Friday, May 1, 2009

MAY DAY x 3!! Maou wins again!! unleashthegeek!

hi hi~

it's friday.
it's saturday in tokyo, which means majo saiban day! cheerleader.gif
everyone in japan, remember to watch it!! onegaishimas~!

but at this time last week, news about this H1N1 flu just started to appear, right? and now it's already in what, 14 countries?! kowai!! (scary!!)

today is May Day (or Labor Day), but with this flu spreading so quickly all over the world, it makes me think of the "MAY DAY, MAY DAY, MAY DAY", the distress signal!!

YESTERDAY, THE 1ST CASE WAS CONFIRMED IN ASIA!!! IN HONG KONG! at least there's none in japan yet. but from hk, that tricky virus only needs to take 1 short plane ride and it'll be in japan!! i'm worried for toma & toma fans in asia. =( i have friends in HK and nearby countries... i hope things will be ok... *sigh*

be careful everyone!! wash yr hands a lot and read the news to see what u can do to avoid getting infected. was listening to BBC news online and they have this great idea, of singing a song to know how long u should wash yr hands. =) it should be around 20 seconds long. i'm using tatu's malchik gei song (the part below), cuz it's a catchy song and i already know the lyrics. and i think all toma fans can relate to this song, too!! lol.

Why do you look right through me
I can't deny my feelings
Growing strong
I try to keep believing
dreaming on
And every time I see you
I crave more
I wanna pull you closer
but you leave me feeling frozen
[i thought that part was "cry more"!
haha. i like "cry" more than "crave".]

yesterday, i got 1 more follower for this blog!
that makes it 6 now. arigatou ne! ^_^

so today is majo's 2nd episode. daata~ i hope tonight it will get at least 11%!! actually, with this awful H1N1 flu epidemic, maybe more ppl will avoid going out and stay at home to watch tv. hopefully that will help increase the ratings!! haha. no no, i believe majo's ratings will increase cuz ppl who watched it last week will tell their friends how awesome it is and so more ppl will watch!!! ^o^/

at least here's some good news!! :D
Maou won best drama in the Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (dramas from that aired f/April 2008 to March 2009)!! yappari, ohno won for best actor. ma, toma never wins anything for Maou!! ...ii date~ i'm happy for the MAOU TEAM!! u can read the news HERE.

speaking of ARASHI ppl, i was looking for jun pics
(you'll know why in a few days, cuz i don't randomly look for pics of JE guys ever, though i do think jun is 1 of the most good-looking JE guys. *_*), and i found THIS!!! EHH!!!! his half naked pics with a half naked girl for AN AN. (also for the feb. issue, but in 2007!) JUST HOW MANY JE GUYS HAVE DONE THESE KINDA RACY PHOTOSHOOTS FOR AN AN, ANYWAY??!! and it's with a foreigner again. though these pics are much tamer than yamashita's (the 1 in the bathtub is actually kinda sweet), but STILL!!!!

i would

if toma ever did these kinda daring photoshoots!!! and of course, i'd have to go and beat up that girl after i recover from my shock at seeing toma like THAT. xD HOW DARE YOU TAKE THOSE KINDA PHOTOS WITH TOMA?! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, U DIRTY TRAMP!!??? lol.

demo~ here's some toma pics that i LOVE!! smilie
just saw this today, thanks to EzyEzatie for the pic. dunno who to credit, cuz she got it f/her friend. i love how maki and toma posed-- grabbing each other's ties!! toma's cute poses, too! so kawaii!!!

and speaking of hana kimi, unleashthegeek's blog has lots of cool hana kimi behind the scenes pics and translations of news!! i only knew about this blog when meoinkie linked to news there about hiro getting married, so THANKS meoinkie! this place has lots of translations of japanese drama tv stars/staff blogs and news!! =) u can check out shirota's blog. with pics he posted and emoticons and all!! i wish i could see all the pics toma posts at tomagoto like this!! =/

anyway, lots of cool hana kimi, hana kimi SP, and honey and clover pics/news/blog translations at the links below. douzo!

i wrote too much again. ^^;
touniiaku~ yoroshikuchan!
and have a good weekend ne.


i just realized (f/reading toma's new message) that Golden Week is here! and most ppl R probably leaving, taking a holiday trip somewhere since they get 5 days off!!!! aiya...they will most likely leave on saturday, majo day! =/ i hope this will not affect majo's ratings too much. such bad timing!!! well, south korea just got its first case of the flu, so maybe some japanese ppl will avoid traveling and stay at home?? hmm....


joyceneoh said...

hey.. i like the way your mind spins.. LOL

continue writing ne ^_^

kate`* said...

thank u, joyce~~ i know, sometimes my imagination goes too far (laughs)!

i'll definitely CONTINUE writing,
CONTINUE to gambarre yo!! ~_~

lanie said...

woah! jun's pics in AN AN! i've heard about that before but i didn't bother to search for them =) yes they're much tamer than yamashita's..and i was really shocked to see pi's because i never thought that he can do those kind of pics. but please! not toma! hehe. i don't know how i would react if ever he did that. =P

i'm keeping up w/ matsujun news lately because i'm watching his spring drama =) and yay! majo ep1 is already up in tomalicious! but it's too big for me to DL. i'll wait for the SD version or at mysoju/dramacrazy ^_^

kate`* said...

yeah...hopefully toma will never do a photoshoot like that!! i just saw a screencap of him kissing minami in majo's ep.2 and already i was like "GAHHH!!" =0 *jealous* ....i'm ok now. lol.

really? his new drama sounds interesting...he looks so different, so, like a regular guy in there!! haha.

me too, waiting for the SD (what does SD stand for?). good grief, 1 gig for 1 episode?? too big!!!

lanie said...

so there'll be a kissing scene for ep2? i'm actually looking forward to it. haha! i've been hoping to see toma in a drama w/ a girlfriend..for a change ^_^

what really got me into watching jun's drama was because his role is a half-filipino =p it's a serious drama..tackling issues like discrimination, how foreigners are being treated by some japanese

i don't know what SD stands for =) maybe standard definition? hehe! i'm not even done downloading the SCP ^_^

kate`* said...

ah, that's true. i want him to have a girlf and not just unrequited love,'s gonna take some getting used to, seeing him with a girlf and being all loving towards her! =/

it's good that he take part in a serious drama, and playing a role of a half-filipino too. cool!

u're probably right about the SD thing. that sounds right. =)