Wednesday, August 20, 2008

hana kimi SP pics/ toma's pics from his school days / a favor to ask....

double_hearts.giftoma-ism #37:
Love me love me
say that you love me
fool me fool me
go on and fool me
love me love me
pretend that you love me
leave me leave me
just say that you need me.
(lyrics f/the cardigans' Love Fool)

[pic credit: teacup79@LJ]

i found this place recently:

saw some pics there of toma that i've never seen before!!
well, cuz i have not finished catching up to all the posts i missed at the toma LJ yet...
so maybe for some of u, u've already seen these. but i'll post them up anyway. =) nakatsu & mizuki, back together again!!! ~_~ ah-hh, i missssss hana kimi!!! really hoping the hana kimi SP will be really special and funny!! oh, some fans there were saying nakatsu's hair is different from before, it's not as styled, it resembles takemoto's hair more. haha~ i actually like his hair like this! be4 his hair looked really...manga-like, but i think he looks just as cute/cool with this hairstyle!!
there's also some links to youtube videos (some of them already deleted though!), pics of toma's ad poster for KFC, some really cool pics of toma from his student days here, etc.!! he really does look awesome all the time, even from back then!! even/especially with glasses on!

[pic credit: nomanymore]
[pic credit: currynana]
i've got a favor to ask...
i wonder if any1 here could translate from english to japanese a short message i want to write for toma on the b-day card i'm sending to him....i just want to write maybe a short paragraph, cuz even if it's in japanese, i figure i'll keep it short and simple for toma. if some1 can do that, pls comment here with your email, or u can email me (check my profile below).
if no1 can can help me here, i guess i can try requesting at AF or ask at i'm gonna try to send the b-day card(s) (thinking of sending one to each different address i found?? hmmm.) by the end of this month, but we'll see how things go.....

P.S. i know, i know. today's post was quite boring. haha~
as usual, i will save the more interesting/longer posts for
fridays~Maou days,

so pls look forward to it!
also, pls look forward to the new toma b-day poll results!!



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