Sunday, August 31, 2008

new banners. =)

i hope everyone likes the new banners. =)
thanks to Marser again 4 letting me use the pic!

it really brightens up the blogs! it's the summer banner. i'm gonna change the picture for the banner each season at least, or each time i see a really nice picture...i got the idea kinda from ellen's tv show, where she'd change the bg pic of the big screens behind her onstage, and partly from igoogle's theme where each day, it's a different background.
it would make the blogs look nicer, right? and cuz i'm not so good at making banners with toma's pics, this is a good way of changing the banners once in a while & also sharing with you all some beautiful photos of nature! i went thru A LOT of pics at flickr, too many... to find the one that i'm using now. a lot are pretty, but they're either too small or not the right season. FINALLY, this was 1 of the last pics i found.
AMAZINGLY, only after choosing this pic did i notice that that cloud looks like a HEART!! what a wonderful coincidence, right?? xD
(btw, *Sakura* has got some of the most amazing (and colorful!) flower/nature photos i've ever seen!! u gotta check them out here:

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