Saturday, June 28, 2008


[this is my profile pic there, as Kate n, and it's miriam yeung. hehe.
i love miriam!! =P]
AT LONG LAST...FINALLY...IT'S UP. but it's still in the testing stage, so it's got some first a lot of the pics from the original frappr map showed up, but after i edited the map style, suddenly they all disappeared! i've contacted tracy 2 ask 4 help...hopefully she can fix it.
i don't see a way 4 u to join right "add" button is there now! haha....

just want 2 show u how it looks now...
i don't think u have 2 join to join the map...
it should be the same as the way u joined the frappr map.

P.S. yesss!! i see more ppl coming here these days.
PLEASE ALSO GO TO THE Dear Toma... blog!
thank you, thank you! ~_~
i will really try 2 update ASAP.

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