Friday, August 1, 2008

ohno update / Monk and Maou / toma's life in numbers

beating_heart.gif toma-ism #29: are everything, and everything is you.
(lyrics from You Are Everything song)
[i tried 2 find a fluttering heart like the one toma uses when he signs off his tomagoto entries, but the closest thing i could find is a beating heart. it looks funny on a black bg, though. haha~]

hi hi!

here's another special friday post, in red text 2 support toma's drama Maou, as promised. =)
i didn't forget! though it's a lot later than i usually post.
This has been Kate.
Thank you~
(copying toma's sign-off. =P
i just love the way he writes!!)

............. here's another ohno scandal update:

read the short news here:
["Oh no" for Ohno : Ohno apologises to staff and cast of Maou, Wednesday July 30, 2008]

............... MONK vs MAOU

hey, u know i just realized this!
my fav comedy/drama tv series, Monk ( about a former police officer turned detective/police consultant airs fridays, just like maou! but @9pm, not 10pm. even the titles both have 4 letters and start with an M! haha~ they're both about the police investigating murders...both of the main characters' loved one was killed in the past. the last similarity is that now both series have a red/black (ok, it's more like dark grey, but close enough!) theme color!! so when i'm wearing red on fridays, it'll be both for maou and for monk. haha~ maybe more for monk, cuz i love this show!!! and i'm kinda monk-ish (OCD), myself.

.................toma's life in numbers / toma 101!

[*preview of the scanlation, part 1! credit goes to TFS, of course!]

[u can dload the scanlation from Myojo May 2008 here!]

I LOVE LOVE THIS ARTICLE ABOUT TOMA! xD i learned a lot more about him, and i continue 2 be surprised by all the cool/funny ideas that these magazine writers come up with, on how to interview/report about toma! haha~ it's so much better than the mostly same old same old questions about celebrities' work/relationship that magazines here in the states report on.

this was a really cool idea, using numbers to talk about toma. btw, there's a classic cantonese song that i think is titled "my life in numbers", where the most of the song is just a repetition of various number patterns! seriously! and u can see my fav singer/HK artist ever (& my 2nd fav, miriam is also here!!), hacken lee, singing it very well and very fast here (starting around 1.50 min.)!! =)

my comments about the info they gave in the article:

-wow! toma doesn't use any chapstick?? i'm surprised, since he's often pouting and u notice his lips R always so perfectly nice & soft! hehe~ i guess he's just got naturally soft lips ne?

-wah! he spends a lot of time @ youtube!!! i'm hoping there's a chance he's seen the b-day MV i made 4 him be4 it was taken down!! ah-hh, toma, u've shouldn't waste too much time @ youtube on a rare day off!

-kyaaa!!! ~_~ he'll wait 4 a girl a whole day if he can't contact her!!!
toma daisuki! *__* u're just too sweet and considerate!

-no waaaay! he's been rejected 2-3 times! 0__o
this must be when he was in his teens, be4 he got super cute, right?? it's not possible now. i mean, it's TOMA!! just look at him! haha~ matter how many many ppl love him, there's got to be many ppl who don't like a kinda guy like him, too. it's always like this...even for such an amazing guy like toma!

-only 4-5 hours of sleep each night when he's working!! i remember him saying he wakes up at 4am when he's got filming. ma, i expected this, but it still makes me upset. =o( poor guy.

-fans in the UK!!! get ready!! 4 the day toma goes on a trip there!! *__* toma really loves plays. =)

[*preview of the scanlation, part 2! credit goes to TFS!]

-[Infinite] possibilities exist 4 me as well as believe in possibilities, do your best, and fight on. ~ikuta toma ツ
TOMA saikou!!! (toma's the best!) THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. I LOVE HOW TOMA'S SO OPTIMISTIC. this is in my signature at a forum now. yes, the hacken forum. =P

-toma wears contacts and glasses! hey, so does hacken! haha~

-"i won't catch it even if i die...keep going, me! (laugh)"

LOL!!! & that's amazing, he hasn't gotten sick in so long! toma, u make me laugh as much as u make me "kyaaa"!! how can a guy be both so incredibly cute AND so incredibly funny?? the perfect combination ne!!

-175 cm. so he's over 5 feet 7 inches tall. that's tall. =) but at wikipedia, it says 176 (but it incorrectly converts that to 5 feet 9 in. it should be 5'8). hacken's just a little taller, at 5'8.

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