Saturday, June 6, 2009

majoSai EPISODEs 3 and 4 notes

i did it!
i caught up with majo, but not all the way.
well, it's getting better!! yappari. it's getting more exciting and toma is really cool when he's in fighting mode. ^_^
(makes me think of naoto again!)

oh, REMEMBER to check this out!! thanks to strawberry_gemm!! kawaii~ they made it like a yearbook, with little hearts and doodles on some of the pics!
(Hana Kimi SP ~Ikemen Special Notebook~)

so here R my comments for ep.s 3 and 4.
there are no spoilers, really.
it's nothing much, but i hope you'll still read it ne~

kate's -EPISODE 3- notes:

[a witchy sketch by toru. haha.]

-i think haruka seems guilty ever since the 2nd ep., and now she looks more and more like she's manipulating/deceiving everyone. but it can't be that easy to guess?? there must be more to this case than that? mm....she's an OKAY actress, and pretty, i guess. but there's something about her that i just don't like...i guess her acting is a little stiff/forced.

-kaori looks mannequin-ish sometimes!! seriously! too much makeup and the perfectly straight hair, the big staring eyes. and her hair is so long!! what is it w/all the girls leaving their hair so long?? hagumi, shiori, aki. i like hagumi's hair the best, though. at least it's kinda wavy and not just super straight. such a boring look! hmm, i wonder if toma likes girls with long or short hair?? heehee. i hope he's not 1 of those guys that only like girls w/long hair.

-THAT TWISTED/CRAZY BAD GUY...he kinda, just kinda looks like shun!! lol. i just realized...except his teeth is really super white. actually, that's the only good thing about this character. haha.

-kaori is SO overreacting about seeing them walking out of the hotel together!! she doesn't trust toru at all. =[ though i think toru should have told her the truth instead of not telling her what happened. AND manami often overacts. so annoying...she is pretty, but still...i really dislike the overacting/trying to look cute!

-i like toma's scarf. =) well, i love scarves in general, and toma always looks so cool in them. and he looks cute with his hair all pulled back w/the headband. ^^ i like his outfits more and more!! thank goodness, cuz the first few episodes, his clothes was really not that great.

-though i knew he'd say so, but it's so cool when toma announces his vote. completely!! *_* and i like the part that he stands up & glares at her in the courtroom, the light shining thru the window behind. like justice is on his side. a little overdoing it, but still cool!! and when he tells the lawyer he's not gonna listen to them no matter what. righteous toma is kakkoii!!! tough guy toma is sugoi!! don't-mess-with-me toma! kyaa!

-so he owes 1 million yen (around US$8,333)!! how in the world will he pay them back...that scene where he was sitting in his apartment, i thought he was trying to figure out how to pay back this debt, but he was sketching the witch and trying to figure out what was going on. lol.

..... wow, a real cliffhanger!! IT CAN'T BE A BOMB?! and ppl in japan had to wait 2 weeks to find out what happened!! too bad the ratings went down for the 4th episode! maybe they got tired of waiting and stopped watching altogether... so, while trying to have a feeling of the anticipation building up after waiting 2 wks-- i watched ep. 4 right after i finished ep.3. =)

kate's -EPISODE 4- notes:

-i love seeing toma in red plaid shirts!! especially this red plaid + sparkling rhinestones on it!! heehee. very cool shirt!! who knew shirts with rhinestones could look this good?? and in that very dark night scene where he's talking to kaori in the street and his shirt is sparkling. SUGOI!! i love love that feeling of toma "shining" in the dark like that!!!! the effect of toma's sparkling shirt in the dark is just SUPER COOL ne.

-the murder was 1 wk after december 5, 2009?? i guess cuz the jury system didn't start in 2008, so they chose this date instead. but it's a little strange that this whole case is taking place 1 yr ahead of us.
and i still think that she is innocent, despite the fact that she agrees that her lawyer hire an unscrupulous creep to threaten and blackmail the jurors so that they'll say she's not guilty!!

-toru is starting to catch on and better at figuring out who's being used by the bad guys!! awesome!! well, though he is still at the same time being threatened and followed by them, but at least he's trying to investigate and fight back!

-that *flashing* effect, lighting up the screen. they are starting to use it too often and it's annoying. but sometimes, it helps me see toma more clearly, cuz often, they are in suct's surroundings!

-toru hugs/holds izumi!! lucky!! ~_~ i know they are only friends now, but still...i think they have pretty good chemistry. ah~ i love seeing toma protect/worried about his female co-stars. so caring and sweet~

-A LOT OF SCENES R SO DARK OR NOT WELL LIT! SOMETIMES THEY'RE WALKING IN THE DARK STREET, THE SCREEN IS ALMOST ALL BLACK, AND U CAN ONLY HEAR THEM. LOL. BUT THERE'S SOMETHING COOL AND REFRESHING ABOUT SEEING THEM (or NOT really seeing them) IN NATURAL LIGHT, EVEN IF WE CANT SEE THEM VERY WELL. AT LEAST IT FEELS MORE REAL THIS WAY...i love the scene where 2 of them R standing under the full moon (w/ominous dark clouds floating across it!). it looked very real and cool, not fake at all. =)

-i really love toma's disappointed/frustrated look!! u know, the kinda expression where it's a combination of looking upset/sad/angry all at once!! the kind of look where u have to look away, u feel so ashamed that he feels this way about something u that! amazing ne~


ultraviolet_p1 said...

Haruka is a bit weird..yeah..too wide eyed and looks a bit scarily strange.

Higa is much easier in real life. Kaori's wide eyed thingy keeps coming - and it kinda is out of place a bit (even when she is supposed to be shocked....) I think maybe they put too much focus on it. The next parts - her other expressions are kinda good...hmmm...

Brave Tooru is trying his best. I sometimes don't know what to write. It's Toru, right, but seeing how the 'o' is doubling sounding long...I tend to write Tooru... :( I don't know...

kate`* said...

yeah, there's something not right about her!! she's 4 sure hiding something.

that's good to know. haha. yes yes, the wide eyed thing! she really exagerrates it too much. and they do zoom in a lot.

not sure either, but i'll use the shorter name just cuz it's shorter. :P