Friday, July 31, 2009

eh!? toma's ningen hairstyle is unexpectedly weird!!

Oi! usashiibarii!! ^o^

iya~ though i am still posting on friday, but it feels like i've been away for a long while, cuz i've been completely in ★FAN ART★ mode since last week, so i haven't been doing anything else toma-ish these days. (and i really miss my toma time!!) thank goodness it's been quiet in the toma fandom, or else i'd have a ton of stuff to catch up with. *whew!*

let's see~ what have i been up to....i finally sent the 2 toma bday drawings 2 days ago, i went to mitsuwa♪ before that, and i also bought a teach yourself beginner's japanese book (goal: everyday communication) (have only bought a j phrasebook before), and i had a super vivid dream about me & toma!! *__* when toma leaned his head on my shoulder, when i kissed him on the cheek, it felt so real neeeeee.♥ ....umm, i haven't forgot~ i'll try to update the banners soon = summer theme!☀

[credit: careline18]

so, toma's new hairstyle!! wow. it looks...not good. haha. i didn't think ppl had this kinda haircut back in the 1940s? eh...but i guess it kinda looks charlie chaplin-ish?? which is good...?? this will take some getting used to!! at least it's black. and i really hated his majo hair at first, but i got used to it, so i guess i can get used to this hair too. well, check out the pics & video clip and other fans comments about his hair here:

i'm jealous of the little girls in his dramas/movie!! they all get to have such cute scenes with him/take pics/spend some time with him or get presents from him even!! he gave mai-chan (in majosai) a bday present, and she gave him a cellphone strap.


ultraviolet_p1 said...

He's gone skinny?!! That was my first reaction when he appeared, and then - realised his hair was still kinda in perm...sniffs. But the perm is like in front, and the back is shorter... And the volume somehow seemed big on him esp when he looked thin (for the role, I'm assuming, but like...awww). I think it's the fringe, curly fringe covering his forehead, and it's black (I rather his lighter perm on Majo) that makes me wonder - if it's something I could actually like at all >.<

But, luckily, the latter part, Toma seems to have a 2nd 'look'. The fringe (it's the curly fringe!) is off his forehead, and swept to one side. That one I can enjoy, and do like! It's different, but neater, and sorta stylish in a way. Hehehe. So, I'm glad there is that 2nd style in there.

kate`* said...

he looks a little thin and tired, but maybe it's also cuz of the makeup and big hair and loose clothes that makes him look more skinny? well, he's been working hard, so no wonder he got skinnier... =(

his permed hair does look big, almost like he's got a bad wig on. >_< but i guess the role requires it...

yeah, i guess the swept to the side look is a little better...ehh...i wish his hair was nicer 4 his 1st movie, but oh well.

Sophiya said...

Ох, я когда 1-ый раз увидела, чуть со стула не упала, я его еле-еле узнала, ппц... Вот, потихоньку привыкаю.