Wednesday, June 4, 2008

VAMPIRE TOMA would be cool!

(pics mostly f/musica031's TATTOOED ON MY MIND toma MV or tomalover's gallery:

double_hearts.gif toma-ism #5:
toma-kun...You're too perfect...
I'm afraid of your perfection...
(andy hui's translated to eng. "you're too perfect" song lyrics)

i was looking for pics of the twilight sky at flickr, when i found some for the movie Twilight (a pic from it below) about a vampire guy liking a human girl, and they were saying how the book that it's based on really emphasizes how this guy is really beautiful and his vampire friends are too. i don't think the guy playing that role is THAT cute (he's cho chang's ex-bf in the harry potter movie). he actually looks a little creepy cuz he's so skinny!!

anyway, it made me think of how cool it'd be if toma had a role as a vampire in a drama or movie!! haha. though i don't usually like vampire movies, but toma would make a really COOL and HOT one! haha. a lot of times, for his photoshoots, he already looks vampire-like, cuz he's got that certain evil or scary look sometimes, and when he has that kinda dark makeup on...!! and toma's got this certain intensity that would come in handy 4 this kinda role! edison's the cutest/coolest vampire guy in a movie (twins effect) i've seen, but if toma was a vampire, he'd be so much cuter/cooler!!! (and of course, in real life, toma is SO much COMPLETELY cuter/cooler than edison!)

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