Sunday, May 3, 2009

the "how long have you been Toma's fan?" poll results.

the poll has ended.
everyone who voted, arigatou gozaimashta~!

i'm glad all categories got at least 1 vote ne. ~_~
at least 2 longtime fans of toma here. sugoi!!
to you 2: thank u 4 supporting toma for so long, YOU ROCK!!!! ^o^
newer fans, let's keep supporting toma, we can't lose to the longtime fans!!

i actually thought there'd be mostly 2007 fans, but i guess a lot of ppl didn't watch hana kimi till 2008 or they became a fan after watching maou? hmm...but i'm happy 2007 fans got 2nd place. yeah!!! ^_^ of course cuz i'm a 2007 fan, thinking "we've gotta beat the 2009 fans!!". lol. it's not a contest, i know. BUT IF IT WAS, THEN WE WIN!!!! in your face!! hahaha. (u know i'm kidding.)

ja...if any of u are feeling down (like me),
listen to the climb, it might make u feel better ne.

see u later~~


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