Friday, June 5, 2009

toma pics from 6.2009 POTATO & Mitsuwa~~


it's me. kate.

it's friday. sou des.
so i'm posting today. i wanted to post twice today, but because i'm flying to NYC later today, i've got no time for it. ...kidding!! :P though i really wish i was, cuz new york city is such a cool and amazing city, and i'd love to go there sometime. no, the thing is, some painfully boring/inconvenient things happened, things that u'd have no interest in knowing, which is preventing me from posting twice today. haih~ so i'll try to post tomorrow then. you'll come back, won't you? please remember ne~

wow~ 15 followers now! thank you! and japan is now 6th place on the list of countries this blog gets the most visits from!! sugoi!! it used to be 7th. now 7th place is germany. i just love the idea of more ppl f/japan finding and checking out this blog. *_* yappari, i hope 1 of these ppl is toma-kun!! now there's at least 4 ppl from japan that come here often. though i think none of them have commented here... (i'm hoping cuz they can't write in eng. and not cuz they don't wanna comment!) if any of u in japan is reading this now, PLEASE LEAVE ME A COMMENT SOMETIME, UNDER MY POSTS OR AT THE CBOX!! ^o^/ arigatou gozaimasu~

so~ i dropped by mitsuwa a while ago, and i bought the june 2009 POTATO magazine and some other things. ^^ i love it there!! i was SO gonna buy the bidan magazine w/toma on the cover, but i flipped thru it, and toma is only on the first few pages. the rest are all like ads/articles about hairstyles or fashion!! toma was the only celebrity in the whole magazine, pretty much. and it was so thick, too. so, i didn't buy it. -__-

but then, i figure toma will be on many many magazine covers in the coming months, and so i'll just wait till there's a really pretty cover of toma and i'll buy that magazine. seeing the POTATO july issue with him looking so kakkoii on the cover and knowing there's a BIG PINUP of him inside, I WANT IT BAD!!!! lol. i'm gonna wait a while to see if there are any other very kawaii toma pics in other magazines and then buy them all at once...

well then~
here are some toma pics i wanna share with everyone. douzo!!

(Bidan magazine pics. see shun on the magazine behind toma? i dunno why shun has such weird short blonde hair now, he looks so much better with black long-ish hair!! )

(some hachikuro manga. ah, natskashii!! (nostalgic!))

(i love seeing toma in black & white clothes, especially w/nice scarfs/wraps like these. ~_~)

(oh, there R some really CUTE arashi pics in this issue of POTATO. *__* i dunno where u can see the scans, but i'm sure some1 uploaded them... nino!! jun!! oh, i read at the toma Q&A thread at tomalicious that nino was really outspoken about how he was upset that toma was not able to be one of News' members when they debuted!! wow. i don't know much about nino, but he's cute and looks like a super nice guy. and he was the main character in the award-winning movie Letters from Iwo Jima!! so he's also a very talented actor. well, now i like him more after knowing he stood up for toma back then!! ^_^)

(could some1 translate/give me a summary of toma's message? thanks!!)


ultraviolet_p1 said...

So, you bought June Potato? Wahhh, I just saw all the scans inside and the poster! Wowie, it would be quite nice to actually get it... ^-^

kate`* said...

u mean the july POTATO right? ehhh, i don't like the poster, though i love the toma-on-the-rooftop pics!! the new DUET pics are great too. ~_~

how can toma look good all the time like this?? if i could, i would buy all his magazines!! but he's in way too many. :P

ultraviolet_p1 said...

Ah, yes, July (the month ahead things always get me in a hurry).

Yes...many saw a preview of really nice one of him with sunflowers...his clothes and the colourings are great - and brightness of the flowers,,I think it's Saita...I exciting...

kate`* said...

yeah, it's hard to keep up, they're always 1 month early! haha.

hounto?? i love the outdoor photo shoots!! so much better than just a plain bg in a studio somewhere.

ultraviolet_p1 said..., sadly, the sunflower, Saita one (I think it's that mag name) is indoor, but I really like it.

kate`* said...

ah, just saw the pics! pretty~ i like toma & flowers pics too. but i'd still love to see more toma outdoors pics. ^^