Wednesday, May 20, 2009

majo saiban EPISODE 2 notes (and h1n1 flu in japan & the world, the majo poll)

sorry if i kept u waiting!

there will be a new post today...later.

meanwhile, read the newest news about the sudden H1N1 flu outbreak in Japan!! and other flu news too. =[
Numbers of Swine Flu Cases Surge in Japan
Swine flu vaccine appeal to firms
Swine flu: mapping the outbreak [over 200 cases in japan now!! this map has not been updated with the newest #'s yet.]

i couldn't believe it at first, a couple days ago, seeing the numbers increase so fast in japan!! i thought i was looking at the wrong country on the chart at the WHO website! EHHHH!! doushitte???? i guess cuz it spreads fast among students, and students first brought it back f/canada....maybe also cuz japan's weather or's hot but really humid there now...ppl can easily get sick. well... don't worry too much. it hasn't reached tokyo. yet. and so far, all the ppl who got it are only mildly sick. like regular flu, only.

but look at us, in the usa. we're the worst, with the most infections in the world!! 5000something cases. yet no one's even wearing masks. =0 nande?? the government should be giving out masks and asking everyone to wear them!! cuz u can't just wear it if others aren't wearing it, then they'll think YOU'RE sick and all stay away from you. geez....

ANYWAY, wash your hands a lot and take care (more than usual), everyone-chan!! and don't worry too much, cuz worrying = stress and stress = makes u weaker = easier to get sick! this H1N1 flu! you don't scare me!! (liar!) it's not gonna get me!! it's not gonna get us!!

[don't worry, be happy. =) credit:]

i'm back.

...and u know- japan's economy is really tanking right now too!! so much bad news 4 them right now!!
Japan's economy in record plunge

the poll has ended. thank you for voting! 52 votes! yappari, most of u (59%) say it's awesome. but the gap is not as big as in the other drama polls i did, i think?? 59% vs 21% saying it's just ok. 1 of u even said it's no good!! wow. none of my other polls got that result! and lots of u haven't even started watching it yet. well...i'm not surprised with the results. majo is an ok drama so far. but since it's toma's first leading role, i really hope it will get better fast.

oh, the 3rd episode of majo got
8.5%. that's pretty good! it only dropped 0.5. the 1st ep. got 9%, and the 2nd got 7.7, but that was cuz Golden Week was going on.

so~ episode 2.
i can't say that i like Majo more after the 2nd ep., but at least i don't like it less. and episode 3 looks a lot more exciting and at least takes us to a new location. i'm getting bored of seeing the dark/boring courthouse and discussion room all the time. haha.

so here are my notes (no spoilers). douzo!
thanks for reading, everyone. my next post will be the 300th POST!!
~_~ iterashai! (have a great/fun day!)

kate's -EPISODE 2- notes:

-OHH...every ep. is only 36 minutes long.
i guess cuz of the shortage of time, so there's no 1 min. OPENING THEME. =[ oh well, that's ok. i like shorter episodes. they are doing a good job so far, of a lot of things happening in each episode, yet it doesn't feel too rushed along.

-damn it, they do live together. o_0 or she often sleeps over. either way...damn it!! =/

-whew, that was such a light, simple kiss. ^_^ i'm relieved, though i expected it wouldn't be anything of a big deal, or else toma fans woulda talked (or screencapped) about it more. even if it's his first kiss with a girl in a drama, i'm glad they kept it short and simple, and sweet. even if it's toma though...a kiss right after he's woken up is probably not a good idea. haha. (bad breath and all!)

[kawaii na!! i love these toma sleeping/just woke up scenes. *_* ]

-i like the part he fake-feeds her food. =P haha. also, the part she said she thinks they should not see each other while the case is going on. YESSS!! =D get away from toma, YOU!!!

-toma's got on tommy hilfilger underwear?? =P not dolce & gabanna anymore? i think this is the 1st time i've seen his underwear kinda showing in a drama! and i really like toma's cool long,plaid jacket in this ep. ^_^

-manami often has this unusual...blank/uncomfortable(pained) expression when she's not smiling/acting cute!! it's a strange look, right??

-the "k" on the envelope. ehhh?? even though it represents the evil guy, i think it's kinda cool. cuz well, my name starts with a k. haha.

-there's not much interesting background music so far? =/ except the "exciting" or "mysterious" themes, which are ok. and the themesongs' lyrics, now that i pay attention, is not that great. =/ quite generic/no real meaning to it...i rate it my 2nd to least liked toma drama themesong. of course, the one i least like is h&c's Canvas! but at least Canvas's melody was pretty nice...

-actually, in the usa, the jurors only discuss the case at the END of the trial in a very small room (at least that's how it was in my case), not each day after court hearings, and definitely never with the judge. and the 2 alternates don't get to take part in that. just so u know...that's another difference between the 2 jury systems.

-i never watched the movie toma mentioned, so i looked it up: Mr. orange is actually an undercover cop in that group of robbers! so it's kinda cool that toma gets to be Orange. =)

-ppl stalking them/taking photos. ppl being blackmailed. daughter kidnapped. very MAOU-ish right?? i keep getting the feeling of "wait, haven't i seen this before?" while watching. lol. i can't be the only one that feels this way! there are a lot of similar plot points!! the dreaded envelopes from the bad guy, the evil lawyer, they're all in danger, toma's trying to protect them/figure out what's going on, etc. etc.


salome said...

oi! someone's jealous of manami. hahaha! you're so busted.

you found it, that just-woke up photo. isn't he cute in it?

i haven't seen MajoSai yet but a friend of mine said it's great. perhaps i'll like it too because i'm so into mysteries/detective stories plot.

boy, you have such sad news about Japan. i hope things would get better for them soon.

kate`* said...

of course!! i started to be jealous of her ever since i saw pics of them together while filming majo! lol. but i also don't like her cuz she is his 1st girlf in a drama...i wish she was prettier and more natural rather than how she is now.

when u watch it, u'll understand what i mean! if she matched toma more, i wouldn't complain so much, but come this point, i think toru + izumi in the drama would be nicer. haha. cuz she's nicer/prettier than annoying manami.

majoSai, so that's the nickname 4 majo saiban? haha. i didn't notice. i'll start using it too!! =) mm...i hope u'll like it.

me too! =T

salome said...

i saw pics of them together while filming majo! - pictures? where? where?

MajoSai - i read it somewhere (i don't remember). at that time i was having a hard time remembering the name of the show.

kate`* said...

souka. =]

pics of them filming...i saw them around the same time i saw THAT pic of him leaning in to kiss her that i re-posted here:
there were a lot of preview pics posted up around that time, if u haven't seen them, just look 4 the LJ posts from around that time ah.

salome said...

i read some info about Toma's appearance in 5LDK. he was with Manami & TOKIO kept teasing him about her. i'm starting to get jealous myself!

kate`* said...


u know, i am actually just jealous of kaori and not manami. :P cuz kaori is his girlf, while manami just works with him and pretends she's his girlf.'s still the same person, but u know what i mean.