Friday, August 22, 2008

2nd b-day poll results! it's up!!


it's done!

it's up!

each heart now represents 1 vote!!
*** go to Dear Toma... now to check it out! and the marquee w/fans info/messages!

we have 207 votes total, and 99 ppl voted.
just 1 short of 100. hahaha~

i added japanese translations of all the might be a little off, but i think toma would be able 2 understand what i'm trying 2 say.

i just thought up the globe w/hearts~ toma love all over the world~! pic while editing my post there! hahaha~ look closely, u'll see lots of tiny pink dots that represent toma fans all over the world! ~_~ i know there should be more, but that's about all i can fit on there.

ja, i'll post something new here later...

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