Monday, September 6, 2010

UNUBORE 5....ep.1~5 comments & pics!!!

i'm up to episode 5 of unubore deka!!
wow. halfway thru this drama already. it's really a silly but fun drama to watch. unubore (nagase), the conceited detective, makes me laugh the most. hehe. he's so silly/hyper/childish/!!! =D

and sadame (toma) is a baka, but he's cute and at least seems like one of the least pervy guys in Unubore 5. lol. and rie (mika), unubore's ex-girlfriend is so cool and pretty, but also was/is kinda crazy/weird/mysterious. xD unubore's dad, Mama, the bartender, and some of the other supporting characters @the police station are really cool/funny, too!

and sadame gets to act as unubore in a drama based on him. lol. his outfit (really tight pants! fufufu.) and acting is really bad (but sometimes he does really good imitations of unubore!! xD). haha... but when he was super cool for the chasing the bank robbers scene. kakkoii!! (and silly too.)
he wears a lot of sleeveless shirts (his sexy toned arms!! TOMALICIOUS.) + vests and colorful 80s-style looking clothes, but my fav outfit is the super cute striped pink-ish tee + striped white/black tank over it. kyaaaaaaa!! kawaii.....~__~ i want that outfit. heehee...

.......the ultimate "awwww...." toma moment (**SPOILER**):

toma's director is gay and hitting on him!!!!!!!omggggggg. he's so cute when he's all worried/accepted his fate. he was like....i can't refuse him if he wants to take me to makes sense if he was after my body from the start....what can i do! i'm famous, but i'm not really popular!! awwwwwww!!! =( poor sadame...but he's sooooooooo cute and adorable in that scene. but it makes me wonder if toma's ever had that happen to him in real life?? i hope not!! T___T and it totally makes him like, a girl, in that scene. awww.... "i might as well start acting like a girly guy." LOL!

.........nagase's funny/cool/sexy dance from ep.2!! LOVE IT!!

..................some of my fav quotes:

sadame: all i do is stand out! i'm a flower!

unubore: this one's the stupid one. (he's talking about sadame. xD)

the professor: so what of it? close or far away, alive or dead? those are just excuses that realists make! ...never give up!! (he's encouraging unubore to pursue a girl he likes that is probably dead. lol!! saying: he's lucky, they'll be together in the next life!! xD)

..........below are my favorite pretty locations/moments from the drama. and of course, a bunch of toma cuteness/coolness/baka-ness moments. (as always, please click on the pics to see the FULL SIZE. ^__^)

(the rest of the toma screencaps are here:

(the cool bar, I AM I. ohhhhhhhhhh. now i get why unubore kept saying "i'm me" in his high school fantasy!!!!! LOL.)

(i love rie's pretty bed, w/all the hearts & lights....~__~)

(wow. i totally did not expect to spend so much time on this post. please, someone comment. hahaha...whew....i'm going to bed. good night, everyone!! ~__~)


J e N N i said...

AAHH! unubore~~~

Toma look so silly in the beginning of ep 4... HAHA!

I heard Toma went to watch ARASHI's concert... Horimaki, Oguri shun was there too... XDD

Anonymous said...

hey! hey! hey~! kate-chan :D
it's lou (i just figured out that you can comment using your livejournal id :D) thank you for putting up pics and your thoughts! unubore deka sugoi! but i think my fave so far is ep 5. right from the beginning, i couldn't stop laughing xD

like, during sadame's interview, the girl was like, "honjo...dasame-san desu! donna dorama desuka"
and then later on at the bar;
"well, there's a theory that air-headdedness tickles the motherly instincts of viewers...or not..." (LOL)
"dasame-san, would you like a beer?-"
"I'M NOT DASAME, MY NAME'S SADAME!" (toma's angry face is too cute!!)

awww...the moment when he was feeling so upset about the director was so sad...i just wanted to give him a hug! you can really contrast his naive side with his pervy side during the group date haha!
i think matsuoka summed it up pretty well; 'you just have to sit there and say nothing! or i would prefer if you just sat there and said nothing!' xD
and then when sadame and anai were lying down on the bar to get the "warmth"....LOL sadame baka!

nagase's acting is fantastic too, the way he cries is really comical xD must be so exhausting though if they have to take a lot of takes for it...

lol, the professor's comment is one of my faves that's what i call maximum optimism lol, but it's quite sweet too :)

do you have a fave episode so far?

the next episode sounds interesting, ne? it seems to focus on a character that sadame has a crush on :D i'm really looking forward to when tomalicious releases it!

ultraviolet_p1 said...

I think it's rather funny having Sadame act out all what Unubore is doing each time; as it's like a diary of his life, every time he captures the criminal. The latest one, where Sadame and the other cop wanted to see it first hand when he gives the woman the ultimatum.

Oh, and I really like Unubore's dad. He is so smart. I knew it, when he tole Unubore that he was so lucky to have the woman (in the earlier ep) and never to let her go ' - meaning that she is a crim, and not let go of his chance to capture her'.

Sadame's little love arc is coming up next. Hope he doesn't get picked on too much ~ ah

Cezie said...

aww.Kate-chan. when i was watching the pics, u shot all of my favorite scenes! keke. but i wanted to see the scenes wherein Toma was a corpse. haha. that was multiple times. they really used toma a lot in this drama neh? he's everywhere and im loving it!! Love love the casanova Toma look! hihi

kate♥toma said...



yep! so cute & nervous. hehe.
really? sugoi...=D


(it's great that u figured that out. hehe. i'm just too lazy to login most of the time to comment...xD)
no problem!! it was fun, but it took a long time to choose my fav pics. xD

oh, that tv interview part was sooooo funny! i somehow forgot to talk about that, but i loved that part. ~__~ and then after that, all the things he said at the bar, trying to make it seem not so bad. haha....he is really cute when he's embarrassed or mad. <3

that's true! it's nice to see both sides of him in that episode. LOL. i loved how matsuoka said that to him. xDDD and trying to feel the "warmth"!! fufufu. but toma looked super cute in that scene too.

nagase is just AWESOMELY funny and kakkoii and everything!! *O* that's must be tiring if he had to do it over n over! but i do love his funny crying scenes!! and his yelling scenes too!! LOL.

oh, the next episode!! sadame likes someone!! wow. although she looks kinda stern/not very pretty, but YEYYY for sadame. =D fav toma moments are from ep.5. but my fav episode is episode 2. a lot of really funny moments (nagase's dance!! & trying to get her to confess while half asleep. xD) and it was funny, how all the guys like her (and she's 1 of the most pretty and nice girl that unubore falls for).


yeah! it's a really neat idea. everything unubore goes through, sadame will have to right after that. it's almost like a reality show, everything is exagerrated. that part was awesome!! it's like they were watching tv, and the police officer was saying "i was just curious, but i can't just let her go..." LOL!!

unubore's dad is really a good cop still. i didn't notice that part, but that's such a clever way to tell him she's the culprit! LOL.

sadame's love story. wow....even though i know it'll end badly, i'm really looking forward to seeing how different he is when he's in love. ~__~ the somewhat serious, loving side of him.


really?? heehee...xD oh, right. those parts are funny too, but i just wanted the cutest toma moments. yep! i think it's awesome that cuz of his role, toma gets to appear more than the other guys, though i still wish there was more of toma. xD i just wish his character had a little more depth and was not so stupid and teased so much. lol. casanova toma is cool, but i think nagase pulls off the look a lot better. haha. but i guess that's just cuz they try to make toma's unubore look silly all the time.

Anonymous said...

aww Toma is always cute in all his drama's lol ^_^ ♥ and funny but I want to watch this one where I can watch it???

生田MIZZA said...
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生田MIZZA said...

i'm not so sure where u could watch it on9 but u can dl it @
but u've to create livejournal account & join the community 1st b4 u could download it ^__^

生田MIZZA said...

aww.... katie.. ^__^ i really really love this entry so~ much.. there were a lot of cute+funny+interesting scenes & beautiful places in this dorama.. ^__^ heheeee..
owh, Sadame's naive expression is sooo cute & adorable!! ^///^ aww.. i want more Sadame part in the next ep.!

kate♥toma said...


u can watch it online at, but i guess it's best to DL it from TFS, like mizza said. cuz the subs are better there, and i always wanna support TFS. =D


i'm so glad u love my post so much!!! ~___~ i didn't expect to post up so many pics, but there are so many cute/funny/pretty moments, i wanted to share them with everyone!! heehee. hai, sadame's innocent face is super cute!! just wanna hug him!! =P i guess he'll appear more in ep.6. YEY!!!!<3

Pigmom said...

Im sad im behind on Unudeka recently cuz of work T.T
Reading this makes me wanna c ep.5 so much!!!!!!
Im gonna miss Sadama when the drama ends >.<

kate☂ said...

aww...sorry to hear that, pigmom.
but it's alright, i also feel behind cuz in japan there's only 2 episodes left. kinda seems fast. i'll miss sadame and unubore the most....awww. T__T

Anonymous said...

oh yeahh! nagase's confrontation and yelling scenes in ep.2 were hilarious!! xD he spends hours yelling and scrambling throughout the playground when the girl suddenly appears, 'i'm ready to go when you are,' and he's like, O_O' hehe..

i couldn't stop laughing when he kept on falling asleep throughout the confrontation...then it was her turn to look like this: O_O'

i didn't know much about nagase before this drama except that he's a TOKIO member...i'll have to start looking up what other dramas he's been in- he's very kakkoi! but of course, toma is always no. 1! <3

ooooh! i forgot to mention in my last comment, it wasn't until i saw your post that i finally understood why unubore was constantly saying "i am me!" in the dream sequences..i was so confused when i first watched it, but it makes sense now :D arigatou!

and then when i saw toma's face lean in as if he was going to kiss unubore during the dream...that was my turn to look O_O /dazed....LOL xD

yeah..the girl in next week's ep did look kinda stern and'll be an interesting contrast to sadame's adorable dorkiness xD

Pigmom said...

finally caught up XDXDXDXD
the actress in the preview was the one in kimi wa petto with MatsuJun, thats the only drama i remember shes lucky ne? acting w/ younger guys...Jun & now Toma :)))

生田MIZZA said...

wow.. ^____^ so many comments. heheee... hi Lou & Pigmom (^o,^)/")
katie, wahh... i guess the last ep of unudeka is next week ne.. T___T uwaaa.... soooooo sad.. UNUDEKA TEAM IS THE BEST!! fufuuu.. hope the TFS Team will share the dl link of the next ep of unudeka a.s.a.p ne.. :)

kate☂ said...


LOL!!! for all those reasons, that's why i love ep.2!! nagase freaking out in the playground for hours...falling asleep while trying to arrest her...xD me too! i really didn't know anything about him except that he's in TOKIO. i love him so much now. heehee. i won't be looking for his other dramas, but i'll look forward to new tokio songs and news about nagase from now on...hehe.

oh, the "i am me" part! LOL....i finally understood it when i saw the bar's name in the screencaps!! xD u're welcome!!

fufufu...toma and the other 2 guys' kissy faces looked so silly. xD

yeah!! i was hoping sadame would like a prettier girl, but oh well. u're right, it'll be interesting to see how they interact...


yey!! =D oh, really? yeah, she looks older than toma. she's such a lucky actress!! both jun and toma...hehe.


hai...every1 likes talking about unudeka. hehe. xD awww....souka... >___< UNUDEKA TEAM FOREVER!! hehe...i wasn't really that excited about this drama when i knew toma was gonna be in it, but after the 1st episode, i already loved it!! oh well...i've had lots of fun watching this drama. i'll happily watch it till the very end!! yep...i hope TFS will release ep.6 soon. heehee.

生田MIZZA said...

katie.. ^__^ yeay!! the tfs team just released the 6th ep of unudeka.. yeay!! i'm on my way to dl it but my internet connection is soooo slow ne.. T___T uwa... i just can't wait to watch that ep sooo much..

Anonymous said...'ll be interesting to see if her character is generally an unpleasant one, but then whenever she's around sadame she's all 'doki doki!' xD

i guess we'll be able to find out now that ep 6 is out! yay! :D

but uwahh~! my internet connection is still really slow...and such a suspenseful episode!! it's moments like these where i wish i could get a better internet plan! ah well, it'll teach me to be patient for the next couple of days :p

hehe..ohayou, mizza-chan! :D

Anonymous said...

Mizza, Kate thenkyou so much ^_^ to tell me I appreciated but another question, I already become a member, but where I can watch the drama XD??

kate♥toma said...


*O* yey!! i'll try to DL it soon...


hmm...she looks like she's cold to everyone, but she seemed nice to unubore! souka...lucky for me, i don't have a slow internet connection, but it always takes me a long time to watch each ep. cuz i pause it so much to screencap. LOL...


u're welcome! oh...haha. u must really be knew to LJ...this is the direct link to the first episode. u have to be logged in at LJ to get to these locked posts.

and the rest of the episodes are all there (in locked posts that only members can see).... u just also need the HJSPLIT program. just google it. and then once u've downloaded all the parts of 1 episode, u use HJSPLIT to join them together.