Wednesday, July 8, 2009

about the VOICE dvd set...

[ahhh~ how are u these days,
ryosuke, daiki, aki, teppei and hanei?? :D]
toma-kun talked about receiving the VOICE dvd already, since last week, but i didn't remember to check it out at yesasia and cdjapan till now. the dvd was released july 1...u can read his message about it at the above link. he also talks about how super busy he is now, but he's very happy and there are still lots of things he'd like to do... ^_^V toma's so ambitious ne~

i wish toma's dramas were released in DVD ALL format and also with english subs!! but since it's only region 2 and no subs...oh well, it's not like i can afford to buy them, anyways. i'm just happy i at least have the official hana kimi dvd set, with all the extra goodies. ~_~ Voice is my 3rd fav toma drama ever (eh...maybe tied with @Deep, though i still haven't finished that one! of course, #1 is hana kimi, #2 is Maou.), though, and i still listen to the Greeeen themesong a lot, as well as the soundtrack. it's really so inspiring!! and it reminds me of many special moments from Voice world.

at yesasia, the dvd box price is: US$252.49. yeah, it's expensive. as usual. but i'll just post the dvd description in case some of u are wondering what's in the dvd set. (i hope someone will buy it and upload some pics of what the dvd box and things that it comes with looks like!! I'M ALSO CURIOUS ABOUT THE H&C AND MAOU DVD BOXES...what they look like exactly...) VOICE was 1 of the highest rated dramas this winter?? hmm...actually, i guess that's true, remember how i compared its ratings to the other actually did pretty well. =)
One of the highest-rated mini-series of the 2009 winter season, the hit Fuji TV drama Voice revolves around five forensics medical students as they grow and learn through different cases, and try to find the final voice of the departed by solving the mystery behind their deaths. Popular stars Eito (Last Friends) and Ikuta Toma (Maou) lead the cast along with Ishihara Satomi (Puzzle), Endo Yuya (Nodame Cantabile), and Sato Tomohito (Giragira). Tokito Saburo plays the professor who guides the young students.

Comes with special booklet plus pre-broadcast special, unreleased footage, production presentation, birthday album, Q&A, and TV spot.

Special Features: deleted scenes, press conference footage, birthday footage, table-round talk, trailers.

P.S. and here's some funny news about Aki-chan (Ishihara Satomi) throwing the opening pitch for a baseball game in the Tokyo Dome!! kawaii na~ i like her hairstyle and outfit!! ;)

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