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canto dubbed hana kimi's ratings in Hong Kong / some HK toma fansites!

double_hearts.gif toma-ism #6:
Toma-kun... Charm and beauty of which no words could describe!
(this was the title of a news article about a male asian artist, but i can't remember who. haha. sorry.)

i've been curious what the ratings for hana kimi would be once it aired in HK, the dubbed version!
but i kept forgetting 2 look it up until recently. and i can only read very few, basic chinese characters, so i couldn't find anything. THANK GOODNESS, i found Sakura's blog, A5 NEWS idy chan 陳玉蓮新聞, and she posted the Catch Me Now tvb series. She translated the whole ratings report for that week that hana kimi's first episode was aired:

"For prime time shows, first week telecast of "The Silver Chamber of Sorrows 銀樓金粉" averaged at 29 points, down 3 points from last week's series with the same time slot, of about 1.8 million viewers. "Catch Me Now 原來愛上賊" with Idy Chan 陳玉蓮 as the strong fighter, gained 1 point at 32 points average of over 2 million viewers and was at the highest of 34 points. Sunday night's Japanese drama "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Ikemen Paradise 花樣少年少女" dropped 8 points to 15 points average. aTV's "Flaming Butterfly" made only 4 points, down 1 from last week."

so for the first episode, it got 3rd place!
that's pretty good! considering its 10:30pm on sundays time slot!
and it's a dubbed, japanese series!

so i asked Sakura if she could help me get the ratings for the other weeks, and she very kindly and quickly replied, listing the ratings so far:

sakura said...
The HK ratings for "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Ikemen Paradise":
2008/05/04 - 15 points
2008/05/11 - 14 points
2008/05/18 - 15 points
2008/05/25 - 14 points
Average: 14.5 points

[15 points means 15%, so 15% of ppl watching tv were watching hana kimi for the first episode.]

she showed me where 2 check the ratings at the chinese wiki page for hana kimi HERE!
scroll down nearly to the end of the page. you'll see a chart of the ratings so far.
u can compare it with how the ratings were for each episode, in japan! (on the left side)

unfortunately, the ratings R going down....but june 1 was the day that the HUGE, star-studded artistes 512 fundraising concert was going on, so maybe that affected the ratings, though that concert ended at 10pm (but it started at around 2:30pm). all in all, it's doing pretty well, i think! i hope that the ratings will increase and more ppl will become toma fans after watching!! hehe. i have some friends in HK, i've reminded them to try watching! heehee.

some pretty nice HK fans' toma sites!!
but all in chinese!
i think they were all launched in 2008...

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