Friday, August 29, 2008

if only i'd seen him in LV then!! / yada yada yada (randomness)

smilie toma-ism #40:
you sexy little thug!
[lyrics f/Beyonce's In da club]

[screencap from the Two Princes MV i mentioned in my last post. a super kawaii moment that i haven't seen in any nakatsu/hana kimi MVs, i think!! ah~ he just makes me MELT!! when he looks straight in the camera, straight at me~ this way!! ~_~]

[a tomadorable pic of him w/a puppy in the rain that just makes u wanna HUG him! & i like rain/umbrella pics! scans here: thanks to bleahzzz,]

[toma, you sexy little thug!! THIS COOL POSE OWNS & LOVE HIS COOL LOOK! u can find this scan somewhere here:,
**lots of high quality, BIG magazine scans, recent and old**]


new version of the TOMA BIRTHDAY POLL results is up now, HERE! i think i did a good job of managing the space... it should be enough 4 for the 37 days left, cuz not much new votes coming in. unless 4 some unforeseen reason, tons of new ppl show up here and vote, i should have no problem of fitting it all in. =) it's cool 2 see all the hearts there now! each stands for 1 vote from a fan, some love from a fan sent to toma. ^_^ i was hoping to get hundreds of votes, actually, but then again, when u think about it--- if toma actually could get 48 kisses or 41 hugs-- that's already a lot, not 2 mention the other stuff! if u wanna picture it, it'd be like 2 classrooms' students (each with 25 ppl, let's say) crowded around him to give him hugs/kisses. hahaha!

oh, just found out, toma said in his latest blog entry that hana kimi SP will air *OCT. 12*!! i'm actually happy with this airdate, cuz it gives me something 2 look forward to after maou has ended & toma's birthday has past...

happy maou day/friday!
what ep. aired hours ago...up to ep. 9 now?
wah, already only 1 ep. left!!
ma, all good things have 2 come to an end.
i'm happy that the ratings increased to 12 and 11!! yeah~!

hope u'll like these toma pics.

some toma cuteness 2 brighten up your friday/saturday! =)
i don't have much to say today,
but i will---



you'll see~ ^_~

...........try posting an encouraging message to toma here!

315 messages posted! (0nly 2 other guys/groups got more than 300 messages)

i only noticed fans were posting messages here 4 toma and posted a message myself recently. haha~ u can see toma's fans f/ all around the world posting!

i'm happy 2 see some HK fans!! =P cuz though i'm f/the USA, lots of times i feel like i'm half f/HK, cuz i love all HK stuff (artists, dramas, music, food, scenary, piers, architecture, malls, cheap but great public transportation, language, LIFE!, CULTURE!) & i grew up watching HK tv series & wishing i lived there (well, i still do wanna live there, actually!). lol~ except for the too fast/stressful pace of life & bad air quality & crowded-ness & it's expensive 2 live there & the typhoons & i can speak/understand very little canto & it gets so damn HOT in the summer & they're gradually losing some freedom after they've gone back to china, HK is my DREAM place 2 live. ~_~ plus, it's so close to JAPAN, visiting japan/toma would only be a short plane ride away!! *__*

sorry, went off-topic as often happens when i think of HK, which will always have a big claim on my heart. ^_^

...........we could have met in LV!!

[Las Vegas scans here: thanks to bleahzzz,]

was looking thru some old toma magazine scans.

he and the others went to LV in oct. 2000!! ehhhhh???!!!
i was there in xmas 2000!! if only he had gone 2 months later,

somewhere on the streets!
maybe in a casino's arcade!
or even went on the same elevator together!
i was 18, he was 16.

to have seen him then,
and then many years later,
become his fan??!!
then it'd also be like we were destined 2 be together!! *__*

ok ok, enough daydreaming......toma-kun, when will u be in the usa again?? =(
i saw some HK stars including my beloved hacken (got his autograph!! was in the same picture as him!!) at LV cuz they had a concert there...but i almost never hear of japanese artists coming to LV. mostly just american comedians/singers or HK singers/actors.

................look what i found!!
[Endless SHOCK, dload links!!]

...................his blog entries

well, u've seen translations of tomagoto, but have u actually seen pics of his actual sms (text) message on a subsriber's cellphone? no? well, just search for it online, i just recently found a place that has some images of it!! *__* but u know who is really strict about posting up their artists' pics/other stuff, so i won't post the link here. sorry. but u should be able to easily find it if u google it. =), see u tomorrow! *_*

(btw, miriam's new song is called "ming yut joi wui", which means "meet u tomorrow". i like this song, and the MV is (bitter)sweet too! i like the shots of her top that looks like a skirt flowing in the breeze at the start and end of the MV!! this must be what's so pretty/attractive to toma about "floating" skirts that girls wear that he loves 2 see. xD i like flowing skirts too, toma! ah~ she's gone back to purple colered hair now! i swear, i will dye my hair a cool purple like fa (mir's nickname) or at least get purple highlights some day!! just like toma wants 2 dye his hair pink like Hide someday. lol~ )

P.S. i've noticed in recent days, i've my visitor count has increased! i dunno if it's cuz of the b-day project or ppl R back f/vacations or what, but i appreciate more ppl coming here!! =D thanks, everyone-chan! i hope you'll keep coming back, too.

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