Sunday, August 17, 2008

2 new gifs (keep shining toma-chan! / secret crush boy!)

heart_quotes.gif toma-ism #36:
Look at the stars,

Look how they shine for you,
And everything you do...
You know I love you so.
(f/coldplay's Yellow lyrics)

kate des.

1st of all, i'm so HAPPY ^_^ that so many ppl voted and many of u also commented with your name, etc. info!!! it went from 34 to 80 votes now! (btw, if u're confused about the #'s: this means 80 ppl have voted. but though each person can vote 5 times (choose all 5 options), the # on the bottom will only show it as 80. but on top, of course, each vote counts, so that's why the #'s on top add up to more than the "votes so far" shown on the bottom.)

THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH, everyone-chan! (baka, mimicking toma again) seeing lots of toma fans taking part in my toma b-day project and all your comments 4 me...
all this GIVES ME ENERGY~! *__* also, i want to thank improve43 f/malaysia, once again, 4 your really sweet comment from the other day!!

if you haven't voted/given me your name, etc. info (u can also post a short message 2 toma!), please do so SOON! onegaishimas!!

i really should have~
i really wanted to~
watch ep.s 4-5 of Maou today.

but i couldn't resist!!

i just had 2 make an animation of toma sleeping f/ those TOO TOO CUTE AND ADORABLE screencaps i have f/hachikuro. maybe u're wondering why now, why not sooner... well, i just recently wanted 2 make a new toma avatar, and i still love his look in H&C the most! and i love the gentle, sweetly sleeping toma!! ah~ it's been said a million times, but: HE'S JUST SOOOOOOOOOOOOO UNBELIEVABLY KAWAII.
even when he's sleeping.
especially when he's sleeping.

his sleeping scenes in H&C~
doesn't it just make u wish u could jump in the tv/computer and give him a B-IG H-UG?? *__*

i also made an animation of toma's SWEET SWEET moment from hachikuro that i suddenly remembered. (funny, cuz i didn't capture it at all when i first watched!) when he secretly glances at hagu-chan and then quickly looks away. thanks 2 the gom player's screencapture tool, i can make much better, fluid animations of video clips like this!! toma's facial expressions R sooooo great/adorable. i love the subtle, special moments like these in dramas!


secret crush boy!!
i wish u'd look at me that waaaaay ne!


i've uploaded them here. also the stills of the first one, cuz all the caps R so cute and in case u have trouble reading the text.

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