Wednesday, June 4, 2008

news about Maou / 2 cute toma pics

(pic f/ ini's imeem page)
(pic f/musica031's TATTOOED ON MY MIND toma MV)

double_hearts.gif toma-ism #3:
you're my DAY!DREAM! you know that I've been thinking about you...LATE!LY!
And everytime I look at you
I can't explain how I feel insane, I can't get away
You're my daydream, yeah...
(lyrics from avril lavigne's song "daydream")
Some "Maou" cast details
Thu, May 29, 2008 (10:55am EDT)
Some "Maou" cast details
Thu, May 29, 2008 (10:55am EDT)

A few more cast members have been formally announced for the TBS drama series "Maou." The show, remade from a 2007 Korean series, was revealed earlier this month, starring Satoshi Ohno as a revenge-seeking lawyer and Toma Ikuta as a detective.
Hitori Gekidan will be playing an elite company president who is also Ikuta's older brother. Koji Ishizaka has been cast as their father, while Yuji Miyake plays Ikuta's boss. It has also been mentioned that tarot cards will play a key role in the series. Gekidan commented that he has been studying tarot for some time. source: tokyograph

kams: minna-san sorry 4th OF JULY. okay? MAOU will be aired in jpan in FRIDAY 4TH OF JULY. :) sorry. sorry.
1 Jun 08, 19:14
kams: hi minna-san! ;) MAOU will be aired in japan on june 4 hahaha! im so excited! toma is so HOT there i like his hair bec it's kindda clean cut but SUPER COOL.:)

thanks, kams, 4 telling us!
july 4th! it's independence day in the usa.
lots of celebrations + fireworks.
but now i've got a real reason 2 celebrate that day!! =)
really hope this drama will get high ratings!!


kasm said...

hi kate, its kams ermmm. riko-chan and toma-san looks good together ne? hahaha. :)) kawaii. :)

savvy kate said...

yeah, but i still think they look more like brother & sister, cuz she's younger than him! (sorry 4 my lateness in replying!)