Thursday, May 14, 2009

new purple (majo theme) banners!!!

i made them~ new banners!
to celebrate toma's movie news! to have a majo theme here!

(and cuz i was getting tired of the old ones)

didn't take very long to find these pics too. whew~
it's a "majo saiban purple, but still spring" theme ne.

by the way, neesan loves the Schlaflied music from Maou's soundtrack and she was wondering what the lyrics mean. i am curious too! searched for them, but no luck. i only know that it the title means "sleep song" or "lullaby" in german. hmm... u can listen to it here.

if any1 knows more, please tell me!! arigatou ne~~

p.s. the color purple represents royalty, good judgement, spirituality, etc. and it's the color of my birthstone! more about the color:

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