Monday, June 23, 2008

sorry...experiencing technical difficulties

hi all!

sorry, i really wanted to post new stuff up (especially what i thought of the end of h&c), but it's been mad hot here lately, and so my computer has been having problems. but with the help of my 2 brothers' computer expertise and some cool (literally!!) new hardware, everything should be working again and definitely much better than be4 by tomorrow! whew!! =)

at least i see the frappr fan map is showing up correctly now. no more gray images covering everything. but i still haven't heard back from frappr or platial ppl about getting it updated to the better platial style maps. geez.
i'll probably just have to sign up for a new platial map and start all over. hopefully many many toma fans that joined the frappr map will join this new map, too!, pls be patient and check back here later.
yappari it's summer...u should go out 2 the beach or something...have fun, stay cool!!

i am serious when i say no rude messages at the
Dear Toma... cbox!!
i have deleted that very rude comment and banned this person.
i hope i will not have this problem again! (sigh!)
i've got enough problems as it is.

pls know that if i'm not updating as often as usual,

so pls, no complaining that i'm not updating fast enough!
and it's not like anyone is paying me to update this blog, for pete's sake!
THIS IS FREE!!. i spend time updating this blog cuz i WANT to share my thoughts about toma or share info/news/pics/video,etc. about toma with all toma fans. but i don't NEED to. i'll update it whenever i can or whenever i want to.
it's MY BLOG!!

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deisnor said...

Hey sorry we didnt get back to you right away- we are seriously back-logged. No excuse I know. What do you need? Email me directly and I'll see what I can do. best, Di-Ann