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heart_quotes.gif toma-ism #30:
toma-kun...u never run out of cute and funny faces/gestures, do you??!! ^__~

[TOMA'S SO PRETTYYYYY! ;) pic credit: tamegorou]

hi all!

like i said be4,
i've been catching up at the toma LJ from the middle of 2007-some of 2008, you see.
(xD did u read the latest tomagoto?)
and i've finally recently finished going thru the 2007 posts, you see.
so. i've gathered some links to some pretty awesome toma goodies 2 share with u all! enjoy. =)

MANY MANY THANKS to those that posted/uploaded these things to share with all toma fans!
*deep bow* ARIGATOU GOZAIMAS!! *claps*

some randomness~
of course~ "that's what she always does, right?" haha~

(oh, the other day, i mentioned a song. turns out the title translates to "numerical/digital life". 4 those interested, the translated lyrics are here.)


voting for july has ended, but now there's voting 4 august!
for july, in the end, toma got 5th place.
that's crazy though, cuz i was voting till the end, and he was in 4TH!
except if somehow, there were ppl voting 4 toma that were somehow cheating, so they deleted many of his votes?!

anyway, PLEASE KEEP VOTING! EVERY VOTE COUNTS! i voted a lot yesterday!! over 100 times! if, say, even just 100 ppl each vote 10 times (u can vote each minute!) a day, toma's votes could easily increase by 1000 each day! =)

................FYI: it's HOT in tokyo!! -___-

it's crazy hot in tokyo right now!!
i checked the weather @yahoo Weather (yesterday), and it said it was 83 degrees (28 in C) (but feels like 90), and it was 3:00 am JST!!
in the day, the highs are gonna be near 90!!
thank goodness it's around 10 degrees cooler where i am. whew!
(damn it, it's getting hotter, though.)

toma & every1 in tokyo,
(i've heard that wetting your shirt sleeves
helps u stay cool. & it really works!)

.................................................... cool 2oo7 LJ posts! *___*

[Un4gettable / FOUR TOPS ~ videos ~ mp3s ~ scans ~ more]

[i'm pretty sure i already posted about digiFaith's youtube channel, but dunno if i posted about the fansite. it's linked @ the youtube videos there, but anyways, i'll plug the fansite here again, cuz it's so awesome. =D]


[Nakatsu's Thoughts Special: Nakatsu's development throughout Hana Kimi]
[i really enjoyed reading these Nakatsu's Thoughts entries by kipani_mariko!! i learned a lot about how toma's nakatsu differs/is just as cute as the nakatsu in the manga. also, how his storylines differed in the drama and manga! 2 read her other nakatsu thoughts entries, go here:]


[nakatsu's thoughts. this part really got to me!!! awwww!! ='(
"In the manga, Nakatsu asked Mizuki if he could keep loving her for a little bit until his feelings calmed down after the rejection. It was really sad because he couldn't help his feelings, and he realized that his feelings are not returned. You could see the sad look on his face, even if he attempted to smile. Toma is so great at bringing this to life :)"]



[pic credit: tomapi_rabu, LOL!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS FUNNY TOMA FACE!!! kawaiiiiii.]
[CRB (cat in the red boots) capspam, thanks to tomapi_rabu!]


[pic credit: ryoko293, WAH, never seen this pic be4. ^_^]
[some tomapi pics and ryoko293 explains their relationship, a little]

[Newbie!... who is Pi??]
[more about toma & yamashita's relationship!]

[pic credit: ?? i don't remember where i saved this from. sorry! probably a fan's signature @tomalicious?]

["Toma in Blue Seduction! look at him camwhore again!XD (he's such a pretty!XD)"]
[1 OF MY FAV FAV SET OF TOMA PHOTOSHOOT PICS!!!!!! toma's so prettyyyyyyy!! moeeeee!!! *___* ]


[Tomagoto is back ^O^ Now it's Called Tomagoto NEO]

[more tomagoto neo]

[poor guys, they couldn't turn on the air conditioner while filming in the classroom 4 hana kimi!! 0_o AND CHECK OUT THE 6/24 volume 10 entry: his complaint of a man, woman wearing too revealing clothes! LOL! xD]


["Since I'm so excited about the upcoming and much awaited HANA KIMI japanese dorama, I just thought of sharing my screencaps of TOMA IKUTA from Asuka e Soshite Mada Minu Ko e. It 's a heavy drama special lead by Inagaki Goro in 2005, I think. Toma made a very brief appearance as a younger brother to Goro. Toma's tv screen appearance is approximately around 1 minute and 30 seconds. =P"]

[toma crying!! always heartbreaking!! ='( ]

["Pictures of The "12 Kisses"
Should be in the next episode of Hana Kimi, I think. Please don't venture further if you don't want pictures to spoil it for you ^^;** added some reeeeaally brief translation of Oguri Shun's radio program on 7/4, with Toma as his guest."]

[what shun & toma said about their kiss!! EHHHHH?? hounto?? haha~]


["anyway, I have some pix taken from behind the scenes of Hana Kimi and well these are for those who haven't seen it yet.....basically contains a lot of TOMA"]

[toma's looking SO cool in those pics of them sitting in the dining hall!!]

[GYAO 09/07 scans!
...features Toma, Shun and Maki and other Hana Kimi cast]

[1 of my fav photoshoots of this trio!! toma's looking so freaking cool again!! haha~]

[Hana Kimi Episode 10 Animated Icons
× 22 Hana Kimi animated icons]

[ai0no0ff made lots of cool animated icons, but these were my favs!!]

[cool icons! "From Hana Kimi, episode 10. Aww, the series is ending soon!"]

["POTATO 8/2007 9/2007 (Smaller HanaKimi scans)
Hi all~ Here are more scans from the "Patato" magazines, this time smaller ones that are HanaKimi related!]

[awesome toma pics f/ endless shock!!]

[more TOMAGOTO (july 2007-oct.2007)]

[Two Gentlemen of Verona scans] [toma really does look like PRINCE CHARMING HERE NE!
KAWAiiiii x 100000!]


[Cat in the red boots: Review and new download links]

[dload links have expired, but it's a nice review + explanation of the story. =) ]


[ "[download] Ikuta Toma's ALL NIGHT NIPPON, 071214
Ikuta Toma's ALL NIGHT NIPPON broadcasted on 14 Dec, 25:00~27:00
aka 15 Dec, 1AM to 3AM"]

[toma's voice is so wonderful ne!!! i love listening to him just talking, even! and when he laughs!!! ♥ ♥ ♥! he's really very bubbly and happy on this night. a MUST LISTEN 4 all fans! if only i knew what he was saying, it'd be even better.]


[ "[radio] Songs Chosen by Toma on 12/14 ANN
I'm terribly spent and I simply suck in Japanese, hence this is as much as I can do. Sorry.A list of songs Toma had chosen and broadcasted on his ANN, plus some really really brief explanations about them."]



[[DOWNLOAD] Zoom in 071010 - Ikuta Toma ] [T TALKS ABOUT SOME GUYS PICKING ON HIM CUZ HE'S A JE BOY! aiyaaaa...]

[toma magazine scans! TOMA'S SKETCH OF HIS ROOM, + HIS BABY PICS!! ]

(scanlation of it can be found here):
[TRANSLATION: Various Q&A on Toma!, Seventeen 01/2008, HIS ROOM!]



["oricon named him THE new male star of the year"!!! Izm's friend says toma's become the breakout star of 2007!! SUGEEEEEEH!! ^_^v i love reading about how popular he is. haha~ it's times like this, i feel even more proud 2 be a toma fan!]

[download "KAT-TUN's fancam in which has Toma as a guest"]
[listen to the crowd's reaction when they realize toma's there!! madness! hahaha~ toma's so cute, even when he's looking so casual and his hair's not done...he was on his knees, asking every1 2 see Azumi!!]



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