Friday, June 26, 2009

toma's movie might be released overseas?! and more toma stuff....


kate desu~

whew! i can post!! no internet connection problems today. =) but i still haven't been able 2 watch ep.7 of majo saiban yet, so i'll just do a double-post on various recent toma stuff and the toma pics f/the 2008-2009 je calender. but i'll really really try to watch ep.7 soon soon soon.

so, here's some cool stuff that i recommend
u check out at the toma LJ:

[gahhh!! this is just SUPER TOMA CUTENESS!!!♥★☀♪ an animation of a clip f/the vanilla kibun hana kimi promo f/2007 that i saw at janinamedina's LJ. IF SOME1 KNOWS WHERE TO WATCH THAT WHOLE SHOW, COULD U PLS TELL ME, CUZ I'VE ONLY WATCHED PART OF IT, AND I DON'T EVER REMEMBER SEEING THE PART IN THIS GIF AT ALL!!!! PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE!!!]
[about a toma sighting while filming, the movie could be released overseas *__*, and toma talks about his grandpa who likes dazai's novels, etc.]

OVERSEAS RELEASE!!! starryB60.gif maji des?? sugoi!! i wonder if it's possible that his movie is shown somewhere that i could go watch... actually being able to see him on a big screen at the theatre would be...SO awesome neeeeeee.♥ that would be a dream come true!! and an overseas release would mean more ppl in the world will see how wonderful toma is!!! i'm not really hoping this could be a step towards toma acting in hollywood movies, though. i don't think toma would wanna try that, cuz he'd probably be stuck in stupid, stereotypical roles. and also, toma can't really speak english. :P (not that there's anything wrong with that)

toma's grandpa~ that was a sweet mention of him! well his mom is still quite young (43), and his dad is not much older than her (45, xdustbunnys told me. thanks!), so i think his grandpa can't be that old and will be around for a long long time! ^_^
a great VOICE mv! i wish more ppl made MVs for this drama, or at least for ryosuke!
[090618 recomen, guest: toma]
ENSHINGE'S DETAILED, LONG TRANSLATION OF WHAT THEY TALKED ABOUT!! YEY!! i gotta listen & read this soon...some1 posted up the link to dload recomen, but i forgot to save the link...well, it's somewhere at the toma LJ. please look for it ne~

new pretty/cool toma scans!! ^_^ kyaa!! love the toma in pink and happy & cute poses pics!!!!! of course, also the cool looking toma pics. when did his arms get so buff?? *_* ehhh...maybe he's been working out since the start of the yr, but we didn't know cuz his arms are always covered up in Voice. but i have noticed in some photoshoots/tv shows since months ago, when his sleeves were rolled up, his arms looked a little bigger/stronger. =P i hope he doesn't work out too much though, i think how he looks now is cool enough, too much muscles would make him look too bulky/tough!!
thanks to strawberry_gemm again 4 posting them ne~

(I WAS CATCHING UP ON POSTS I MISSED FROM THE END OF LAST YEAR, AND CAME ACROSS THIS POST!! VERY VERY WELL-WRITTEN SUMMARY/ANALYSIS OF THE HANA KIMI SPECIAL!! and in the last comments thread, she summarizes what happens to the main characters at the end of the manga!! A MUST-READ!!!! ^o^)
[kipani_mariko: Nakatsu's Thoughts: Drama SP.
I don't know if you happen to recall this thing I did over a year ago called "Nakatsu's Thoughts". I went over each episode in Hana Kimi when it aired and discussed the series through Nakatsu's perspective. I tried to give more insight into his manga character so you can see the comparisons and contrasts between the portrayals of the Nakatsu character...]


zoe_alexiel said...

the program vanilla kibun of 2007,
The unload this in my blog, the complete program,NO subs.

the gif @_@,I did the image of the video

T_T my english stinks

kate`* said...

omg, THANK U SOOOO MUCH!!!! *hugs*
i'll dload ASAP!

oh, u made the gif? :P
i really really LOVE that gif!!!

your english is ok, don't worry about it. =)