Friday, June 26, 2009

though he's not in the new calendar, here's some toma pics f/last year's calendar (photobook).

(toma: doumo!!♥)

sometimes, i would still remember to search online for any toma pics from the JE 2009-2010 calendar. i thought toma was in it (the photobook that comes with it), cuz they said so at yesasia. BUT RECENTLY, I FINALLY FOUNDSOURANGEL'S LJ AND DISCOVERED TOMA'S NOT IN THE PHOTOBOOK AT ALL!!! 0__0
aiya, stupid yesasia. luckily i didn't buy it, then!! no wonder, when i checked at yesasia after a while, they didn't mention toma was in it anymore. well, it's sold out by now anyway, so i guess it doesn't matter. i just hope not too many toma fans bought it for toma and ended up being disappointed. (though a lot of the je jr.s are so cute too. i like yuma nakayama~) even though toma's not in it, if u wanna, go ahead and take a look at what the calendar looks like at the link below. thanks to sourangel!
(can't buy it anymore, it's also out of print here.
[sourangel: Here are some pictures from the Johnny's 2009-2010 school calendar. I apologize for the bad quality of the pics, but I had to take pictures of the book and calendar with my camera because it's impossible to scan (well, I'm not willing to rip apart the book to scan). Hopefully someone else will properly scan it later.]

all this made me remember that there were some small pics of toma in the photobook that no one seemed to have scanned and uploaded. but since my scanner often messes up when i try 2 scan small pics, so i just took some pictures with my camera. sorry for the not so good quality, but this is the best i could do! sometimes no matter what, i can't get it to focus correctly. blah! but i really tried~! i already posted some of the small pics up before, u can see them at the 2 links below. THIS TIME I TOOK PICS OF *ALL* OF THE REMAINING SMALL PICS OF TOMA FROM THE PHOTOBOOK. =) and there's nice BIG TOMA SCANs of the photobook at the last LJ link below!

these were taken back in 2008 when his hair was still so cool & perfect ne. sorry, it's kinda funny to see him in winter clothes since it's summer now, though...(2 of the pics are doubles...i couldn't decide which one looked better, so i just put both next 2 each other. and showing them in SMALL version 2 save space here. hope u don't mind la~ as usual, just click on them 2 see the full version. and 1 extra BONUS pic of kazama for u, too!! lol.)

here comes some toma cuteness~~ douzo!


ultraviolet_p1 said...

Uh, yeah, I totally forgot about the Jr calender..hehe, b/c it starts in April (or some month that is NOT Jan, right) the notion of it appears in my mind once late last year...and then, Jan...and remembering it comes later...and then totally forgot. I guess no news at the comm or so, it must have not happened. BUT huh? what happened, they've taken off his Jr tag in a subtle way...he can just be Ikuta Toma (who's is with the Johnny agency).

Thanks for the rest of the lilttly pics. His hair is nice, ne. The ones he is throwing his hair back is ^_^ esp since there are 2 a bit motion

Did you turn on the Macro option on your camera - cos then you can zoom in real close.

kate`* said...

it starts in march. =) (cuz it's a school calendar, and japan's school yr starts in april.)

yeah, but last yr's calendar, i don't remember any1 at LJ talking about it either, so i thought...(or i missed that post.)

yes, u're right!!^^ maybe it's their way of letting toma be free of the Jr status gradually...or else toma was too busy to do it this yr.

no problem~ i enjoy sharing toma's pics w/every1!! yeah~ i love those 2 pics too. *_* macro?? eh...i dunno, i'll check. if i can take clearer pics, i will take some and post them up later...