Tuesday, May 5, 2009

^_^ HAPPY GOLDEN WEEK, toma cuteness! (pics), watch Majo links, and SDK subbed.


kate des. (:

everyone in Mexico, gambatte kudasai!!
i'm really happy to know u all will be able to get back to your normal lives soon.

HAPPY GOLDEN WEEK!!!! ★ ☀ ♪ ☂ ☁ ♡
(though there's only 1 day left in japan
and it's been raining a lot.)

CONSTITUTION DAY (Kenpo kinenbi): may 3
GREENERY DAY (Midori no hi): may 4
CHILDREN'S DAY (Kodomo no hi): may 5 !!!!!

they also get a day off may 6. maybe cuz constitution day is observed on this day? [credit: http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2282.html]

~_~ our golden boy, toma, got the last couple days off and went to see X Japan's concerts 2 days in a row!! SUGOI. he is a complete X otaku! read the message that hyper toma-kun wrote about his days off HERE! ^o^
(edit: u can read news about X Japan's 2 awesome concerts for 2 consecutive nights HERE!! it sounds so cool, and toma was there for both nights!!! yay!!)

i hope u like the new bg song. it's younha's song f/last yr, but i like it. i love how the song talks about a guy like toma, popular w/the girls. haha. toma fans can really relate 2 this song ne! Gossip Boy's translated 2 eng. lyrics HERE.

also, here's some helpful info about the A H1N1 flu, symptoms/prevention!! http://www.care2.com/greenliving/swine-flu-symptoms-prevention.html

thanks to aizat for making some widget boxes 4 TL! if any of u either use the ones aizat made below or make your own, then put them on your website/blogs, that would be cool! help spread the TOMA LOVE!! =) http://www.widgetbox.com/widget/toma-love-aizat4delta

dewa~ (well, then~) here are some cute recent toma magazine scans!! douzo!

kyaa!! this is just toma cuteness/coolness/dorkiness all at once!! :D

toma is so incredibly cute, even this bad hair can't stop him f/looking gorgeous, right?? THAT's how cute he is. i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! i'm really tempted...might really buy this magazine, since toma's on the cover too!! *_*

(not used to seeing toma's unshaved legs. i like it nice and smooth like in H&C! haha. and the last pic, such a CUTE doll-like pose!!!! *_* i'd want a toma doll like this, definitely!!! heehee~)

get the pics here: http://community.livejournal.com/ikuta_toma/385459.html [many thanks to hpswf1!]

[some kakkoii pics with a real "summer" feel to it f/JJ 0906!!
credit: kawaii_girl17. sorry, the post is locked now though.]

yappari, here's some majo stuff...
and no, i haven't watched ep.1 yet!!
i wanna get some other toma stuff done first...
like my VOICE screencaps that i haven't edited/uploaded. =T

(and dunno what ep.2's rating is yet cuz of the holidays still going on right now.)

[thanks to strawberry_gemm! please vote for majo at this yahoo poll!! i like how "majo" has the chinese character for "female", so i can easily recognize the title.]

u can get episode one of majo hardsubbed
by TFS in both HQ and SD here:

and u can watch online at these places:
http://www.dramacrazy.net/japanese-drama/majo-saiban/majo-saiban-episode-1/ [thanks for the link, embryo!]

[credit: paige, majo's official website]

and this is cool. starting from ep.2, they have an online quiz after each episode for the viewers. if u answer correctly, u could win a THINK TWICE t-shirt like the one above. (not sure if each time the prize will be 1 of those shirts or will it be different each time.) ah, this is a great idea, giving out t-shirts!! hope it'll help boost the ratings. though usually, i wouldn't think much of this shirt, but if toma's worn 1 like it in the drama!! suddenly it's become very cool and i want one like it! haha. thanks 4 the info, paige!! =)

and YESSSS!! toma's appearance on SDK has been subbed! http://community.livejournal.com/futari_fansubs/8128.html [many many many thanks to futari fansubs! ^_^]

the show is so much much funnier when u understand what they're saying!! xD here are some of my comments/notes about the show:

-unbelievably, i totally forgot that koichi was in endless shock with toma in 2007!! they were brothers, even!! baka... no wonder koichi seemed closer to toma than tsuyoshi.and toma first back-danced at their concert. wow, toma's got a long history of working with them...

-tsuyoshi closed his eyes during some parts!! he looked tired most of the show...(i already noticed this be4, but forgot 2 mention it be4)

-toma's cracking wrists! i looked it up, that sound is caused by air released f/joints, so it's quite normal (except if it hurts)....i actually have knees that crack when i crouch. i've never really thought about it much, but reading about other ppl also having this problem, it's like "whew!! i'm not the only one!" haha. some info i found about the reasons your bones/joints crack/crunch...

-a disneyland w/stayover at one of the hotels inside is the perfect date?? *_* toma's just like a big kid sometimes. haha.

-i wanna know who it is too!!! that made toma's heart skip a beat. u know what else is sweet besides toma's "mm?", though? takemoto's cute "uhn?" on the phone w/hagu-chan!! at the start of ep.3 of H&C. i was like "kawaiii" when i heard it!!

-maybe toma's got some kinda dance photographic memory...dance-ographic memory. lol. i guess all JE guys do to some extent, though. they gotta, in order to survive their training!!

-"Darling" is a pretty sweet song if u know what the lyrics mean. f/the 70s! wow. toma was not even born yet. neither was i.

thank you~ to the newest follower of my blog 4 following.
now i have 7 followers. =)


salome said...

hi Kate!

i haven't seen MajoSai either even though i've downloaded it from TFS days ago. - that THINK TWICE shirt is getting famous. i read that there are a lot of fans who wants one.

SDK: i thoroughly enjoyed it.
the question & answer portion was very informative. now we know how sweet Toma's family is (with the way they announce coming home & greeting the one who just came home).
we now know that Toma is hard to pin down. his sempais cannot make him tell who tell who made his heart skip a beat. & when Tsuyoshi joked, "Am no longer Toma's ideal guy?" & Toma didn't answer.
i loved the dancing. he's a winner in that department.
agree with you, Darling has beautiful lyrics. no wonder Toma loves it (they said it's in his phone's music list).

kate`* said...

hi there!

:P a lot of us haven't gotten a chance to watch majo yet ne.

yeah~ it would be cool if they sold those shirts at the majo website so fans could buy it!

yes yes, i agree with all the things u said about the SDK show!! ~_~ toma's family is sweet & so is he, but he's also not afraid to upset his sempais by not doing what they say/agreeing w/them. haha. toma's dancing is the best!!! and the more i listen to toma singing Darling (and now that i know what the lyrics mean), the more i like it! <3