Friday, May 22, 2009

toma looks awesome with (almost) any hairstyle!! ( <300th post!! )

[credit: see the original image here. =)]

THIS IS MY 300TH POST!! ^_^ thank you.
i didn't notice or do anything special for my 100th and 200th posts, but i thought i should do something this time. well, i just want to say a big~


to everyone for reading my posts!!! especially to those of you who were here from the very beginning until now! (are there any of you still here??) i really love talking about toma and sharing toma info, news, etc. here with all toma fans!!! hounto ni~ so i hope you like it here too. i will keep supporting toma and try to update TOMA LOVE often!! kito. yoroshiku~!

some amazing clocks i found while looking for a pic for the '300' in this post!! ^_^ only in japan ne~
[huge digital clock wall near roppongi hills]
[A digital clock made of water jets, outside Kanazawa station, Japan]
[Hiroshima nuclear clock. very meaningful. and it can even destroy itself!!]


i'm gonna have to continue this post tomorrow, but i'll just start it now. =) oh, for ppl in the usa, happy memorial day weekend!
please enjoy your weekend ne~

since everyone's been talking (and very upset!) about toma's new hairstyle for majoSai, it got me thinking about all of the so much nicer haircuts he has had and how i miss the days where toma's hair is looking so cool, shiny, and soft, instead of the funny-looking, messy bunch of curls he has now. haha... so i spent some time looking thru my collection of toma pics to find cool/interesting hairstyles he's had over the years!! and there's a lot!! i just kept the nicest/most interesting ones, and left out the not so good ones though. but toma's got such nice hair most of the time, so i still ended up with way too many pics. :P so i'll upload them to the gallery later and just choose my favs to post up and talk about here.

toma looks awesome in almost any kinda hairstyle!! but definitely NOT the current one. wavy/curly hair doesn't suit him!! actually, the only guys that i know of that actually look good with a perm is hiro, jun, and yamashita (in that order!). maybe cuz they have a longer face shape. actually, yamashita often doesn't have really great hairstyles, imo!!

(this is why i was looking for jun photos a while back, remember how i mentioned that? except back then i thought i'd post about toma's hairstyles soon, but then it ended up taking a long long time to look thru so many pics...)

but i don't think any of them could even pull off toma's current look!! (though jun's had some really bizarre looking perms & long/curly hair in the past, but he looked really....!! ) i've gotten used to it by now, but still...sometimes it just looks really awful. it's not so bad when it's kinda dark and his hair looks more dark brown like in this scene. but in well-lit scenes, his hair can look so dry and tangled. and the yellow highlights too. =[ but his hair plus his clothes does really make him look like a careless guy that doesn't know any better, least it's good for his character's look.

oh, this pic below has nothing 2 do w/hairstyles, but i found it while looking 4 jun pics and i just think it's a really sweet moment!! kawaii! ~_~


sorry!! no time today.
i'll finish this post tomorrow, definitely!! oyasuminasai!

i'm here!! whew. this post really took a long time 2 finish (choosing/organizing the pics). dewa~ here's the rest of the post ne.

it's almost as if toma had the best hairstyle in VOICE, and now the worse in majoSai...well, sometimes it doesn't look so bad, sometimes his hair looks a little softer and darker. but sometimes it's all poofed up (almost like clown hair!) and makes toma's head look really big. actually, it makes toma kinda look latin, right?? and he already kinda looked european before this!! but it also makes him look a little more feminine. sometimes it makes me think of some actresses from the 80s ne. haha.

[sometimes it is too poofed up and big, but sometimes it's not so bad and softer looking]

[it looks better when his hair is less curly/his hair looks darker & the highlights R not showing so much!]

but really~ toma is one of those people...he's cute cuz HE'S CUTE, not that his haircut makes him look cute, like some people. like~ certain ppl can only look good with a certain haircut! cuz their face shape only suits certain hairstyles. but not toma!! he somehow looks good in almost any hairstyle! even with this bad perm, toma is still kawaii, albeit less than before. haha.

AND even in that almost-bald look that japanese men used to have!! even then toma can still look handsome. check him out HERE. that's incredible!! lol. (screencaps f/a period drama toma was in, from 2005)

short hair, long hair, spiked up or just plain,

with thick or light bangs, covering his forehead or brushed to the side, parted in the middle or parted to the side, straight or kinda wavy....toma's hair mostly always looks SO AWESOME!!! *_*

i really LOVE how toma's normal hair, when u see it up close, it looks so nice and soft and full, right?? ahhh... i want to touch it. a lot of shows/interviews, they ask toma what are his best features, and he'd often say his soft lips, soft cheeks, or his butt (all true!!), but why doesn't anyone point out how NICE his hair is?? *_* and toma says he doesn't fuss with his hair much, he usually just gets certain haircuts for certain roles he's playing. but do u notice how toma often fixes/brushes his bangs in place during interviews?? ~_~

(BUT I'VE GOTTA SAY-- TOMA DOES NOT LOOK GOOD WITH FACIAL HAIR!! LAST YEAR, HE DIDN'T SHAVE 4 A WHILE AND HAD A LITTLE STUBBLE ON HIS CHIN. IT JUST DOESN'T LOOK RIGHT ON HIM. u can see a pic of how he looked HERE (though his hair was cool!). even toma knew it, i think he said something on his blog about how it was a mistake. lol.)

and toma's hair looks great all the time, whether it's wet/all gelled up/covered by hats or bandanas (or hoods!). or headbands! kakkoii!! even (especially) when he ties it up/pins it back in a kinda girly way. lol!

and did u notice that toma often has a little bit of his bangs in the middle of his forehead...i noticed this in a lot of other JE guys's pics, too! i've even seen toma fixing his bangs on a show f/the start of this year...he was purposely brushing some of his bangs in the middle. =P i dunno why toma & the other guys do looks kinda cool, though a little funny sometimes. some more examples of this HERE.

and about toma's hair color...
just black was fine when he was a kid, but then later he started dying it brown most of the time. i'm so used to seeing toma with brown hair and i think brown hair color really suits him. =) and it makes him seem more boyish than if he had black hair. my favorite toma hair color is the natural looking chestnut brown that he's had since H&C!

but toma has had lots of different versions of brownish hair color. i really don't like the yellow/brown almost blonde color!! the post-hana kimi hair color he had. also, he kinda had that hair color for the hana kimi special, but somehow it was a little more golden and in certain lighting, it actually looked pretty nice! but between brown/yellow and brown/orange-red, i prefer the orange-y nakatsu-ish color. toma used to have red hair one time!! and he's said before, he'd like to dye it pink like Hide (of x japan) one day. ^_^ i'd love that! he'd look super cute w/pink hair!!

AND FINALLY~~ *drumroll*

#1 the natural, boyish H&C look:
my favorite!! i love how his hair was when he was promoting H&C. simple and not too long in the back. i like takemoto's hairstyle, but it's a little flat. i like toma's hair like that, but just a little more styled and full. actually, his hairstyle in the hana kimi SP was so cool too and similar to this style that i like, except i didn't like the color.

and this is 1 of my fav toma looks, 1 of his while-filming-h&C hairstyles!! i even drew his hair like this 4 one of my toma drawings. :D his hair here is just so PERFECT and cool and i love this shade of brown, too. (it should have been a little darker, but in this light, i guess it looks lighter brown.)

#2 the cool/stylish Voice look:
it's almost the same as #1, but a little longer and more styled. it's really one of his best haircuts ever!! just that i don't like it when the curl up/flare out his hair in the back too much.

#3 the cute/cool Nakatsu look:
NAKATSUUUU!! i love his manga-ish cool hair and the fringe of bangs in front...though his hair color sometimes was a little too orange and soemtimes his hair looked a little too long in the back. i love how his bangs can look soft and thin sometimes, or thicker and sharper at other times. i kinda tried to cut my bangs like nakatsu (also takemoto). haha...i just love guys w/thick bangs covering their forehead in a cool way.

#4 the seriously cool Maou look:
he looks more mature, yet still boyish too. ^_^ at first i really didn't like this short haircut when i saw it only in pics, but it looked much much better and cooler in motion when i watched Maou. and i like it more when it's spiked up, but he's still so cute when he just brushes his bangs down.

#5 the sexy/bad boy Junpei look:
gah!! so freaking cool and fitting for his bad boy image. kakkoii!! i usually don't like guys with long hair, but toma and lots of JE guys look so cute with this kinda long hair style!!

[CREDIT: sorry, too many pics, i can't possibly remember who uploaded which!! but most of the newer scans were uploaded by kawaii_girl17 or strawberry_gemm or hpswf1 at the toma LJ. =) the others are also from LJ, baidu, etc. please forgive me if i used any of your pics without crediting this time! if u want me to credit u, just comment below and i'll add your name right here! =)

by the way, toma hasn't worn THAT necklace during photoshoots since around march, have u noticed? i wonder why...i guess cuz of this new character, he has certain necklaces/bracelets that he wears during photoshoots to keep with that freeter/hippie image.]


ultraviolet_p1 said...

I agree that Hiro looks good with that wavy, permy hair (and black suits him well). Jun - It seems that I've always seen him in that curly hair image - although when I watched HYD 2 (I only watched eppy 1 ..hehe), that Domyoji hair was sooo strangely was like wah!! o.O . His 'Smile' look is not curly now, actually it's like a bit of the usual JE style, quite softer, not so styled though. But I don't like Yamapi's curls/puffy style at all.

Maybe I've become quite forgiving of Toma's Majo san Hair. I think for Tooru, I've come to see him like that, hair and clothes and all. For real-life Toma, many of the photoshoots has done quite well with the hair - as you said, when it looks softer, it comes off quite nice. On the live TV, I don't seem to quibble about it much as much as I thought. It seems to be the current him in this stage of time. And he is still he usual cutey him

I do like the Voice Hair, and Maou Hair. Voice is the usual - what I call 'JE' hair, styled, and in that idol look. It's perfect, and looks million dollars everytime on Toma. Maou is sorta different, refreshed, and cool, and I really like it everytime I see him in Maou, or any Maou screencaps. Sometimes in different angle, it just looks even better...hahaha. And I loved it was black...funny when we jump to the younger days of black hair, he had the bowl cut...whatever you call it hair cut....hehe

kate`* said...

paige!! *hugs*
thank u, thank u 4 commenting.♥ i spent quite a long time on this post and was disappointed when no1 commented. AND today and recent days have been quite bad 4 me, so i was feeling lonely... but seeing yr comment, this made me smile!! ~_~

yeah, hiro and jun look good w/curly hair. but jun's perm in HYD 2 is strange, huh? but somehow, jun still looks good like that. haha. but his Smile hair is kinda plain. me too!! i don't like yamapi's recent curly/wavy hair. now it's so long, he's starting 2 tie it up. i hope they'll give him a good hairstyle 4 his new drama.

mm...i know what u mean. i've started to get used to that Tooru look/hair while watching majoSai and even on the other tv shows. it helps that on the live shows, toma is dressed a lot more nicely than in the drama. & after all, toma is still toma, cute as everrr. just that sometimes, when his hair is looking too big or just quite bad...i really miss his normal hairstyle.

yes, yes, that styled, perfect idol look. ^_^ but the Maou style was really cool and different. a lot shorter than he's ever left it! right, the bowl cut. =P so many boys had that kinda haircut. but toma looked really cute with that haircut!!

ultraviolet_p1 said...

Hmm, Yamapi's hair since Code Blue : me no like. Love love his Kurosagi hair. Black and straight. ACTUALLY - it was that Yamapi's hair that started the whole journey of getting J-entertainment/knowing Toma story - so hah...good looking hair attracts! XD *silly*

I think Jun's hair is softer (not so styled) would suit his current drama character more, so I believe that is good. Oh! I am shocked about Shun's latest hair. It's like close cropped but curly - small curls & whitish/yellow blonde! Shocked! Well, I've only come to know Shun since HK, and then go back a bit to HYD, and so don't know his previous style before. Even though he had popular (from others, I hear) light orange/blonde going on in HYD - I liked the style, but still like him in black colour (hehehe, see my trend....).

About the bowl generic haircut...alot of sempais say they kinda have in mind, the younger Toma - that image (that hair cut and really boyish look ) - y'know, like Yamapi in young days already got the dyed, and the sharper style haircut, whilst, Toma seemed to grew up with that hair cut for a longer time.

Cos, there have been good Toma hairstyles, therefore it's hard not to compare and rank. Part of life. And, new movie is sorta in the 40's, so the new movie hair won't be anything too fancy...maybe even back to a slightly modified 'that young' bowl cut, plain simple cut..*dunno*

Kate, hope you are taking things easy. I feel that sometimes you can only post when you can (motivation/time/energy), but I know you have a blog reputation to uphold. BTW Congrats on your 300th post!! And writing down your thoughts or loved things often turns out to be less of work and more of fun-ness. So ganbatte. Haven't seemed to catch u online to chat. Maybe one day. You know, I could ramble on and on. But we could chit chat thru comments or other posts threads. Come and see me at lj sometimes.

kate`* said...

hi hi~

yamapi's hair...he mostly does not have good hairstyles, i think!! but black and straight is good for him. souka! haha. must really thank yamapi's good hairstyle then. *_*

that's true (about jun's hair good 4 his character, like toma's perm 4 Tooru). right right!! i saw shun's pic in a recent magazine and i almost couldn't recognize him!! nande?? maybe 4 a new role?? he looks strange!! o__o i dunno either, but the HYD style is pretty cool. haha, u really like guys w/black hair. i do too, just that i think toma looks nicer w/dark brown hair.

right right! i guess cuz toma has always looked cute with that short boyish cut, but they think yamapi looks better w/the sharper, more styled hair. i really don't like yamapi's hair f/those days, though. the long, thin, dyed look. >_< it makes him look girly in not a good way. haha.

mm...u're right. i forgot it's in the 40s. lol. he'll probably go back to black hair, won't u like 2 see that? heehee.

ah~ i understand what u're saying. =) thank you. i know, i don't wanna force myself to post, but it's just that 1 of my new years resolutions is to post EVERY friday, and already half-way thru this yr, i hope i can make it! haha. and once each week, i think i can handle. the other resolution was to not get jealous of toma and yamapi, and i actually think i'm doing pretty well with this too! lol. it's so hard, though, u know how toma is when he talks about yamapi!! :P yeah, i hope i'll see u online soon. sometimes i forget to login there. gomen ne! but if not, we can talk thru other ways, like u said. ok, i'll remember 2 come to your LJ! ~_~ ja!

ultraviolet_p1 said...

Well, Shun is in 'Smile' with Jun, though haven't watched it - some preview pics, he was in a messy long haired, with hoodie (being a gangster role) was it a wig, or Shun was just cameo-ing...dunno...too lazy to check...

he'll probably go back to black hair, won't u like 2 see that? heehee.LOL! Back to black....I actually forgot about that. Heehee..and then, he'll style it for shows on non-filming movie some precious black hair yummy Toma MAYBE coming up...woot

Oh, yeah, forgot to mention, but yeah, the stubble, he was starting to grow was sorta strange and hmmm, O.O ....errr, well, clean shaven Toma is yummiest.

And jealous of Toma + Yamapi? Hee, then how would you react to a real-life girlfriend. Watch more of Majo...practice is good...ahhh, TFS released a new one....Gooo....

Ja mata (^o^)/

kate`* said...

i'm surprised to see shun taking a supporting role in a drama! mm...i guess shun has some weird hairstyles sometimes, huh?

:P now u've got me excited about black hair yummy toma too!! really hope they'll give him a good haircut.

yeah~ that was a strange look for him. and in general, i always like a clean-looking toma, looking boyish more than manly. i know he's a grownup, but i just love seeing his boyish side more. that's why i'm worried about the upcoming movie. really intense, dark, and adult stuff.

ahaha! ma...even if toma's got a girlf, i think she'll never be able to compare to yamapi...the special relationship that toma & yamapi's got!! so i'll still be most envious of yamapi. yamapi's sooooo lucky 2 have toma 4 his bestf (+ whatever else they are to each other~)!!! i want a best friend that's like a female vers. of toma!! lol.

(: see u around~