Tuesday, June 17, 2008

FIREFOX 3'S DOWNLOAD DAY 2008!!! / hana kimi's HK ratings update

hi all!

this is just a quick post, so no toma-ism.

:cool: PLS HELP FIREFOX SET A Guinness World Record *TODAY* for the most software downloads in 24 hrs!!
:heart: FIREFOX!!

but though it's been available for around 2.5 hours now, i still haven't been able 2 dload! haha. too much traffic, can't access it most of the time! the times i WAS able to access, it led to a page that lets u dload Firefox 2, not 3!

anyway, KEEP CHECKING BACK if u can't access the site or if it only lets u dload the 2. u want to download the 3!

......Ratings for the episode 7, "suddenly in bed", of the cantonese dubbed hana kimi was 13% for the past sunday, 6.15.08... it was 14 the previous sunday. =/ this is compared to the 14.7% when it originally aired in japan on 8.14.07. i was hoping it'd be 15 or 16!! oh well...maybe cuz it was father's day, ppl were out celebrating with their fathers and that made the ratings decrease. i hope that was the reason...

[pic on the right: another random toma pic from baidu. heehee. ~_~ ]


i've noticed that the frappr fans map is really messed up for a long while now! =/
i dunno what's going on, but after waiting so long and it still hasn't been fixed, i emailed frappr and platial today 2 ask for help. i hope they'll respond soon and can get the map fixed! geez...

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