a doubled take at your wrote that of your feelings right...cos I just read Toma's jweb, and he said the same thing...well almost. From the chinese version, Toma said in a part: "Being surrounded by grand supporting cast and everyone, I have a feeling 'It is really starting/happening now', and also feeling nervous about it all."


kate`* said...

EHHHH!! hounto ni??? *__*

yes, i was just writing how i felt right then!! that is sooooo cool that we almost felt the same way about it!!!♥ SUGEH!

(though it's silly, but this just totally made my day, this coincidence.♥ thx 4 telling me, paige-chan!!! ~_~)