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cool Maou MV / the (crushed!) dream of living with toma / what to call toma...

heart_quotes.gif toma-ism #39:
If there was a cuteness or awesomeness competition in the olympic games,
you would definitely win gold!!!
[lol~ i wish i had thought of this be4 the olympics ended!]

hi there!
i'm getting excited!!
not just cuz i'm working on the stuff 2 send away 4 toma---for the 1st tomalicious b-day project, but cuz of...
something else!!!

you'll know in a couple days! fufufu.
ah-- but cuz of all this, i'm getting behind on Maou.

anyway, the other day, watched this REALLY COOL *angst* OPV, "Opus Dei" (work of god?) about naoto and naruse (learned a new word! OPV = Original Promotional Videos (or sometimes Other People's Videos), unofficial music videos usually produced by anonymous fans, using the official audio version of a song but substituting alternative video footage. that Argentumfeles made!
u can go here to get the link 2 watch/dload and the video's description.

(there's also a link to the Two Princes MV featuring toma & yamashita! the 1st time i've seen such cute clips of yamashita. ^_^ he & toma (well, i guess most of the JE guys!) have a lot of similar cute/funny gestures/faces! haha~ but still, toma's nakatsu is unbeatable!!)

and now i'm hooked on that song!! haha~
viva la vida (live the life?)!!

btw, this song also reminds me of Maou. the title translates to something like "no escaping fate" (or no flying from fate), by jordan chan. here's the MV. i think the main point of the song is about how, some things, u just can't avoid. if it must happen, it will happen. and how you can't run from fate... i like this song! though the MV is really dramatic.


[toma will kick u if u say anything bad about riko (hagumi)!! pic can be found @ one of the download links given here:]

did i? i don't think i did.
post about this magazine interview where u can see what it would REALLY be like if u were living with toma / you were his girlfriend/ his wife. it's not as romantic/magical as u imagined!! hahaha~

ano...i'm glad he's straightforward and tells it like it is, though. now a lot of us can-- not feel so bad that we have no chance of being his girlfriend ne! and i take back what i said before, about how his future girlfriend will be the luckiest girl on earth. =P

she would certainly have to be a good cook! and gentle! (i gave up on the dream of being toma's girlf long ago, but even more so after reading this article....x_x i am SO not gentle!! well, i'd be happy just being his friend, then!) ANYWAY, THANKS TO TEACUP FOR TRANSLATING THIS!!

i know it's hard and very time-consuming work!


btw, if u're still unsure about what to call toma...
i was really confused at first, when i first became a fan.
and so i asked at the tomalicious forum. and kipani_mariko so kindly helped me out a detailed explanation of the different ways to address toma...

basically, in japan (and a lot of other asian countries), ppl introduce themselves with their surname then first name, so toma is known as ikuta toma there, and of course, toma is his first name. (though it seems like sometimes ppl call u by your last name even if you are friends with them?? that was what confused me when watching hana kimi...depends on which name they like more i guess...or it could just seem cooler this way, like with Mulder and Scully. haha~) From most formal/respectful to least formal/most casual is: Ikuta Toma-san, Ikuta-san, Ikuta-kun, Ikuta, Toma-san, Toma-kun, Toma, and any nicknames (such as Tomasu). Toma-chan is a cute way of doing it...and i learned from the Lonely Planet Japanese phrasebook that shortening last names and then adding -chan to it is a cute way of nicknaming your girlf/boyf. so that would be Iku-chan? hahaha~
[EDIT: no no, i remembered wrong, it was shortening their first name and adding -chan. so it would be toma-chan. can't make it to-chan, right? toma's name is already short. but then toma & the others called hagumi, hagu-chan. so i guess besides being a nickname 4 your honey, it could be just a nickname for a friend too...this issue of what to call other ppl in japanese is too complicated 4 my taste!! o_0]

but really, she says it's not really important, so don't worry about it... but if i were toma, i suppose i'd get annoyed if ppl called me something too casual...but then he's a celebrity after all, he's probably used to ppl addressing him in a casual way as if they know him personally...

i like how toma-kun sounds, and i've heard other ppl that work with him call him that, so i'm sticking with that, though of course it's not really the correct one...i don't think toma would mind too much?? well, i call him just toma, anyway, most of the time! but i talk about him in eng. anyway. so...

but i think when writing 2 him for the b-day stuff i'm sending, i'll call him ikuta-san. =)

better 2 be formal, 2 be sure.

these pretty pics~
found them at

it has something to do with what's gonna happen in a couple days!

but you'll have to wait and see.

cuz it's~ not~ time~ yet~

(yes, toma said this. =)
well, he wrote it.
i mean, typed it in his blog-- u know what i mean.)

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