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majoSai -EPISODE 8- notes

episode 8! just watched it yesterday. another awesome episode!!
kaori continues to get worst, toru keeps investigating, izumi's husband brings mai home, izumi is tricked, a new witness & a visit to the crime scene (the empty, ghostly mansion!)!! only ep.s 9 and 10 left. tfs will probably release ep. 10 this friday or's really gonna end soon!!! =[

i'm anxious/excited to know how it ends, but kinda sad that i'll have to say goodbye to toru, izumi, majo world so soon. ma, it's not an exceptional drama, but it was still quite enjoyable and thrilling. =) and it's toma's 1st lead role after all, so it'll always be a little more special to me cuz of that.

well then, let's get to the notes!!
it's getting close to the end, so more spoilers too. don't read them if u haven't watched, but remember to come back and read them later if u can. =P thank you~

kate's -EPISODE 8- notes:

-toru's promise!! "i'll never leave your side again." ♥♥ though it's quite a cliche line, but when toma says it, and with so much feeling and such a sincere look on his face!!! ahhhh~ he really is so worried about her, even thought of quitting jury duty (though he can't) to take care of her!! awww.

and when he asks her to stay♥, but when she says it's ok, but then he still says, then i'll take u home.♥ just makes me think, how lucky a girl would be if u she were his girlf in real life, cuz i'm sure he'd be so sweet and caring to her, like this!!!!! and manami is sooooo lucky, getting to hug (and kiss!) toma so many times in this drama! kutchii!! (so irritating!!)

-wah!! sugoi, toru tries to find their headquarters!! i really love the cool/sneaky/investigating toru!!

-that boy's haircut makes me think of toma when he was a little kid.^^ and his voice too! i guess most boys look and sound similar at that age though. haha.

-good grief, THAT'S how they are controlling the old man?! it's that easy??? geez, i feel sorry 4 her though. couldnt SOMEONE else have done THAT? what a dirty old man! well, i can't say i'm surprised though. ughh.

-we have to fight back with the one vote that we each have...good idea, toru!! gotta try their best to keep the case fair, really analyze the case better while in the discussion room. if he can really make a good argument that she's innocent, but the others all still vote guilty, then the judges will have to know that something's wrong. wait, are the judges also bribed?? i guess not? well, if it was in real life, they wouldnt need 2 go thru the trouble of threatening jurors to vote guilty!! haha. w/the 99% conviction rate in japan. and he says: I WON'T GIVE UP TILL THE END!♥ gambatte, toru!! we support u!! ^_^

-i'm getting very annoyed (and toru is too!) at all the threatened jurors saying all sorts of nonsense to show that they think she's guilty. geez, they're so annoying and desperate, i'm GLAD they've been blackmailed, they deserve it. (ok, i know they can't help it, but still!!) sheesh...

-izumi looks so angelic, standing at the window, light shining in, in all white like that~

-at one point, i suddenly thought, what if izumi killed him??? haha...nah. that wouldn't make any sense (except if there are some secrets to her we don't know??)... must be the daughter (who i suspected from the start!), who also often wears white?! but the person the boy saw in the window looks like a man, though??

-EVEN NOW, i'm not sure if kyoko, the witch, is really evil or not. now i'm sure she didn't kill him, but about manipulating kaori or doing other stuf to control the trial or having some kinda supernatural MAYBE she is good at persuading others, like almost like she's really good at sympathizing with others and making them believe least for kaori. but seriously...right now, i still don't think she's doing all that it seems like she's doing. AND SHE CERTAINLY DOESN'T HAVE ANY WITCH-LY POWERS. i think...

----------------------> SPOILERS:

-when izumi says u need be careful and looks at her husband, in a kinda scared way...DOES SHE SOMEHOW KNOW WHO HE REALLY IS?? hmm... HE ACTUALLY SEEMS TO BE QUITE A NICE AND SWEET GUY WHEN HE'S WITH IZUMI, THOUGH (and actually looks quite decent/KINDA handsome)...oh, now i get why he wanted mai to go to that school. =/ but does his assistants know izumi is his wife? i don't think so. doesn't matter.

does he know kaori's been going crazy?? just letting her mess up izumi's house, HIS house, like that, in ep.7? maybe he figures it's good that she keeps toru distracted and freaked out, while he figures out how to blackmail brown and silver and maybe think of strategies to deal with the witch. AND straighten and dye his hair back to black, too. lol. it's just not the same, seeng him do evil things f/a well-lit small room, dressed like a regular businessman. hahaha.

-YESS!! HE CHANGED THE SCREEN, SHE DOESN'T KNOW! (i'd hate her if she knew from the start and lied to toru all this time, while helping kurokawa) from the preview in the middle, i thought she knew! OR AT LEAST HE DOESNT KNOW SHE KNOWS, IF SHE DOES KNOW. if u know what i mean~ haha. that i think of it...maybe halfway through, she somehow found out it was him?? now she's pretending she doesn't know, to stay safe...

- OMG!!! *screams* kaori!! o__o kowai!!
how the hell did she get in?! 4 some reason, she's good at breaking into houses, even this mansion!! lol.

and she hits him (not that hard, luckily!)!! HOW DARE U HIT TOMA, U PSYCHO!!! but wow, toma even falls so beautifully!! ~_~ (love how it was deadly silent when this happend, as well as when she fell f/the window!!) izumi saves toru, yey!!! thank goodness!! and kaori is so angel-like when falling. wow... that was cool how they made it like she was flying almost. also cool how the witch fell too, of course.

-kaori got what she deserved!! that's what u get 4 doubting, hurting toru!! SHE COULD HAVE KILLED HIM (and izumi) or at least hurt him very badly. did she wanna kill him the same way that tojo-san was murdered?!!! even if he had cheated on her, doesn't mean he deserves to die!! what the hell is wrong with her?! i feel that kaori is crazy cuz of herself, not the witch making her so...i mean, maybe the witch puts certain thoughts in her head, but SHE is the one who's nuts and doing all this herself, right??

but, actually, i'm kinda glad that kaori went insane. lol. i know it's silly, but of course, i'm jealous of her, being toma's (i mean toru's!) girlf, and i don't like manami's acting, anyway. it's not like i really want her to die or anything, but the more problems in their relationship, the better!! haha. come on, i'm sure some fans feel the same way as i do??

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