Thursday, June 26, 2008

toma wants to get married at 30, wants kids, really likes matsu takako, & MORE RANDOM FACTS

double_hearts.gif toma-ism #13: love!

[was testing out a photos program and i made this...hehe. ]


1. toma wants to have kids!
(remember my very detailed, imaginative post about why toma and i can't be together HERE. lol!)

2. he wants to get married when he's 30
(or be4 30? depends on the which translation you think is correct...)

[got this info from the translation of the Recomen radio show that TFS provided here.
the start, when toma says "wait, you 2 are not alone"!!! unbelievably TOMADORABLE!! ~_~ ]

and the same show's translation, but in full, and only in written form
(though not as detailed and might not be as correct as TFS's version) here:
(many thanks to ttthhbbbtt!!)

3. toma uses a mac!
(got the info from his cellphone blog post here:

4. he really likes matsu takako!
(got this info from an old tv interview TFS translated...uh, u can find it at TFS! i downloaded it a long while back...i think it was one of the first tv interviews translated by TFS, if that helps.... )

5. Feb.14, 1996 was the day Toma-chan officially debuted as a Johnny Jr kana..
[info from, thanks 2 bborn 4 the Endless Shock 2007 recap!! now i know why koichi's character died and know more about the plot.]

6. toma was a police chief for 1 day!
7. toma knows how to play the guitar, and he spent around 9 years learning/playing!
8. toma likes a girl with a nice smile. =)
9. toma thinks his best feature is his butt. =P
(lol! i've heard from other fans or read somewhere about this)
[info from] this! (i've been going through the toma LJ archive recently...i'll share with you any particularly special toma stuff that i find!):
description: This time I'm sharing a clip I downloaded recently from baidu..
It's about chibi Toma, Yamapi, and Hasejun making a radio show I think.. super cute!
(thanks to L4E!)

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