Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Maou episodes 2 & 3~ comments

double_hearts.gif toma-ism #34:
Even in the windy morning or rainy night,
you continue your dream...
Now you're a real hero.
This field is the stage where you will shine...
Those eyes give courage to the world.
Your dream is everyone else's dream.
You're a hero!
(translated lyrics from Arashi's song, Hero.
did u notice how the screencap goes with the "rainy night" part??
=) of course u did! haha~ i try 2 match the toma-ism
with the subject of the post sometimes.)

just gonna share what i think about Maou eps. 2-3.

btw, toma's tomagoto entry last friday was cute. haha~ he was saying even though the beijing olympics is exciting, remember fridays at 10pm is for Maou, NOT beijing. =P

(IMO, the olympics ceremony did not live up to all the hype and high expectations of showing the world a "new" and "modern" china ne!)

ah~ but of course lots of ppl watched the olympics opening ceremony, so episode 6's ratings dropped to 7.6!! ehhh... =( be4 that the ratings actually were increasing a little, too. (sigh!)
though i don't like this drama A LOT, it still deserves higher ratings than it's currently getting.
although H&C and Maou are not as good as hana kimi, but still...
already only 4 ep.s left!! i've gotta catch up so~on!!

be4 i start though, here's an old, short funny clip of young toma in a skit where he's interrogating some gangster. hahaha~ now when i watch toma in Maou's interrogation scenes, i'll remember him in this skit.

[a very young officer toma interrogates a suspect! =P]

also, i've uploaded screencaps from episodes 2 and 3 here. i had 2 make a new account. so here's the new link:

so... episodes 2 and 3. i'm glad i'm liking the series more now! it's more exciting and i'm really looking forward to each new episode... i'm used to the pace, look & feel of the series now. ummm...i still only really look forward most to toma's scenes, though. to be honest. haha~ i'm only really concerned about what happens 2 toma. and it almost seems like toma gets a little more screentime than ohno, right? or am i imagining things.

i had a "kyaaa!" moment when toma was saying he would definitely protect her!!! kakkoi!!! *__*
(it was also a deja vu/flashback moment cuz junpei said the same thing in HYD2!)
toma only needs 2 say this with the same serious tone and look in his face to his future girlfriend, and i'm sure she'd stay with him forever. hee hee~ like u need any more reason other than that it's TOMA to stay with him forever ne! good grief, it's TOMA! never let him go! haha~

also when toma was crying in the rain. another very special scene!! toma does a really great job in all his guilty/sad/breakdown scenes! he really brings out strong feelings in his performance. ohno, too, but i feel like this drama, toma's got the tougher role that requires more intense acting. ohno is so cool/serious/quiet most of the time. that's easier 2 do, right? but toma's got all these running/shouting/screaming to do. and also the guilty/sad/shocked scenes.
this is really a challenging role for toma! i'm really proud of him for taking this tough role.
but i feel bad that the ratings are so low. if toma only knew that overseas fans R also watching, he'd feel better! =/ then again, i think the % of toma fans that R overseas might also be similar to the % in japan...(sigh!) wish this drama was more popular, for toma's sake and the cast & staff's sake. but then again, i can see why the ratings R low.

Maou -episodes 2 and 3- comments (*of course, there R no spoilers):

-i noticed there R a lot of really really close-up shots of toma and ohno!
that's no problem 4 toma cuz he's got such nice & smooth skin, but i can't say the same 4 ohno. haha~

-i'm feeling the story is rushed along too fast. there R barely any breaks in the story 4 the characters 2 relax or for the audience to really think about what just happened. especially for naoto...seems like he's always bumping into naruse and then there's TENSION again. poor guy.
ummm... but i guess they can't help it. they're squeezing quite a lot of stuff from a 20 episode drama into a drama that's half as short! i wonder why japanese dramas are often so short, only 10-11 episodes long! but i gotta say, of the few i've seen, they are absolutely MUCH MUCH better than the tvb series i've seen these last couple years. it's amazing how they can cram so much good stuff into such a short period of time, right? =)

[i've said this several times be4, but i LOVE ties and i LOVE how cool toma looks wearing a tie, especially a simple black tie against a white shirt, like this!! awesomeness.]

-i think it's cool how naoto is always almost/in the middle of smoking, but u don't see him ACTUALLY doing it. haha~ maybe cuz JE needs toma to keep that good guy image, even in this role.

-i don't really particularly like any of the supporting characters. they R uninteresting/1-dimensional/generic. i think that's 1 of my main problems with this series....besides toma, ohno, and shiori, i don't really see how the others contribute to the story...they're just there for show. not that they're not great actors, but their characters are just not special/likeable.

-i still don't like Shiori. she is too girly! Ryoko's pretty and a good actress, but besides having psychic powers, there's nothing special about her character. she is a little annoyingly too optimistic/happy, also. haha~

-naruse sets up very good traps/murder plans, no? u gotta give him that!! how does he know ppl will certainly react a specific way so that some1 will end up dead?? well, sometimes it's quite obvioius, but other times, it could have gone either way. ma, i suppose i've gotta keep up my suspension of disbelief when watching slightly supernatural dramas like this. i'm not questioning her superpower, yet i'm wondering how he can plan this stuff out so well?? lol~

-i'm getting a little bored of seeing toma & ohno in almost the same clothes all the time. haha~ and shiori's clothes is not that nice, either. the frilly, girly, long styles reminds me of hagumi all over again!!


Anonymous said...

LOL When I saw toma in that black suit I was like kYAAAA because I love men wearing suits~ And the crying in rain-scene... I almost died there, he was so damn good.. really! It IS a tough role and he masters it great! More Love for TOMA YAY~

I can't wait for tomorrows EP if there is one... cause I heard it will pause..? I hope not T__T

savvy kate said...

he does look so cool in his black suit, and i was so glad he finally got different clothes on! lol~ definitely!! this is a tough, really emotional role and u can see toma really gives 110% to bring out all the different emotions of this character! BRAVO, TOMA~

hounto?? why? something 2 do with a problem of the tv schedule cuz of the olympic games, maybe??

UV said...

That part about the smoking. I can't believe it - I thought exactly like that too. Cos, he had the cigarette and everything - but most of the shots, he never actually gets a chance to do the deed. Ha...finding many similar thinkings waves here.

I can't remember now, I think in Episode 5, he does actually smokes (I guess the pattern is broken...).

Glad you're liking it a little more. I know H& C was slow, that is why the ratings. But why is Maou low as well...so sad.

savvy kate said...

thx 4 commenting here, UV! and also participating in the toma b-day project!! ~_~ dunno if the other AF ppl came here too? thx 4 letting me know it's u, too!

hahaha! hounto? maybe other fans think so too, about him "smoking". aw, i guess they had 2 show him smoking eventually, or it'll be weird. aiya, i still haven't watched ep.s 4-5. partly why i haven't come to the AF thread these days! afraid of spoilers. i'll watch tomorrow!!!