Wednesday, June 17, 2009

fi and toma, not meant to be...


just a quick post right now,
but i'm probably gonna post tomorrow too!! ^_~

for those of u who are new here, i'll explain, real quick. fi is fiona sit's nickname. she's a hk singer/actress that i really like a lot. ^^ i have written about how i think she (or some other girls) would be a good match for toma. haha.

here are posts where i talked about fi/posted cute pics of fi:

i just suddenly remembered today, that both fi and toma have posed in a similar, cute, hiding-while-lying-in-bed kinda way!! heehee~ (though fi's pose is a little more seductive. u can see the whole fiona pic here:

isn't it cool how the pics are so similar?? white sheets and comforter, both in white tank tops, both wearing necklaces!! if u squint a little, it's almost as if they're really lying next to each other!

BUT recently, i found out that fi's a vegetarian!! she said at her blog that she hasn't eaten a hamburger in 4 yrs, so she finally decided to eat a big mac after so long. but it's just that one time, she won't be eating a hamburger again anytime soon.

[credit: Tomalicious]

well, YOU KNOW toma loves hamburgers and beef! and he just loves eating meat a lot, in general, right?? lol. though it's not like they had a lot of chance of becoming a couple before anyway...but now that i know that she's a vegetarian, i've given up hope that she and toma could ever be a couple!

ah~ i'm sure toma will be able to find someone perfect for him one day!! someone who's even prettier, sweeter, more talented, and more fun than all the girls i thought of. but i hope that day won't come so soon ne~

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