Friday, May 15, 2009

the last bunch of screencaptures f/Voice


this is the last batch of screencaps f/Voice. whew! i'm done.
they're from episodes 8-11. even more screencaps to remember them by!! ah, i miss~ them.

you can find them all HERE. douzo!

nanka~ i really love this moment
when ryosuke turns around in the hospital hallway. so i made this.

and~ i was thinking how neat it is that ryosuke eventually starts on a new path at the end of Voice, and in real life, at the same time...toma, in a way, was too!! i mean...with his first leading role in a drama and now his first time in a movie, being the lead.

anyway~ i think that's really cool. :D


fall_out_girl967 [USA],
gaby_sky27 [Mexico],
quintero.christina [USA], and
amendez33 [USA]

eto...that's all for today. really.
sumimasen! i'll write more next time.



joyceneoh said...

haha!! joyce the spammer is back! :p

I love the last picture of Ryosuke staring ahead of him, with the skies so blue and "promising".
It's as if Toma is looking into his future, so promising and bright. being slightly philosophical here.. It's Toma's spell on me I think.

But yes! Toma's first MOVIE!!!! Have you read the synopsis?? Ningen Shikaku sounds so depressing! How is "sunny" Toma going to be in this depressing character?? I mean, suicide, drugs, sex... It's so not Toma, but, through this character, he can prove his acting skills ne?

LOL! Sorry, I'm just excited, that's all. Have a great day! Will go spam about toma some where else! ;)

p/s: the purple is beautiful ^_^

kate`* said...

hi joyce!! ~_~

yes, u're right!! it IS like toma thinking about his future, so promising and bright...

yes yes, it sounds extremely depressing and sad. =( but i believe in toma, he'll be able to handle this role. =)

have a good one~!

:D thanks!! i've been waiting 4 some1 to say something about the new banners! i'm happy u like them!!