Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i wish it can be 10,000 years!!


kate des.

(i heard toma, hina & some callers saying
"konbanonetwo" on Recomen. i like it!)

i have kinda bad news.
it's that i will *probably* only post on fridays for now. that's all.
(if there's any BIG BIG NEWS, like toma debuts or he has a girlf, of course i'll post it up ASAP!! :D and anything that has a deadline, like voting 4 toma or downloading something, i'd let u know ASAP.) cuz of certain things going on in my life...i can't spend as much time online. so i'll have to cut down to one post a week, or else i'll completely fall behind with the keeping up w/all of toma's stuff and watching his drama, etc. Haih... but i'll still come here each day, so u can still chat with me by posting messages 4 me at the chatbox on the right ne. ~_~

i'm sorry!
but i used to post only once a week, anyway, in 2007. and recently, i've started to run out of toma things to talk about anyway. haha. if u come here and there's no updates and you're bored, take a look at the LINKS section on the right or check out my old posts.

no matter what, u know i'll keep my promise! i won't disappoint you~ as long as i'm around, this blog will continue to be updated!! i won't abandon it, just like i can't possibly abandom toma-kun!! for those of u who don't know what i'm talking about, go HERE to read my post from last summer.

i talked about how i was afraid that toma's popularity is dying down (thank goodness i was wrong, right? haha. i've never been so happy to be wrong before!!) and that no matter what, i'll keep supporting toma and updating this blog. ^_^ and i talked about how my love for toma will never cease, and that "if there must be a time limit to this love, i hope it can be 10,000 years." (this was a famous quote from Stephen Chow's old movie from the 90's, A Chinese Odyssey (I or II)

if there must be a time limit to this blog,
i wish it can be 10,000 years!

yorishiku onegaishimas~
arigatoooo. ja ne.


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