Saturday, May 9, 2009

toma's "i just woke up" look~ photos.

i love seeing toma in (dark) blue clothes!!
and his casual, "just got up" look is kakkoiiiiii.

just posting 2 tell every1 to get these cool toma scans NOW!!
it'll be locked in 2 days! dakara~ hayaku!!

(especially salome-chan, go now!
i remember u said u liked these "toma just woke up" pics. hehe.)

many thanks to kawaiigirl ne!!

p.s. i DO think that toma would look cute even when he just woke up!! definitely!!!


Aizat said...

you know what, in Malaysia, if we wanna know one true beauty, just look at their wake up face coz that's when you're looking natural at most!

Em, ever since Toma-Kun 'i just woke up face' is still sugoii, well, I got nothing to say. just you-know-what..!

kate`* said...

that's a great way 2 judge a person's beauty!! =P

well, these pics weren't taken just as he woke up, really, though. haha. only toma's family would know what he looks like just after waking up ne.

salome said...

hi Kate! i'll get those photos later today. thanks for the heads up.

i agree with Aizat that a person's real beauty can be seen looking at their just-woke-up face. but i think Toma's beautiful even with little or no make up on.

kate`* said...

u're right, toma's still so good-looking w/no or almost no makeup on, the proof is in the paparazzi pics!! :P