Friday, May 29, 2009

this is all i could come up with today (laughs). which means random toma/japan stuff.

[a quiet moment for toma-kun...he must be reading the majosai script? ^^
it's f/the red theater show clip.]

hi hi~
kate desu.

majoSai ep.5 will be airing today (JST time). already almost at the halfway mark, right? ehhh. u can get ep. 4 at TFS already, too! except if u haven't even watched ep.3, like me. haha. (i really will catch up soon, toma-kun! for my lateness~ gomen ne.)

ah, sorry for this random plug, but i'm so excited that conan's back on tv soon, with his new TONIGHT SHOW!!! monday night (june 1) is his first show! i love conan!! he's the best late night show host, and in general, such a funny funny guy!! actually, when he was still hosting the Late Night show, one time they found out a lot of ppl in japan watched the episode where he was singing a rockabilly song...something like that. haha! so he sang the song again, but w/japanese subtitles at the bottom of the screen, for them. lol. this is the show's website with some funny conan video clips there already, check it out!! and please try watching his show, i'm sure it'll make you laugh like crazy!! :D

oh! i found this cool site that explains various things about japanese culture/language!! the description at the top of the page: " - Articles about Japan, japanese culture, life in Japan, japanese language… Photos of Japan, things to see and do in Japan, in Tokyo, Kyoto and elsewere, in every season!" the owner of the site is from belgium! though they don't update it anymore, but each time u go to a different page there or reload the page, you'll get to see a different kanji character (chosen from the 1945 most common kanji) and see what it means (also shows the pronunciation, but i can't read it)! sugoi! this is the page w/the explanation about the kanji: check out the other sections though, a lot of cool stuff there. for example, i found out that "konnichiwa" actually means "in this day..."!! isn't that a really cool way to say hello? ^^

(wow! sometimes yuu kinda looks like toma in his pics!!)
just one more non-toma thing 2 say. i was reading yuu's blog translations (with pics and all!! i wish we could see all the pics that toma took and posted to tomagoto!! i've only seen a few...) and these 2 posts, he wrote to his fans! sugeh!!! i wish toma would do that sometime! i know toma often thanks everyone for watching his dramas or his plays or whatever, but that's not specifically directed to just his fans, right? i'd love to see toma write something sweet like yuu did for his fans, especially on White Day!!! heehee. he even especially thanked his OVERSEAS FANS!! anyway, u can read his 2 posts here:

so~ random toma stuff now. here goes!

THANKS, PAIGE! for telling me about this LJ. xdustbunnys' got a really awesome LJ, where there's a ton of short news or toma general, a lot of SCOOP about toma!! about ppl seeing toma in public, other JE guys talking about toma, summaries of toma's appearances on different shows (like shun's ANN), etc!!!! this is the main page: i've even linked to it in my links section. ^_^ but i went HERE to look for ANN summaries, and.....WOW!! i ended up reading so many entries, and found a lot of cool info about toma!

for instance, toma wanted to move out on his own since 2 yrs ago?? he's just been too busy to do it. lol. but i like celebrities that stay with their parents. it makes me feel like someone is taking care of them/they are taking care of their parents properly. =) but in toma's case, it's mainly cuz i like the idea of it being not as easy for him to be secretly dating or having a girl stay overnight. since he still lives with his family. haha.

also, i want toma to come to Recomen more!! yoko is so happy for toma starring in a movie. ^_^ and in general, i love the banter between yoko/hina/toma a lot more than toma/shun. and i love yoko and hina's loud voices. hahaha. toma-kun, please don't just go to shun's ANN all the time!

yappari, here's some stuff i got from LJ:

thanks to janinamedina for linking to this awesome, beautiful + bittersweet nakatsu MV! search for "everything you want nakatsu" at youtube to see asiaever's MV. it's sooooo sweet and got a lot of my fav nakatsu moments! just that there's a lot of fading in and out.

elitejean's toma wallpapers!! awesomeness! i love what she wrote on one of them, that shows toma thinking: "it makes me smile to know i'm a constant distraction in yr daily life." LOL!! this is definitely true 4 me. xD

may 2009 Wink up interview translation!! i've been waiting for it!! i love how they said "Toma continues to run on without rest, but it seems his feet are no where near stopping yet." it describes his life right now so perfectly!

27/05/09 Toma on "The Red Theater". another funny (though super short) dance off! very cute!! ~_~ i love seeing toma dance on shows recently...there was one from april that is really cool. MechaIke! from april 25. he was doing these really graceful ballet-like moves and twirls. *_* u can download the video clip somewhere at the LJ.

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