Wednesday, June 11, 2008

too many TOMA PICS!! / update on HK's hana kimi ratings

[1 of the screencaps from the crunchyroll link below! LOL!! toma is so cute as a girl! wish some1 could tell me where 2 watch this video clip! xD]


1st of all, i realize a lot of the toma fans (in junior high/high school/college) must be preparing for end of the year final exams now, so i wanna say:
(hope i'm not too late in saying this! haha. but why would u be here, though, if u R studying like mad right now...haha...anyway, i hope u'll get this message!)

remember 2 be like toma, he always tries his best each day! =)
gambatte ne!!!

( btw, i read just recently that this is toma's fav song, and it makes him happy and gives him energy. i hope it can do the same for all of u!! u can listen to the song here. the person made an MV with images that the song talks about like rainbows and green grass and whatnot.... enjoy!! i have a general idea of what the song means after using Babelfish 2 translate....i think it's something like u should be proud of yourself and keep going cuz u make the world more beautiful (?)
"to you who are trying harder than anyone", by HARCO )

2nd of all,
a loud, but FRIENDLY "HELLO!!" *waving* to all the new ppl that just found this blog recently! ^_^
i hope u'll like it here and keep coming back often!

toma-ism #8:

toma-kun...Your beauty is something I am not worthy of.
(translated lyrics of a jay chou song)

GOOD NEWS, the canto-dubbed hana kimi's ratings in hong kong went back up to 14% (it was at 12% the week be4, and the highest it got was 15) this past sunday! YESSSS! =) i was worried the huge storm going on there would affect the ratings, afraid something would go wrong with the TVs and ppl wouldn't be able 2 watch. haha...

remember, u can check out how the ratings have been like


[here's a preview of some of the CUTEST toma pics from the links below.
sorry, it's too small & can't do justice for toma's SUPER CUTENESS,
but it's much faster 4 me 2 show u this way!]


[BABY, teen, recent toma pics!]
[mostly wallpapers and photoshopped BIG pics of toma!]

i need 2 quote a person at crunchyroll and say that TOMA is:
"soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kawaii" -timtamstar

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